NU’EST – Happy Birthday Lyrics

English Translation:

On a cold winter day,
God has sent an angel on earth for one person
After a long time passed,
That angel who has given so much love,
Had been hurt and shed tears
But the angel still smiled at me

After we loved and were separated for a bit
This is the angel’s first birthday
I can’t be next to you but
Happy birthday, happy birthday
I thank the one who made you be born
Once again, happy birthday (x3)

Happy Birthday
I love you so much


Eoneu chuun gyeoul nal
Hananimkkeseoneun han sarameul
Wihan cheonsareul i ttange bonaesyeotjyo
Oraen sigani jina
Sarangeul juge doen geu cheonsaneun
Sangcheo ibeo nunmul heullyeodo naegen useojwotjyo

Uri saranghago jamsi tteoreojin hu
Majeun cheonsaui cheot beonjjae saengil
Yeope isseojujido motajiman
Saengil chukhahaeyo chukhahaeyo
Dangsini taeeonan nal geubunkke gamsadeuryeoyo
Dasi hanbeon saengil chukhahaeyo (x3)

Manhi saranghaeyo

Translation Credits: pop!gasa
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