BEAST – Midnight Lyrics

English Translation: How are you? Do you think of me from time to time? In this long night, I close my eyes again I think of you, I can’t sleep, this is how I’m doing The night is especially longer tonight, this night without you I’m regretting that day I let you go Continuously muted and slowly forgotten That is how you will be one day This night I can’t fall asleep in So sad tonight This night I can’t Read more [...]

BEAST – Dream Girl Lyrics

English Translation: You came to me like a dream - A dream-like happiness, sweet as honey You possessed me (as we were together), I was always nervous I’m afraid that if I wake up, everything will disappear before my eyes My heart was uneasy, and I was nervous for all this time It hurts because I have you, my dream girl Every single day and night, without a specific time or place You’re like a thorn (and you Read more [...]

BEAST – The Day You Rest Lyrics

English Translation: Woo baby, what are you doing tomorrow? You’re resting? I am working though Why are you meeting your friends? How about just resting at home Why aren’t you listening to me, why are you making me mad I’m being like this because I get worried when you’re not with me yeah Okay then go out but come back early (come back) Be good so I don’t have to be nervous Wait, can’t you just stay Read more [...]

BEAST – When I Miss You Lyrics

English Translation: I coincidentally heard news about you, are you doing well? I think I’m doing well It’s a relief, I seem happy I thought I’d still be struggling Feeling a bit lonely (feeling depressed) I kept wandering through past memories The deeper the night grew I needlessly got a bit sad When I miss you (so good bye, good bye) When I long for you even more I blankly lay there, blankly lay there Eventually, Read more [...]

BEAST – It’s Not Me Lyrics

English Translation: At 7 AM, as soon as I opened my eyes, I got up I met up with a friend and talked for a bit Afterwards, I went to eat at a place I go often and left Not with a girl but with Doojoon, just us two I don’t know where you heard this from I don’t know why you’re getting angry oh I really don’t know I never went to the club at Hongdae So you were mistaken last night It’s not me, it’s Read more [...]

BEAST – Beautiful Night Lyrics

English Translation: It’s a star twinkling, beautiful night I hope this night lasts forever, hold my hand The blue moonlight makes this a beautiful night Walk across that sky with me I’m yours – only you can make my heart race – I’m outta control I’m yours, nobody, nobody can take your place You drive me crazy Left and right, you shake me up on this disco night From top to bottom, from front and back, Read more [...]