G-Dragon – Light It Up Lyrics

(Feat. Tablo and Dok2) English Translation: Light it up Uh Light it up Uh Hmm Look in my eyes man, who gets hotter? Let’s see who will be on fire? Come on Light it up Uh Light it up Light it up I burn it up up up up [Tablo] You poor over your giggles on me while you stretched out your foot, instead of your hand, toward me when I collapse But still, you change your story everytime I turn my back away. Read more [...]

G-Dragon – Today Lyrics

(Feat. Kim Jong Wan of Nell) English Translation: I'm doing it today too, talking like nothing's happened Saying that i have no girlfriend And turning off my phone secretly. I want you to console me tonight Don't ask me anything more Let's keep it secret so that she can never hear anything Yeah, 1st moment when i saw you, (no more) I couldn't see anything else I assumed that i didn't have my girl What possessed Read more [...]

G-Dragon – Missing You Lyrics

(Feat. Kim Yuna of Jawolim) English Translation: Yeah (maybe i'm missing you) I meet ordinary ppl and talk to them Laugh w/ them, just like usual, w/o any thoughts. Tv is my only friend at night I finally go to sleep when the sun rises in the morning I'm too shabby, i might have liked you a lot. After you left, the blue sky seems like it's just yellow Where are you feeling hurt, i'm here Or maybe you're in Read more [...]

G-Dragon – Finally Lyrics

(Feat. ? Of YG New Girl Group) English Translation: Love is painful all the love is painful. Repeating like a fool. That's what I always do. But pain is beautiful. It's same as you. Hope turns into disappointment. Wish turns into despair. As love deepened, pain deepened more Illusion or expectation that this time, it'll be different, uh. eventually, how many years have passed, there is no "forever". eventually, Read more [...]

G-Dragon – Crayon Lyrics

English Translation: Get your crayon Get your crayon Head shoulders knees and toes Swag check swag check Head shoulders knees and toes Swag check swag check I’m still not inferior, yes I’m a pretty boy, I fly off so flyyy, a punk boy, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I’m busy, oppa you’re bad, baaad boy I’m a G to the D, Gold N Diamonds boy, Who told you I’m not, Read more [...]

G-Dragon – That XX Lyrics

English Translation: Walking on the street, I bumped into your man (Yeah I saw him) I didn’t want to believe it, but my hunch turned out right (I told you) He’s not wearing that ring you gave him, there’s another girl by his side But I’ve said enough (I don’t wanna hurt you) Now you’re getting angry with me (Why?) You say “He’s definitely not that kind of person” (Sure you’re right) Seeing your Read more [...]

G-Dragon – One Of A Kind Lyrics

English Translation: I’m just wild and young I’m just wild and young Do it just for fun (Hello) My name is me and choice (Hello) Yes sir, I’m one of a kind I’m a bear that can do a lot of tricks¹ — no, more like a fox² (Hello, hello, hello) Yes sir, I’m one of a kind I’m an annoying snob Cause I’m quite expensive (Get out) Yes hyung, yes noona (whats wrong with you?) Ah, I’m just bored Read more [...]