Music Bank Performances (HD) (May 18, 2012) + Lyrics

Today’s Music Bank features comebacks from Infinite, Dalmatian, Baek Ji Young and Brave Guys. Also debuting is a new girl group Gang Kiz. The hosts for today are After School’s UEE and Lee Jang Woo.

SNSD TaeTiSeo wins another week with “Twinkle” (Lyrics)

Debut Stage:

Gangz Kiz – Honey Honey (Lyrics)

Comeback Stage:

Infinite – Tears (Lyrics) & The Chaser (Lyrics) + Interview.

Dalmatian – E.R. (Lyrics)

Baek Ji Young – Voice & Good Boy (Lyrics)

Brave Guys – I Don’t Care
(will be updated)

Other Performances:

Electroboyz – Should I Laugh Or Cry

Girl’s Day – Oh My God! (Lyrics)

Hello Venus – Venus (Lyrics)

B.A.P – Power (Lyrics)

A Pink – Hush (Lyrics)


SISTAR – Alone (Lyrics)

4Minute – Volume Up (Lyrics)

What can you say about today’s performances?