Music Bank Performances (HD) (May 25, 2012)

Today’s Music Bank performances was hosted by After School’s UEE and Lee Jang Woo. It features comebacks from G.NA and B1A4 and the debut performance of JJ Project and VIXX.

The for this week once again is SNSD with “Twinkle” now on their triple-crown.

Debut Stage:

JJ Project – Bounce (Lyrics)

VIXX – Super Hero (Lyrics)

Comeback Stage:

G.NA – Summer Star (Lyrics) & 2Hot (Lyrics)

B1A4 – Baby Good Night (Lyrics)

Other Performances:

J.Y. Park – You’re The One (Lyrics)

Infinite – The Chaser (Lyrics)

December – She’s Gone

Dalmatian – E.R. (Lyrics)

Mighty Mouth – Bad Boy (Lyrics)
(will be updated)

F.CUZ – No.1

Gang Kiz – Honey Honey (Lyrics)

She’z – My Way (Lyrics)

B.A.P – Power (Lyrics)

Sunny Hill – Princess and Prince Charming

EXO-K – MAMA (Lyrics)

Hello Venus – Venus (Lyrics)

A Pink – Hush (Lyrics)

Baek Ji Young – Good Boy (Lyrics)
(will be updated)

SISTAR – Alone (Lyrics)

SNSD TaeTiSeo – Twinkle (Lyrics)

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