BTOB – My Girl Lyrics

English Translation: Baby, listen carefully to this promise I made for you If you want it, I can do anything You are dazzling and you’re just my style, my beautiful girl When you’re coming toward me, just stop right there I fall in love with you just like that Do you know my heart? I really like you (Step by step) hold my hand (Day by day) Like this, love is forever (In my heart) I only see you every day Now Read more [...]

BTOB – Stand Up Lyrics

English Translation: Put aside all your worries Things have changed now You’re not alone in this world any more Now you’ve got me by your side So stand up Don’t be afraid – the moment you feel like you’re alone I know your pain – then it’s okay to cry (feel so lonely) When you’re suffering and tired, I will wordlessly hug you (you’re so lovely) Do you know how my heart aches more whenever you’re Read more [...]

BTOB – U & I Lyrics

English Translation: I know you fell for me at first sight The person you talked about is me I hear your heart beating Don’t hide your heart Baby baby, I feel the same way I just pretended to be cool Lady lady, come here I will hug you now I like you more than you like me I love you more than you love me Oh listen to me girl Oh baby baby girl I like you, woo baby Wanna date me now? How about becoming my Read more [...]

BTOB – I Don’t Know Anything But Love Lyrics

English Translation: I only know love – I want you, only you I can’t let you go like this Don’t say that it’s over so easily It’s so blue It’s so blue Do you remember the day we first met? It was a rainy day on the streets of Apgujung We were under one umbrella and though our shoulders got wet, we were so happy I’ll say it again but I don’t know how to break up I don’t even know how to difficultly Read more [...]

BTOB – Press Play Lyrics

(Feat. G.NA) English Translation: Feelin’ fresh and I feel good starting from this morning, I’m in a good mood baby Trust your body to the addicting music – feelin’ so high Just up and down and all around Like this like that move your body, mindlessly, like this Uh Do it Like I do everybody follow me and move your body to the groove yep! Like this like that step it up, yeah who cares? Just like this Let’s Read more [...]

BTOB – WOW Lyrics

English Translation: BTOB Back again BTOB Change the game BTOB Get your swag In just one moment, I got the feeling The moment I saw you, I was hooked What do I do? What do I do? Just like the typical main character in a drama I boldly approached you Red lipstick, black stockings A single rose – your eyes call me Tonight, right here, just us two Our own party oh party tonight (Put’em up Put’em up Put’em Read more [...]