Baek Ji Young – Today More Than Yesterday Lyrics

English Translation: Silently, without a word, without any warning You filled up the broken cracks in my heart Continuously, endlessly, no more or less each day Without knowing, it grows even more than yesterday (more than yesterday) At the end of the path called loneliness When I was all alone even when I shout out Like a miracle, you came to me I love you more today, I like you so much more You are just like Read more [...]

Baek Ji Young – Good Boy Lyrics

English Translation: You're a good boy who listens to me well You do everything that I ask you to do But when you cause trouble, you're a bad boy When I compliment you, you become cockier So after I started to treat you well Who do you think you are to try to play me? Oh oh oh oh oh mama If you try to scheme, it's over for you Love is cruel, I've always been cruel If you think girls are easy, you'll get hurt I've Read more [...]