EXO – Promise Lyrics

English Translation: Sometimes, I close the door and fall into my thoughts Thinking about myself on stage You even liked my clumsy moments But I wonder if I even deserve that love You always waited for me at that spot You embraced me with your arms, so thankful to you I won’t ever forget I will make you happy Just like the saying, we are one Even after time, I couldn’t say anything and just swallowed my Read more [...]

EXO – First Love Lyrics

English Translation: Oh oh oh oh (the secret diary of my first love) ah-yeah Step by step, I follow you Without you knowing, I match my footsteps with yours Your scent passes by my clothes Why am I so nervous? It’s so sweet That small and pretty hand is almost about to touch Almost about to touch, it tickles my heart I’m holding onto this soft warmth Our innocent love story has only been told to me My heart Read more [...]

EXO – Tender Love Lyrics

English Translation: Come to the inner side of the sidewalk I’ll pull you in so you won’t get hurt When we’re eating together I’ll neatly place your spoon and chopsticks on a napkin Even when I don’t get enough sleep in the morning I’ll get up earlier and give you a morning call From the moment I started liking you Not a single day has been ordinary We’re close friends, we pretend not to have feelings I Read more [...]

EXO – Love Me Right Lyrics

English Translation: Oh Yeah! C’mon! Take your time For some reason, it’s a heart pounding night (na na na na) So tonight Let’s run to the end of the moon (Yea Yea Yea Yea) Just right Ignite your engine, step on the pedal Everything is special You and I look good together Whatever you want, Imma make it work (yeah) Shawty, Imma party till the sun down What is this mysterious feeling? Come to me, hurry, Read more [...]

EXO – Beautiful Lyrics

English Translation: In between your soft hair Your eyes shine on me like starlight You came to me at the end of a hard day The desperate prayers of a small boy have reached you Without color, scent or sound, you came into my heart Like the color of the clear street after the rain You resemble that freshness, my goddess A flower rises in the sky, spring blossoms on the ground You can’t stop it, it’s been Read more [...]

EXO – Lady Luck Lyrics

English Translation: Time, go a little faster, yeah (I promise girl) Make darkness fall, bring her to me Out of the many stars, you are the only one Oh, I can’t help but lift my head and look Endlessly, endlessly Can’t I reach you even if I follow you? Can’t I catch you even if I hold out my hand? Why are you so far away? This long night is only filled with my deep sighs You shine and in that moment, you Read more [...]

EXO – Hurt Lyrics

English Translation: Your scent still remains thickly It ties my feet I’m like a slave to your dream Memories like fireworks in a corner of my heart Disappear like smoke My heart is desperate for your breath I melt it down and shout In case it becomes ash in just one moment I spread my arms to the empty space above In the black and blue dawn a dreamy voice rings out Who knows? An endless mystery, a foggy Read more [...]

EXO – Playboy Lyrics

English Translation: Hey Playboy haha (boy) Let’s play! Don’t pick up your ringing phone, let’s leave it alone There’s no need to tell anyone but us two Let’s just leave it alone, why are you worried? It’s alright, it’s alright, I know your heart It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright Show me all your secrets My heart is covered black, your place Your heart is burnt white, my place Of course Read more [...]

EXO – El Dorado Lyrics

English Translation: I had the same dream again I was at an endless desert There is a dazzling city But it always vanishes before I get there I’m going toward the place I have to go I can’t confirm anything I can’t promise anything but Find the El Dorado, I’m leaving right now The bigger the adventure, the more danger that follows Into the light that spreads out before us Toward the future that no one Read more [...]

EXO – Exodus Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah, babe My queen You control me Oh yeah, stand up I shout out but the answer is no The broken pieces of my heart shine I’ve fallen and there’s no exit In the end, I’m in the same place, I’m lost The burning sun is setting but you’re even more dazzling Suddenly, my eyes grow blind I can’t even see the rising fire before me So I’m slowly burning This is all a dream, you’re Read more [...]

EXO – My Answer Lyrics

English Translation: I may seem strong, I may be smiling But there are many times when I’m alone I may seem like I don’t have any worries But I have a lot to say The moment I first saw you, I was so attracted to you I didn’t weigh out my thoughts and just talked The answer is you My answer is you I showed you my everything You are my everything, because I was so sure I should’ve been more careful, I Read more [...]

EXO – What If Lyrics

English Translation: Eyes looking at each other Eyes looking at each other One pair of remaining eyes Oh you really look happy, you look happy When I see you, so beautiful that it’s sad I don’t hate him, I don’t hate him Because he makes you smile like an angel (Oh oh yeah) Words that became a secret before I said them (Oh oh yeah) That’s why I wasn’t for you The two eyes looking at each other The Read more [...]