SNSD TTS – Dear Santa Lyrics

English Translation:

Warmth that transfer to my fingertips
Your gaze that looks only at me
Like a white sweater, it warmly
Embraced me

In the streets, the lights that contain the season
My heart is beating in excitement
Winter that has come quickly is like you

You came to me at the end of a tiring day
It’s so warm
Like a child waiting for the first snow
It snows on top of my uplifted heart

Suddenly, white snow falls
It embraces the frozen streets
It resembles you, who found my cold heart

Fooled by familiarity, don’t change
I’ll make a promise for this returning season
With you, in the next winter, I’ll be with you

You came to me at the end of a tiring day
It’s so warm
Like a child waiting for the first snow
It snows on top of my uplifted heart

In this big world that is changing every day
My unchanging wish is you

Resting place just for me at the end of a tiring day
It’s so cozy
You resemble the white snow piling
You, who is sparkling above the sky, come to me


Dear Santa
Nae yaegil deureojwoyo
Na ganjeolhage wonhago issjyo
Geuui mamdo gatgireul

What about us?

Seolleyeossdeon neowa na
Ijen jogeum deo gakkawojigil
Oneul naege wajwoyo

What about us?

Uri hamkke bonaeneun
Hayan christmasga ogil
Gidarigo isseo

Let’s go! Come on, girls!

Dugeungeorineun maeumeuro saehayan oseul ipgo
Allokdallokhan teuri bulbit arae banjjagineun georiro

Gwisgaen malkeun jongsori georeummada misoman
Oneureun waenji joheun yegami seolleneun Christmas time

Bamsaewo santareul gidarideon eorin nal majuhan neukkime
Hoksi geudae mollae ol geot gata dorabogon hae

Oneulbam maeil kkumkkwoon gobaegeul batgo sipeo
Baro geu sungan huin nuni naerimyeon sangsang sogui Christmas time

Let’s hear it, santa! Here we go! Come on!

Sarangseureon useumsori saljjak eonjeun mellodi
Georiui byeori chumeul chuneun bam ijji moshal Christmas time

Mollae dalkomhage dagawa nae eokkaereul dudeurin hyanggie
Seonmulcheoreom gidarin han saram geudaega boyeo

Sujupge maju seon sungan geudaega naemin du son
Ttaseuhan geudae soneul japgo hamkke georeumyeo haneul baraboni
Jeo haneul gadeukhi
Nae maeum gadeukhi
Hayan nuni naeryeowa
Kkumman gateun Christmas time
Oh, Christmas time

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  • Otaku Mode

    my favorite christmas song of the year! <333

  • Diana

    Sorry but the English is TOTALLY WRONG

    • heyya

      It is because the English Version of Dear Santa is different from the English Translation. They don’t just translate the korean version, of course they’ve done some revisions in the English Version.

      • Lier X Agerate

        The English is actually entirely off. Certain things like “What about us?” and “Christmas time” are in English in the Korean version but no where in the translation. These song lyrics are to the song “Winter Story” by TTS.

      • The Real Diana

        Still, the lyrics remained wrong. No one can deny it.