FT Island – Let It Go! Lyrics

English Translation: Let it go my baby (let it go my baby baby so what so what ready go) Erase all the scarred times and memories (all right yeah) Take out your solitude from your heart (get ready steady go) Feel the light of your beautiful memories (make it happy and free) Look at your dreams that face happiness (nothing gonna stop us) Enjoy your fear (you’re free to go) The wonderland you’ve dreamed of – Read more [...]

FT Island – Compass Lyrics

English Translation: It was a dazzling, sunny September day We were walking on the path we often took You said you would always be on my side You are really more beautiful than anyone in the world You always held my two hands and told me That my dream will come true someday Sometimes, I still walk on that path And from somewhere, I hear your voice calling me I know that eventually, my heart will ache But still, Read more [...]

FT Island – Life Lyrics

English Translation: When you’re standing in front of a split road, it’s okay to look back As you see yourself getting farther ahead, you can point out where to go The setting sun and the image of you getting smaller - Gather your hands and wait for the day it will be shone upon again I don’t want to remain as an ambiguous existence Why do I lie and deceive myself everyday like a fool? Look carefully, this Read more [...]

FT Island – Wanna Go Lyrics

English Translation: A busy day that passes by, the countless times that pass by Today is again filled with things that will pass by It is filled with many people and many choices In a tiring and busy afternoon, dreams get entangled without a break My footsteps are always heavy without even thinking (in endless thoughts) If I stop right here, can see the world? I can see the world, see the world (Go!Go!Go!Go!) I Read more [...]

FT Island – Paper Plane Lyrics

English Translation: Just make it as just the way you are Then throw it as far as you can Even if you shake in this wind and tremble with anxiety Spread your small wings and fly again Nobody cares how high you fly Nobody cares how low you fly Nobody see you, the sky doesn’t only look at me Nobody cares how hard you try Nobody cares how loud you cry Though I’m broken, though I’m torn, I’ll go where I Read more [...]

FT Island – Let Go Lyrics

English Translation: Someone I shouldn’t love, someone I shouldn’t date That person is you so I can’t even say your name Like a persistent fate, I met someone who I shouldn’t even pass by I tell myself no, I yell at myself saying no but Like a lie, my love only wants you My heart shouts out “let her go, let her go” But it doesn’t listen and tells me that it can’t let her go even if I die My heart Read more [...]

FT Island – All I Want Is You Lyrics

English Translation: The day I first saw you, it was like a dream My trembling heart, oh nobody knows After staying up all night, I ran to you and looked at you And poured out my heart to you, oh nobody knows Knock knock knock, in my empty head Knock knock knock, in my stopped eyes Knock knock knock, I only see you all day My one and only U, I love you – your one and only U, my heart is falling for you My heart Read more [...]

FT Island – Stay With Me Lyrics

English Translation: It’s so dark, it’s so cold, your eyes that are looking at me right now I can’t touch you, I can’t hear you, I can’t feel anything I guess I was surprised because I couldn’t see you All day I cry, get tired and wake up What do you want me to do? I said I can’t – I can’t let you go now I was happy but I was happy alone I didn’t know that you were hurting I was in love but Read more [...]

FT Island – Your Words Lyrics

English Translation: My expectations have become exhausted because of always waiting and longing My hopes have been dulled because of these common tears and common hatred My love has wandered through a long time and old memories It grows dusty and faint so even without you, I can withstand it I’ll never leave you, your faint words I’ll never leave you, your discarded words My broken heart, my clenched heart Read more [...]

FT Island – I Wish Lyrics

English Translation: You’re so pretty, I want you You’re so nice, I want you I usually don’t look at girls but why am I acting this way, like a fool? Every single day, I only think of you Even when I close my eyes, I only think of you Each time I see you, my heart trembles and I can’t breathe Baby, I wish it was me, I wish it was so Lonely lonely oh my love I wish your love was me uh uh uh uh uh uh Baby, Read more [...]