Wooyoung – Only Girl Lyrics

English Translation: Close your eyes and listen to this song This song I sing for you I will meet you in my dreams and tell you about my love Having you next to me feels like a dream When I see you smile, when I see pretty you I fall in love more and more I think of you before I go to bed, I close my eyes and sing of you I want to be your dream My only girl My only girl My only girl My only girl My only, My Read more [...]

Wooyoung – Could Not Even Start Lyrics

English Translation: I made you cry again (oh no) though I wanted to make you smile I gave you a scar (oh no) though I promised I’d make you happy I’m afraid the words I’m Sorry will sound like a lie so I can’t even say it I hate myself for upsetting you and hurting you I think it’s time I let you go – even if I hold onto you again Now I know I can’t make you happy Forget about the time we loved, Read more [...]

Wooyoung – Falling Down Lyrics

English Translation: I couldn’t hold it in because I didn’t like you anymore So I let go of your hand that I was holding I didn’t believe it – as we broke up Your words telling me not to regret this But as time passes, it gets harder No matter how much I hold it in, it doesn’t get better Now the fact that you’re not next to me Makes me feel so empty – I miss you Now I’m falling down down down Will Read more [...]

Wooyoung – Be With You Lyrics

English Translation: This slightly trembling moment that I (waited for a long time) You don’t know how long I’ve waited, do you (I know everything you want it too) Your warmth at my fingertips, your scent all over my body, baby Something endlessly intense like this deepening night I just wanna love you know that I want you So that I could be next to you (come to me oh) No one can replace you I just wanna be Read more [...]

Wooyoung – DJ Got Me Goin’ Crazy Lyrics

(Ft. Jun K) English Translation: Waddup ladies and gentlemen This is a new sensation Let me introduce ya to the hottest track right now This is newest track from Wooyoung A boy just came back for ya I can’t stop – as my heart beings to pound, I hear your voice In my ear, you whisper woo, wo wo wo My heart has already gone wo wo wo at your elegance Everybody get high (high) Everybody get down (down) Put Read more [...]

Wooyoung – 2nite Lyrics

English Translation: Oh girl tonight, let’s party on tonight (Wooyoung, baby do it like that la la la la la la la) Guess what! Guess who I am, yes, can you guess? Tonight, my drama will start now (right now) Oh, the caution level has gone up but there’s no use Because no matter what anyone says, I’m the main – maybe Close the space a bit more, playfully line up Don’t fight, tonight is your chance Look Read more [...]

Wooyoung – Sexy Lady Lyrics

English Translation: There are a lot pretty girls, a lot of cute ones too There were a lot of girls who looked at me with innocent eyes but This is the first time I’m getting this sexy feeling That makes me not be able to do anything I don’t know what it is but this feeling is amazing Something’s different about you, you drive me crazy Driving me crazy sexy lady Why does my heart beat like this when I see Read more [...]