M!Countdown Performances (June 7, 2012)

M!Countdown Performances (June 7, 2012)
Today’s M!Countdown performances (June 7, 2012) includes comeback from Dalshabet with “Mr. Bang Bang” and U-KISS with their follow-up single “Believe”. Meanwhile, Juniel finally debuts with her single “Illa Illa” and A-JAX also debuts with “Never Let Go” and “One 4 U”.

The winner for today is again Infnite with “The Chaser“!

Comeback Next Week



Comeback Stage:

U-KISS – Believe (Lyrics)

Dalshabet – Close (Lyrics) & Mr. Bang Bang (Lyrics)

Debut Stage:

Juniel – Illa Illa (Lyrics) & Love Fool (Feat Jung Yong Hwa) (Lyrics)

A-JAX – Never let Go (Lyrics) & One 4 U (Lyrics)

Other Performances:

JJ Project – Bounce (Lyrics)

EXO-K – MAMA (Lyrics)

VIXX – Super Hero (Lyrics)

Heo Young Saeng – Crying (Lyrics)

MYNAME – Hello & Goodbye (Lyrics)

B.A.P – Power (Lyrics)

G.NA – 2Hot (Lyrics)

B1A4 – Baby Good Night (Lyrics)

M.I.B – Only Hard For Me (Lyrics)

A Pink – Hush (Lyrics)

Infinite – The Chaser (Lyrics)

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