LED Apple Keonu – Something Wrong Lyrics

(Ft. Kyumin) English Translation: I didn’t know I’d be like this I used to talk badly about others who did this I don’t know my own heart either I want to hear an answer from the gods On my mind Thoughts of her take over In my heart She is in my heart You, I thought we were happy Now I don’t know what to do with myself I know something wrong I love you and I love her too I know something wrong I Read more [...]

LED Apple – Yeah Lyrics

English Translation: A long time was spent like this, I can’t just stay friends, oh never no no no I want to say it now, that I liked you since before, that I can’t hide my heart anymore Now answer me Are you shy or do you not like me? I heard it all from my friend But why can’t you say it? Look at me and tell me I put everything on the line for you so tell me Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Will Read more [...]

LED Apple – Young Hee Lyrics

English Translation: I order a coffee and wait for Young Hee Oh, she says she can’t come, no she says she won’t come The coffee is getting colder and my heart is getting colder too It’s driving me crazy Oh Young Hee, please come here uh Stop playing hard to get and have a cup of coffee with me Oh Young Hee, I’m for real uh The moment I first say you, I completely fell for you Young Hee is mine from now Read more [...]

LED Apple – Run To You Lyrics

English Translation: Baby baby Run to you I only have you lady Lalalalalala Come to me tonight Run to you I will protect you Lalalalalala I need you, oh come on Like water in a desert, like the moon in the night sky You are absolute, to me, it’s only you All right! Take my hand All right! Hug me hotly The dice has been thrown, the start has begun Baby baby Run to you I only have you lady Lalalalalala Come Read more [...]