Music Video: Teen Top “Be Ma Girl”

Teen Top has released their new Summer Special mini-Album and it is a followup to their The Artist mini-Album which was just released last month. This new album features lead single Be Ma Girl which is their 3rd collaboration with the producers, Brave Brothers. The song like their style, is an upbeat pop track which is really soothed specially when one likes to dance.

The music video features the 6 boys with their new looks (taking note the catchy blue hair of Ricky).  They sport a more bright street style with colorful clothes while hanging out and playing skateboard on the streets. The video also include a portion where they are in a bowling alley with their clothes and other things glowing in the dark.

The dance routine for this song is kinda fun to dance with because it include some of the popular dougie moves.

C.A.P, Chunji, L. Joe, Niel, Ricky and Chango really knows how to have fun! Being dorky and professional at the same time. The ending where they made a heart with their cropped videos is kinda cute too!

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