Secret – 1, 2, 3 Lyrics

English Translation: 1, 2, 3 do you wanna love with me Every day is always the same, I’m a single lady All of the guy’s, their eyes are not funny A man who can satisfy me – where is it? Boys hear me? tell me! That this is the first time you fell for a girl at first sight From your head to your toes, you’re so full of pride “Trust oppa” and you start by giving me a ride in your expensive car “You Read more [...]

Secret – Calling U Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah, It’s been a long time Huh, Let’s get’em! Touch me, touch me, touch me, baby (Yeah, Hey touch me baby, uh!) Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, baby (Yeah, Hey kiss me baby) You will take a chance and approach me Not a lot of words are needed Just feel this moment (you feelin’ me boy) Our slightly brushed hands, your slightly trembling eyes Yes, you want me too I’m calling u! Will Read more [...]

Secret – Falling In Love Lyrics

English Translation: Hey babe. I wanna whisper my love tonight. Take me in your arms. I’m closing my eyes. Do you feel me. You seem a bit different especially today You’re so handsome – do you know how I feel? When I look at you, my breath stops My eyes dazzling on this night we are together Oh oh, come to me now and feel me Closer, closer, softly with eyes closed Oh oh, I’m nervous but trust me, it’s Read more [...]

Secret – Telepathy Lyrics

English Translation: Lalilali lalila lalilali lalila Lalilali lalila kiss me darling Our first encounter was so awkward but I didn’t hate it I don’t know why but somehow I felt good Your very sweet smile seemed very familiar It kept making my heart race I guess the destiny that I’ve been hearing about My one and only love, who can save me It’s so electrifying You don’t say anything but I can feel you It’s Read more [...]

Secret – Poison Lyrics

English Translation: You are my poison you are my poison You filter into me, you dig into me, I can’t escape You are my poison you are my poison You break me down, throw me down, I can’t do anything I don’t know why I’m doing this even though I know I shouldn’t Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, I keep thinking of you I think my mind has gone crazy because of your fatal attraction Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, even though Read more [...]