Super Junior – Haru Lyrics

English Translation: This feeling is the first time baby This love is the first time baby The one that moves my heart is you My love is for you I just met you but I want to meet again The only one who can be by my side No matter who sees you they know it's my beautiful my love my girlfriend, you Even if I close my eyes I can find my one and only I will protect you, baby Your one day, my one day, because of each Read more [...]

Super Junior – Only U Lyrics

English Translation: Can you listen to my words, don’t say anything yet Actually I’m so insecure, without you how do I live each day? I know you haven’t ended yet, But don’t cry over the empty space that I left My heart only has you, your heart only has me. Similar sentiments, the proof of our love The same sky, different place. We’re separated for now for this instant, something to never forget Please Read more [...]

Super Junior – Outsider Lyrics

English Translation: Today, I’m an outsider for one day An outsider that has thrown away complicated stuffs Not minding the way people look at me Firmly on my way I walk, outsider, outsider, outsider After drowsing on a busy train, I rushed off it After working to death from 9 to 5, the sun is setting, I’m in a knockdown state There’s something hard having a meal with my old friend Been sticking together, Read more [...]

Super Junior – SPY Lyrics

English Translation: The S. P. Y. that I loved, I chase her Day and night As if I could catch her, she can’t be caught. Though I stick with her like a shadow The S. P. Y. that I loved, I chase her Day and night I become breathless, the moment I aim at her I got you little runaway (x4) The thrilling story of a lifetime will come to its highlight now Instinctively I turned the wheel, it should answer everything. Read more [...]

Super Junior – A Goodbye Lyrics

English Translation: No matter the pain, (I) still like it, because now (I’m) going to see you Because this time spent living apart, (I’ve) missed you so With the passing of a period of time, (I’ll) be able to see you being touched once again one day Though my heart may hurt, my lips will still smile on that day On that day, unable to express my love for you This is the day my heart cannot be stilled This Read more [...]

Super Junior – Daydream Lyrics

English Translation: Covering my ears to listen to you Shutting my eyes to imagine you You have slowly become blurred, you have slowly left me In the unstoppable memories I stop (stop) I stop (stop) The memories of having once loved, control me so easily Once again, One more time How can it end like this I cannot believe Those countless promises, what to do, what to do Not breathing to feel you Clutching both Read more [...]

Super Junior – Butterfly Lyrics

English Translation: A baby that used to dawdlingly breathe with a worn-out anticipation and love that just brushed by, A baby that used to be crying with sad eyes, numerous wounds Boom- the night with loud noises (Let it Boom) Boom- it was your skin cracked (Yeah) The sharp sound makes you transform with remarkable speed You couldn’t stop suspecting if it was just an instant delusion, right? Bing- though it Read more [...]

Super Junior – Bittersweet Lyrics

English Translation: Those sweet words of yours Those words of yours that kill me The words that are bitter to taste, don’t say them I can’t hate you I can’t love you either You’re about to say you’re going to run away Don’t, don’t say it The words I could not swallow Those hot and poisonous words of yours Those cruel lips Which coldly cut down my feelings which remained Your heart is completely Read more [...]

Super Junior – Someday Lyrics

English Translation: When we were young we did not realise our youth When we loved we did not realise our love for each other But now returning to the past Back then we were that young, and loved that way Most of the memories have gone with the tear-filled river of time Slowly flowing away But now returning to the past The youth and love of the past was so precious Someday, we will meet again Even though we Read more [...]

Super Junior – Gulliver Lyrics

English Translation: Gulliver Gulliver Gu Gu Gulliver Gulliver Gu Gu (x2) Bend your head back, look above, I’m Super Giant Gulliver Shove away all those cumbersome stuffs, believe in me, I’m the New Leader who will lead you To the level that no matter how you run, you will end up at my knee. To the level that how desperately you rush, anywy it’s just one step of mine The disgusted looks people give, if at this Read more [...]

Super Junior – Rockstar Lyrics

English Translation: The noisy music takes my head and makes it swing Swing swing makes my head swing Under this splendid light, have fun as tonight draws to an end Run and run and run today too Everyone goes crazy about my music, Everywhere on radio At my one word, everyone Follow everywhere I go, They all scream High, scream Low, today let’s Go together with me, With one breath, I sweep away about this much. Oh Read more [...]

Super Junior – Now Lyrics

English Translation: Your twinkling eyes above the sweat drenching your forehead The smile that is shining even more than that sunlight beaming through the clouds woo hoo hoo hoo I’ve been counting my fingers, waiting eagerly. What’s up! The wind is blowing in, it’s calling for us You and me and everyone of us, and for this moment even more burning than that blazing sun Now~ Now it’s time to fly, take my Read more [...]