Infinite – With… Lyrics

English Translation: I should've said it first but Finally, I am sitting across from you Talking about things that only we understanding And finally getting ready to say it - you must hate me I can't forget those lips that called my name for the first time The twinkling eyes that only looked at me I'll be better, I'll say it more I'll love you more We walked here together, we cried together You're the only one Read more [...]

Infinite – I Like You Lyrics

English Translation: Girl, I love U I need U Always with U I'm alone I still see you As if my fingertips fell asleep, it hurts You make my heart race You are always faint to me I'm the only one standing in place, Not being able to take that first step I'm always lingering around you like this, Though you probably don't know I, oh oh, I like you You are the first of everything to me Who cares? I'm just like Read more [...]

Infinite – Last Summer Lyrics

English Translation: In between the cracks of sunlight In between the flowing white clouds In between the blowing wind, you shine Riding down the time, even tomorrow Thickly spreading, every single day Filled with longing, again to me You come into me, faintly, shyly, you come upon me You softly shake me, as usual, connected through the memories Again and always, I'm living in longing Already, already, I'm locked Read more [...]

Infinite – Feel So Bad Lyrics

English Translation: Pass me by, I'll pretend not to have seen those eyes I'll just say that I didn't see you Please just ignore me Before my shaking heart collapses This coincidence happened once, twice, three times Now it feels like you are destiny For the last time, just once, twice, three more times, I keep missing you Both of you are so precious to me, you and the person next to you But why is it you who Read more [...]

Infinite – Infinitize Lyrics

English Translation: I N F I N I T E I N S P I R I T Infinite We got the all the chance, yeah We'll Infinitize it. Get, Ready, Set, Go! Back on the game so set your eye. I got you in my head So, can't you take the chance? We'll take your hand, don't let it go. Don't let it, Don't let it, Don't let it, Don't let it We got it all. Infinite Read more [...]

Infinite – The Chaser Lyrics

English Translation: Don't be sorry, you can abandon me spitefully and leave If that's what you want, yeah, good bye But that doesn't mean I have given up too My love wins Iya, go first, uhgiya diyuracha Uhgiyadiya I will win her back Even if you're ahead for a bit, I will catch up Protect her, so she won't forget me I will go till the end to the place where my person is [Rap] Forget it, I knelt down and beat Read more [...]

Infinite – Only Tears Lyrics

English Translation: I love you. I’m sorry But i can’t do this anymore I don’t even have the right to get close to you Don’t love me I don’t have the ease of being able to give you my heart I live every day beyond my strength Each day is too much so i cry Oh, i.. I don’t have anything i can give you (but i’m) missing you I can’t even give you loving words But i’m missing you I can’t even Read more [...]