B.A.P – It’s All Lies Lyrics

English Translation: Honestly, i am not a good person I am really a jerk Me who couldn’t be a real man I am like this only now babe Like a fool like a coward I couldn’t tell you i loved you I know feel like i know about your love The words “come back to me” The words “everything is a lie, i can forget” I know you the best, i know you well I know you better than anyone else We loved each other I Read more [...]

B.A.P – What The Hell Lyrics

English Translation: It’s been a long time Unfair, wrong system na mean? Kick it Oh eh oh oh eh Gotta get your life Oh eh oh oh eh Get on get on get on get on ha Oh eh oh oh eh Gotta get your life Oh eh oh oh eh Get on get on get on get on ha So many ties cover the truth Putting a make on the fakeness And saying it’s only indifference Leaving the children Alone one by one, There’s a crime but no Read more [...]

B.A.P – Fight For Freedom Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah B.A.P in the buildin’ Ya kno whut it is Let’s rock Fight for freedom Yeah B.A.P in the buildin’ You better watch out You ready? When we walk in the streets too we’re all freely The free passion doesn’t wear out From the Music fashion style really Don’t stay back with the last trend ay, man If others say yes we say no We’re not fit for the exact same type Like it like Read more [...]

B.A.P – Power Lyrics

English Translation: You block out your ears and lips You’re too busy filling your stomach up, a role of stealing everything Like a decalcomanie, a role where money, status, and honor doesn’t change It’s time to move and the anthem of the strong and weak will break that fight This is a revolution, a guernica flow So everybody keep your head up There’s no more, there’s no more justice It’s a world that Read more [...]