B1A4 – Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix) Lyrics

English Translation: Baby crying for love tonight Oh but it’s alright It so wonderful tonight Come back to me now. What’s up why are you calling first, your voice Telling me coldly and sharply ‘Nothing more than this’ Why is it like that, I don’t know Is it all because of you, I don’t know. I don’t wanna hate you, please go further away oh baby. Let’s go, going to you girl tonight Without Read more [...]

B1A4 – You Are My Girl Lyrics

English Translation: It's already been a year since we met It was love at first sight and we came all this way I won't let go of these two hands that I'm holding - promise Let`s go baby Oh, more than the stars in the night sky More than the grassy plains next to the blue sea You shine - oh my god No matter how much I look, there's nothing better Stay by me till the end - be a place of rest to my nervous heart Now Read more [...]

B1A4 Sandeul – Puppy Love Lyrics

English Translation: I feel like it's been a long time Since I liked you in secret With worries that I might get caught I contemplate by myself whether or not I should tell you Do you know how I feel? Or are you pretending not to know? Can't you just play hard to get for a little while And then accept my heart - can't you? My love, my love Please open your heart to me now, I ask of you So that I won't get tired Read more [...]

B1A4 – Feeling Lyrics

English Translation: I lost my way, my way without you On this night that will not pass Like the foam on top of the ocean, You don't know my heart toward you, that is about to explode When I see you - after I saw you I got down after you said I would never see you again I'm sorry but I don't need you anymore Yes, even without you Feeling like a Friday party Feeling like a Friday night From behind you ooh babe Feeling Read more [...]

B1A4 – Smile Lyrics

English Translation: I can't take it out of my pocket It's not that expensive so I can't give it to you If only it was a bit better I should've saved up more so I could buy a better one But because it seems like it'll be too late if it's not now I firmly shut my eyes, mustered up courage and took it out My hesitating heart, my hidden gift uh uh uh ah - more than this ring uh uh uh ah - the love inside of you Is Read more [...]

Baro – Just Two Of Us Lyrics (Ft. Miss A Min)

English Translation: I feel like I am your worn out shoes I'm in a bad mood too just like today's weather Even if I pick a fight, you barely notice And in the end, you say it's my fault that things became this way It's right - all those old songs are exactly right Love is like a crash landing Anyway, you're a dream that can't come true to me I'm gum - I'm a piece of gum that you chewed up and threw away Love Read more [...]

B1A4 – Super Sonic Lyrics

English Translation: Dynamite, she is a dynamite girl So hot that she's about to burst, super hot girl Oh oh oh by god - I fell deeply into you Turn up the volume - e e equalizer Hey, you're so pretty and dangerous It's love at first sight, you make me go crazy I feel like you will explode like a sexy bomb My heart is going crazy, you are a hooligan Oh come to me baby girl I'm ready, it's time for show We're Read more [...]

B1A4 – So Fine Lyrics

English Translation: So fine - I'm talking about my girlfriend So fine - and you can't touch her That innocent girl is my first love yeah But these days, she's trying to become really pretty I keep getting nervous - I worry that she will scurry off Baby, don't you think your makeup is a bit too much? I can see everything inside - no I'm not jealous Ah...ah... actually yeah, I am You can look perfect to only me Read more [...]

B1A4 – Baby I’m Sorry Lyrics

English Translation: Huh don't go, don't go Repeating the same words I call, call, call out to you But it's still an answer-less echo This nightmare of a night I remain alone and fall asleep In place of my dried up tears Are thin lines of rain yeah My heart is hurting more My tears are drying more My left-behind heart is empty The wind blows coldly The shadows drag under my heavy eyes Again in my exhausted Read more [...]

B1A4 – This Time Is Over Lyrics

English Translation: If i forget you, i feel like everything will end Wake me up from this tiring dream I love you and i need you I think i'm going to go crazy because i miss you This time is over Why are you leaving me? I loved you more than my life I’m still trapped in that love Calling out to you crazily while only looking for you Even though i know that i can’t see you anymore To the pain that isn’t Read more [...]