Red Velvet – Rose Scent Breeze Lyrics

English Translation: I’m unable to say anything anymore And am closing my eyes I said this pain is too strong For me to cry, watching you with open eyes That promise from past days You say that it’s just a memory now When you leave my side With that cold smile The rose’s scent is blown away by the wind Even my sorrowful sigh scatters in the void I can’t hold onto you The sight of you walking away, Read more [...]

Red Velvet – First Time Lyrics

English Translation: I really don’t know, I’m nervous like this Whitening the black sky It’s the first time dawn has broken Let’s walk as we hold hands Under the starry sky No matter how I look at it, it’s lacking When you open your eyes in the morning, do you think of me? When you see something nice, do I come up in your mind? Do you suddenly smile to yourself like me Please tell me, is this your Read more [...]

Red Velvet – Light Me Up Lyrics

English Translation: Tonight I wanna light up the world between you and me All I wanna do Tonight I wanna light up the world between you and me All I wanna do It’s like I’ve opened my eyes The clouds have been collected, and the sun has risen You wake me up You reveal my small flame and make it bright So, I’ll try step one more step towards you I’ll get closer I’ll erase my shadow, ooh ah Come here Read more [...]

Red Velvet – Cool Hot Sweet Love Lyrics

English Translation: Cool Hot Sweet Love I’ll lay on the track with you Try imagining what kind of melody it’ll be The more innocent, the more lovely The more I touch, it loses its original light I hug you, who’s sometimes cold like a crescent moon When I hotly, slowly melt you, eventually Within you, it’s simple I’m sure I’ll see that lovely taste That’s cool, hot, sweet, love That’s our very Read more [...]

Red Velvet – One Of These Nights Lyrics

English Translation: It’s just me waking from a dream That one star, that has become dark again Goodbye, I greet it clumsily I turn and say, today’s road is so long In the same time span, just for a minute In the same space, stay for a minute In that short moment, everything Stops for us, in that moment Why did we not know that was a miracle? I, who stopped that day with this old story I’m spending more Read more [...]