FIESTAR – Sea Of Moonlight Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah It’s summer! Anywhere is good – Falling love Today, let’s go anywhere no matter what Before this summer goes How about a place where you can hear the water and there’s a lot of grass? Honestly, if it’s with you, anywhere is fine The sky looks like a sea of moonlight The pretty stars look like small boats (only for you) A spoon of moonlight, two drops of starlight This summer Read more [...]

FIESTAR – Vista Lyrics

English Translation: (Fly~) I’ve got a vista I’m making it crystal Clear, sisters So follow my vista Pirappa rappirappa (x4) Hey I show you, mister (Hey mister woo) You roam free in the sky, on the ground, you are superman Come here and tell me (can’t you mister?) Don’t you get scared if you fly that high? I am trying to fly as well (to the sky high) Now I’m all ready I’ll let everyone far away know Read more [...]

FIESTAR – Wicked Lyrics

(Feat. Tiger JK) English Translation: My popularity is your danger Everyone is only looking at me My popularity is your danger I’m the prettiest girl here (x2) You’re pushing it right now You should have avoided me You can’t win over me This darn popularity of mine is not cooling It’s like an unsolvable riddle – da vinci code Soon you will fall for me, go boom boom pow for me Your footsteps will Read more [...]