M!Countdown Performances (May 17, 2012) + Lyrics

Today’s M!Countdown performances features comebacks from Infinite, Dalmatian and Baek Ji Young. JYP also finally is able to perform live today.

It was a tough competition but SNSD TaeTiSeo grabs the crown again!

Comeback Stage:

Infinite – “Tears” & “The Chaser

Dalmatian – E.R.

Baek Ji Young – “Voice” & “Good Boy

J.Y. Park – “You’re The One” & “Someone Else”

Other Performances:

Mighty Mouth – Bad Boy (Lyrics)

Hello Venus – Venus (Lyrics)

Electroboyz – Should I Laugh Or Cry

Aurora – Hide and Seek

SISTAR – Alone (Lyrics)

B.A.P – Power (Lyrics)

Rhythm Power – Rhythm Power

A Pink – Hush (Lyrics)

4Minute – Volume Up (Lyrics)

She’z – My Way

Ulala Session – Beautiful Night

SNSD TaeTiSeo – Twinkle (Lyrics)

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