SNSD – You Think Lyrics

English Translation: You stay up all night, heart aching because of me? You worry about me? Wow, never heard that before You pretend to be a good guy You pretend to cry because of me You try so hard on all your SNS accounts Only posting your stories on how you’re hurt You call my name in time that has already passed and erased Back then, we shined All the beautiful memories that I tried to keep But you spit Read more [...]

SNSD – Bump It Lyrics

English Translation: The sunny sky was dazzling On the same old day, with nothing special Maybe I’m still dreaming I’m waiting for the alarm to go off Yeah Hold up I need my girls for this Everyone stop for a moment Listen up Shine the spotlight on me Listen up This is so unfortunate What do I do with these high heels? Step by step, I walked then I met you Lo lo lo love Ah yeah You’re getting closer Just Read more [...]

SNSD – Paradise Lyrics

English Translation: P p p paradise P p p paradise You’re looking at me, you’re calling me Your unique scent You’re different for some reason Our tightly held hands, the playful kiss I try to express it but I can’t really explain it Hurry and take me My boo Ooh ooh You and I in Neverland Woo It’s like a dream, I can’t explain it This whole world is you I wanna stay in the heaven called you Only Read more [...]

SNSD – Green Light Lyrics

English Translation: Here I go Here I go The lights over there are dangerous The red light in front of my eyes It’s risky, it’s risky This thrilling drive Drive Three, start the ignition Two, step on the engine One, toward you I’m coming Your risky Green Light is on beep beep When you hesitate, it’s Red Light beep beep Give me a signal once again beep beep I’m coming beep beep I’m coming I Read more [...]

SNSD – Fire Alarm Lyrics

English Translation: Danger Danger The alarm warns me You have to get away from that place No nuh no nuh no nuh Stranger Stranger He’s strange and dangerous Everyone is stopping me No nuh no nuh no nuh That look, uh oh I think I’ve been caught I pretended to look in the mirror Then our eyes met Why do I want his eyes on me? A spark arises in the corner of my heart It wakes me up and warns me, fire But Read more [...]

SNSD – Lion Heart Lyrics

English Translation: Oooh when I first met you Oooh you circled me like a lion You looked for a chance then stole my heart You haven’t changed, you’re still the same But I’m burning up, burning up inside You look at other places, looking for your next prey I should’ve pushed you away hundreds of times I should’ve left you hundreds of times Tell me why Why does my heart keep shaking? I’m right here, Read more [...]

SNSD – Check Lyrics

English Translation: Count it down 4 3 2 Check We’re getting closer Heart to Heart My squirming instincts start to bloom and tickle Dangerously so you might find out Take a chance, without you knowing I want to captivate you I’m ready Lipstick Check High Heels Check Hair Style Check Check Check Check Smile check Perfume check Sweetly Check Check Check Slowly, slowly, I’ll go closer to you You’ll Read more [...]

SNSD – Party Lyrics

English Translation: Hey girls Do you know what time it is? It must be party time Here we go It’s summer in here, turn the radio on My favorite song is playing Hey turn it up This hot rhythm, drive where it takes you Into the dazzling summer oh oh Follow the wind that blows through the window Right now Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Singing Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Make your voices louder and louder Follow the Read more [...]