Music Bank Performances (HD) (June 1, 2012)

Today’s Music Bank performances was hosted by After School’s UEE and Lee Jang Woo. It features comebacks from Teen Top, M.I.B, MYNAME, and Heo Young Saeng.

No debuts for this week’s show. But Wonder Girls and Dalshabet are coming back next week!

SNSD TaeTiSeo finally gave up their position as Infinite gets their first crown for this week’s K-Chart.

Next Week’s Comeback:

Wonder Girls – Like This

Dalshabet – Mr. Bang Bang

Comeback Stage:

Teen Top – Baby U (Lyrics) & To You (Lyrics)

MYNAME – Hello & Goodbye (Lyrics)

M.I.B – Only Hard For Me (Lyrics)

Heo Young Saeng – Intimidated (Lyrics) & Crying (Lyrics)

Other Performances:

SNSD TaeTiSeo – Twinkle (Lyrics)

J.Y. Park – You’re The One (Lyrics) (With UEE)

Infinite – The Chaser (Lyrics)

Baek Ji Young – Good Boy (Lyrics)
(video will be updated)

G.NA – 2Hot (Lyrics)

She’z – My Way (Lyrics)
(video will be updated) – I’ll Be Famous

VIXX – Super Hero (Lyrics)
(video will be updated)

Dalmatian – E.R. (Lyrics)

Gang Kiz – Honey Honey (Lyrics)

B.A.P – Power (Lyrics)

Mighty Mouth – Bad Boy (Lyrics)
(video will be updated)

Hello Venus – Venus (Lyrics)

JJ Project – Bounce (Lyrics)

B1A4 – Baby Goodnight (Lyrics)

A Pink – Hush (Lyrics)

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