B.A.P – With You Lyrics

English Translation: Along with the lights that turn off one by one The hope in my heart disappears slowly as well In this world where everything has stopped When I feel like I’m alone, I think of you You protected me in this sad darkness When you smiled brightly Because of you, I’m here I will protect all of you Forever With You (With You With You With You) I’ll be by your side until always Forever With Read more [...]

B.A.P – B.A.B.Y Lyrics

English Translation: When I first saw you, I didn’t fall for you The second time I saw you, your smile was so pretty The third time, my heart slowly started to race The fourth time, I knew it was you, baby I think I have fallen in love That feeling that others always talk about If I don’t see you for a day I think I’ll go crazy, I think I’ll go crazy I’ll show you my heart that I’ve held back for Read more [...]

B.A.P – Save Me Lyrics

English Translation: My heart that has passed its expiration date Was colder than any winter You cheated me until the end The love that was supposed to be eternal turned into a nightmare I try meeting other people but my heart is trapped in a fence I can’t trust anyone, now no one is by my side I only look at the passing memories I really hate you so I throw them away I hate girls’ lies Get away Get away Read more [...]

B.A.P – Body & Soul Lyrics

English Translation: Turn the lights off Sit back & Relax your mind If you’ll be mine, I don’t need no more We just ride tonight, come on! Don’t be nervous and get comfortable baby Tonight you are special, sexy lady My heart (you hear me? come on) This ringing (can’t nobody stop me) Your beautiful silhouette takes my breath away Your deep ocean-like eyes that look at me I’m falling for you (slow), Read more [...]

B.A.P – S.N.S Lyrics

English Translation: Ay, let me talk to you, drop it now Uh, Yeah, Come On Feels good, right? Sexy, Special Ah, girl, Tweet Me Your Mention Sexy, Special Hey, girl, Tweet Me Your Mention Sexy, Special She’s mine baby, let’s get’em! Your eyes, hot, your hands, hot Your slightly slow body movements, hot Even your lip line and mascara, up Baby baby You’re chic, not an easy girl You provoke my pride It’s Read more [...]

B.A.P – Bang x2 Lyrics

English Translation: Every day is the same It feels so suffocating I want to escape the eyes on me Don’t care so much about this and that Throw away all of your worries Everybody Everybody BANG! BANG! Everyone jump BANG! BANG! Go crazy BANG! BANG! We gone party rock BANG! BANG! Everyone BANG! BANG! Scream and don’t stop Tonight, you’re a rock star Lift your heads high to the sky And shout out to the Read more [...]

B.A.P – Lovesick Lyrics

English Translation: Without you, you’re my lovesick Because you’re not here, I’m.. The moment I first saw you My breath was taken away My heart pounded and I started to be sick I get nervous if I don’t see you for a single day I can’t hide my shy face At the thought of meeting you, I get dressed up I want to talk to you today, I strongly promise myself Should I confess to you? I hesitate hundreds Read more [...]

B.A.P – Shady Lady Lyrics

English Translation: I know your pain of having to sit in front of the vanity mirror I know all girls want to be pretty I know they want to be noticed by many men Your dewy eyes that are hidden by the eye shadow Seems a little sad to me sometimes I know how to love you just the way you are You’re so pretty today, you’ve always been I don’t know if it’s too much or if it’s always been like that But I’m Read more [...]

B.A.P – Check On Lyrics

English Translation: A -yo Wassup What’s good What’s good (A -yo Wassup Wassup) It’s J-DAWOON Track (How does it feel Let’s get it) Everything is ready, check on I dress up from my head to my toes Let’s do it. do it. do it again Do it. do it. do it again Everything is ready, check On Ya Know you gotta gotta Check On Let’s do it. do it. do it again Do it. do it. do it again Every single time, I Read more [...]

B.A.P – Spy Lyrics

English Translation: I slowly follow you I quietly match my steps with you Aww I just look at you I hide myself in case you find out how I feel You’re hidden under a veil veil veil So I wanna get to know you more Why are you eyes like that? They don’t leave me alone, you keep provoking me (SPY) Don’t look anywhere else from now on (Yes) (SPY) Tonight, I’m your S.P.Y Ah (ah) Come to me right now, feel Read more [...]

B.A.P – Easy Lyrics

English Translation: When I turn the lights on in my room Will someone hug the lonely me? The ramen that I cook so badly Who will eat it with me now? You were the type who hugged me and said I wasn’t a quiet and cold person When my hands were so cold that you didn’t let go all night I miss it, I feel so frustrated today In the end, I tell you to take care and forcefully hide my heavy heart, you don’t know Read more [...]

B.A.P – B.A.P (Intro) Lyrics

English Translation: May I have your attention please The king is back Oh hoooo Let go Uhh, we’re fearless bad boys Make the new world Just wait for main course We don’t have to follow other entertainer’s music Dream, mic, fan, what Keep calm and play ball Feel it right now Everyone follow me This is a real bam bam My rhyme bewitches the little ladies Following the rhythm, it tortures you Make classic, Read more [...]