24k – Woa Lyrics

English Translation: Submit Lyrics Romanized: Don't you wanna play this game? I bameul jeulgige haejulge Beoreuseobsi kkabureodo Oneulmaneun geunyang bwajulge Baby i wanna know your name Naege da matgyeo dumyeon dwae Dareun aedeuri deuridae? Eotteon nyeoseoginji malman hae Illuwa just grab it So cute like rabbit Illuwa just have it Neomu iljjik gamyeon andwae Illuwa just groove it When i just wanna give Read more [...]

24k – Secret Love Lyrics

English Translation: Among the many people, we stand shoulder to shoulder You and I, we lock eyes with each other My trembles so much and I can't hold in my laughter I feel your softness inside this nervousness I know that this can't be but The more it's like that, the more I want you Little kids, you and I stand still And we share a silent love Baby it's so secret People can't see that we're holding hands in Read more [...]

24k – It’s Time, 24k Lyrics

English Translation: Everybody stand up Everybody hands up The time has come for It's time, 24K Turbulent Music Fatal Style With open arms Crazy about the music Follow my lead as I Scream uncontrollably All now It's time, 24K Romanized: Everybody stand up Everybody hands up sigani wasseo It's time, 24k Hwimorachineun music Chimyeongjeogin style Du pareul beollyeo Eumage michyeo Follow my lead da Read more [...]

24k – Hurry Up Lyrics

English Translation: All of you who only talk the talk, just go away Your dull and stiff appearance is unbelievable My big swagger will kill your spirit a little Stop horsing around and take some strength out of your neck Everyone says I’m the best Still, you’re behind me – I guess I’m sorry, you happy? Now if you know who the real boss is Don’t say anything else and just follow me – let’s play now It’s Read more [...]