Jay Park – New Breed Lyrics

English Translation: Waddup everybody I'm Park to the Jay or maybe Jay to the Park Switching up my name, I'm a "kanji" guy ^ Anyone will know things about me Look me up, whatever I do, I explode like I got a bomb If you walk, then I fly - my girlfriend looks at me The person who can follow up to me is hmm Just like my black car, I ride this beat Just like I had a few drinks, my footsteps are crooked haha I recharged Read more [...]

Jay Park – Girlfriend Lyrics

English Translation: Just by looking at you, the feelings come - it's electrifying I keep imagining you and me going somewhere together You're not but I keep mistaking you as my girlfriend If you smile at me just once, I can't handle it Your good traits are 10 out of 10, even your flaws are perfect Your thoughts repeat just like a hook from a song You're the director to my movie of love In my dream, it's you I Read more [...]

Jay Park – Know Your Name Lyrics (Ft. Dok2)

English Translation: The moment I go in this place, I just see you and me Underneath the flashing lights, I don't see anyone else - who's to deny it? Yes, I have everything - everything but you - but don't worry about me Hurry and hold my hand - let's go - though it's a bit late, I go by the name of Mr. Gonzo repin' aom&illionaire that's my crew You still don't know who I am? Just play my music - I'm different Read more [...]