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[J Flow]
Rideumeul ta funnyhage junbi
(i ride the rhythm and get ready for the fun)
Evidencero garyeo jugineun nunbit
(cover the strong glare in my eyes with my evidence shades)
Naega museun mareul hadeorado gulbi
(whatever i say sounds tasty)
Cheoreom masitge deullyeo deureowa home field
(like fried croaker (fish). Come to my home field)
Junbidoen raepeodeuri neomu manchi
(there are too many rappers ready)
Geu junge mannangeon nyudaneun banchik
(and out of the ones i met dynasty rappers are the best)
Igeon maeseukeomeul tadeorado
(even if you get on tv)
Mandeureo naelsu eomneun raepeodeurui geureon gachi
(you won’t have more merit than us)

Hey baby eottae nae raep eopdoen rebel paesyeon ha
(hey baby. How’s my rap sound? My level’s up there, fashion too ha)
Dareun raeppeodeulbodaneun baekbae natji
(i’m 100 times better than other rappers)
Nae raep? Daegari keun rukideuregen jageugi doe
(my rap? It makes my competition work harder)
Bron modeungeol juneun myeongpumi doe
(bron, everything i say is expensive like luxury goods)
Geiga anieodo nae raebeun heungbuni doe
(even if you’re not a rap fan, you’ll get excited)
Neodo nado modu money maker$
(you and me, we’re all money maker$)
Na jom na dwo lady i’m a player
(please leave me alone lady, i’m a player)

I stay wild
I stay wild
I i stay wild
Even when i freestyle
Pickin up girls pickin up girls
P p pickin up girls when i crack a little smile x2

[J Flow]
Yo, money maker$ rap stardom
Nuga mworahaedo urin jotnage freedom
(whatever anyone says we’re enjoying our freedom)
J-flowga manjineun rideum
(it’s my rhythm i touch)
Biteuwa gasaga jasinui mideum
(the beat and lyrics is what i believe in)
Uh, beonjjeok georineun bulbitteureun hanagachi nareul bichwo
(uh, all the flashing lights are shining on me)
Eodilgadeorado da nareul bwa
(everywhere i go everyone looks at me)
Nareul bon saramdeureun jeonbu da michyeo
(all the people that saw me go crazy)

Songarageul chikyeo kkoumyeon bikyeo
(middle finger up, if you’re annoying then move away)
M m money maker$ chickneun opsyeon
(m m money maker$ a chick is an option)
Make money, young boyz, fuck dope rappers
Get the money, drop money, best of fashion
Uh, fuck ah raeppeoramyeonseo geureongeon wae geolchyeo
(you say you rap then why do you wear stuff like that)
Mwon marinji molla blah blah
(you don’t understand what i’m saying blah blah)
I get the gunshot click clack pow!
One verse one shot swagger so on..

I stay wild
I stay wild
I i stay wild
Even when i freestyle
Pickin up girls pickin up girls
P p pickin up girls when i crack a little smile x2

Eotteon aedeuri malhae jideuri jjangirago
(some kids say that they’re the best)
Byeorui byeol sorireul dadeureo bwatjiman
(i hear many sounds but)
Wen jiralbyeonginji moreugesseo
(it sounds like bs)
Yojeum aedeuri michyeo? Aedeuribeul chyeo?
(are kids nowadays crazy? Are they saying adlibs?)
Paedeuribeul chyeo? Gaedeuribeul chyeo?
(are they talking sh*t about their parents? Saying stupid stuff?)
Gyaedeuri micheo saenggakchido motan goseseo nan dwicheok
(they’re unexpecting me to awake from my rest)
Imyeo nal kkaeun daetgareul chireuge hal daesangeul chatgo
(who will pay the price for waking me up)
Nal geondeundee ttareun chugabiyongeul gyesaneul hae
(for bothering me i will put that into account and you’ll pay)
Soljikhi nal geondeuryeodo sanggwan eomneunde
(honestly, i don’t care if you bother me)
Jungyohangeon ne saenggakbodan manmanchi anheunde
(but more importantly i’m not as nice as you think)
Namdeulbodan jom neutge teojyeobeorin poten
(i blew up later than other rappers)
Mwo eojjeolsu eobtji gyunhyeongeul matchuryeomyeon dangyeonhangeo gatae
(it’s ok to keep the balance that’s the way it should be)
Ilbureo deo deo deo deumeodo paendeureun deo deo deo deo wonhae
(even if i stutter on purpose, the fans will want more)
Nideurui raep ppeo ppeo ppeo ppeonhae deureobwatja da ttokgateunde
(your raps are expected, even if i heard it, it’s all the same)
Geuraebwatja neon andoeltende.
(even if you try you won’t make it. )
Mwol gidaehago sangsanghageon gane
(more than what you imagine)
Geu isangeul deutge doeltenikka heulleo ganeundero ttaraomyeon doeneungeoya
(my music will exceed your expectations so follow me)
Nae mal aradeutgesseo? Aradeutge malhaejwo?
(you understand? Should i say it so that you can understand?)
Aju swipge malhaeseo nae wineun eobseo!
(simply, i’m the best, no one is above me!)

I stay wild
I stay wild
I i stay wild
Even when i freestyle
Pickin up girls pickin up girls
P p pickin up girls when i crack a little smile x2

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