EXO – Love Love Love Lyrics

English Translation: Everyday, everyday, everyday I look for you. Just come back After meeting you, I’ve started to circle around you like this You won’t come back right? If you turn that handle I’m curious of the world after going through that tightly shut door The moment the door opens the world I knew and a different place spread You’re opening You’re blossoming Like this, like this, you’re quite Read more [...]

EXO – Run Lyrics

English Translation: Anywhere is fine Do you want to leave tonight? Do you want to leave? To a place where the sky is blue and there are a lot of stars To a place like that A-yo, A-yo, Run a little bit more I think we’re almost there A-yo, A-yo, Don’t be scared I’m right here Yo! Run with power Don’t stop Grab my hand and slowly open your eyes Don’t be too shocked! U Ready? Run after me Run, From the Read more [...]

EXO – Thunder Lyrics

English Translation: I’m being intoxicated in the happiness that shined bright for a moment I must have been distracted for a moment in the memories’ light You’re already at the place I can’t reach You shined bright for a short time like lightning You lit up the world for a moment As if the whole world is mine you showed me and left I was late like thunder I’m looking for you now Boom Boom Boom Boom I Read more [...]

EXO – Moonlight Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah, stop, stop. Those wings will get wet oh, stop, stop In the gap between a deepening day you come slowly The darkness skims by and wakes me up And across the open window receding away Have you, you, you lost your way again The night air is still cold, get up So, baby, hold on I’m worried of leaving you alone I leave the road and follow behind you You shower in the pouring moonlight I Read more [...]

EXO – Overdose Lyrics

English Translation: (Come in) I drew you in closer with all I had Now I can’t turn it back This is clearly a dangerous addiction So bad no one to stop her Her love her love The only thing I want is her love Her fatal fantasy I’m drunk with ecstasy Oh she wants me~ oh she's got me, oh she hurts me What else can be better than this? Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me Love is a sickness, an addiction, Read more [...]