Kim Jong Kook – Journey Home Album Tracklist

Kim Jong Kook "Journey Home" 7th AlbumKim Jong Kook which known for his role in TV Show Running Man as the commander has came back in to the music scene with his new album, “Journey Home“. It is his 7th studio album releases since his debut on 1995.

The album is composed of 10 songs solo and few are collaboration with other artists. One popular song is Words I Want To Say To You which features his co-Running Man stars HaHa and Gary. His lead single was released together with the MV “Men Are All Like That”.

Tracklist with Lyrics:

01.  니가 생각나 (Thinking Of You)
02. 천 개의 발자국 (Thousands of Footprints)
03. 좋겠다 (You Should Be Happy)
04. 남자가 다 그렇지 뭐 (Men Are All Like That)
05. 너무 예뻤어 (So Pretty)
06. 너에게 하고 싶은 (Words I Want To Say To You) (Feat. HaHa & Gary)
07. Nostalgia (Feat. Mikey)
08. 지워진다 (Disappearing)
09.  남자도 슬프 (Men Also Feel Sad) (Feat. Mighty Mouth)
10. 끝이 아닌 이야기 (Story That Is Not The End)

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  • running malaysia

    commander tiger ~~ kookie

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  • He’s coming!!! The Tiger is coming to Malaysia!!! Wahoo!!!~<3

  • He’s coming!!! The Tiger is coming to Malaysia!!! Wahoo!!!~<3

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    He is so adorable, charming, cute,strong and handsome…he also have a lovely voice that can melt my heart….I like the song words that I want to say to you…the most…the lyrics is so…melting my heart….oppa,I will always be your biggest fan and support you from here…oppa fighting!!