K.Will – Please Don’t Lyrics

English Translation:

We sit next to each other in the car but there is no music
I always held your left hand but now you’re picking at your lips

I know what you’re going to say, please don’t say it
Don’t know why Don’t know why
I want to draw out each minute, each second
But the empty road rushes me on

After going round and round
I arrive at your house that’s so familiar and tears fall
After spending a long day finding this place
I feel like I am lost

Please don’t, please don’t leave
Don’t know why Don’t know why
It’s not even raining but outside the window
You grow white and farther apart

Letting you go is not as easy as it sounds
I turn away, not being able to see you leave me
Tears eventually drop and I need to wipe them away now
I don’t know whether I should use the handkerchief you gave me or throw it away
Why won’t this trembling go away?

I pretend to be crazy and hold onto you but
My body won’t listen to me
Intoxicated with the scent of you in the car
I don’t want to wake up forever

Please don’t (please) don’t leave please (please)
Come back (come back) come back (come back)
On top of the empty seat you left
only your cold scent remains

Please don’t, please don’t leave
Come back (come back) come back (come back)
I will hold onto the remaining scent
So come back to your place


Naranhi anjeun jadongcha sogeseon
Eumakdo heureuji anha
Neul japgo itdeon ni oensoneuro neo
Ipsulman tteutgo isseo

Niga hal mal ara geu malmaneun mara
Don’t know why don’t know why
Ilbun ilcho deo kkeulgo sipeunde
Teong bin gil nareul jaechokhae

Bingbing doraon neoui jip api na
Iksukhae nunmuri nawa
Haruga meolge chajaon yeogiseo
Gireul naega irheun geot gata

Ireojima jebal tteonajima jebal
Don’t know why don’t know why
Bido an oneun yurichang neomeo
Ppuyeoke meoreojineun neo

Malcheoreom swipjin anheun neol bonaeya handaneun il
Doraseoseo nal beorigo ganeun
Neol boji motago tteolgugo maneun
Nunmuldo ijen dakkayagetji jumeoni sok
Niga jwotdeon sonsugeoneul sseoya hal ji ijen beoryeoya halji
Wae tteollimi meomchujil anchi

Michincheokhago neol jaba boryeo haedo
Nae momi nae mareul jal deutjireul anha
Cha ane nameun ni hyanggie chwihae
Yeongyeong kkaego sipji anheungeol

Ireojima jebal (jebal) tteonajima jebal(jebal)
Dorawa (dorawa) dorawa (dorawa)
Niga tteonagan binjari wien
Chagaun hyanggiman nama

Ireojima jebal tteonajima jebal
Dorawa (dorawa) dorawa (dorawa)
Nameun hyanggiman ango isseulge
Dorawa ni jariro

Translation Credits: pop!gasa
Romanizations by: kpoplyrics.net

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  • Angel Lee

    I don’t really get the music video… can someone explain it to me?

    • Michelle ~

      I think its about a guy who appears to be in love with the girl who’s marrying his best friend. The story continues to show the three together and makes it seem like their pretty close friends, it eventually builds up to the wedding day. You think that the guy is really upset cause he wants to be with the girl but there’s a huge twist, in the last seconds it shows him holding the ripped photo but putting his side of the photo with his friends side together, implying that he really loved the guy not the girl. I think it was pretty smart and different story line and one of the best mv’s this year~~ ^ ^ ..so basically it was k.will amazingly trolling us all till the end ._. xD
      hope that helped~~

      • gerald

        oh you,ve gota be kiding me,,so that is mean the video MV. holy shett..i wonder what the meaning the last clips on the video???? make confused right ??but now i got it…K.Will great work…..

      • what?? This is how I interpreted it, both guys are in love with the same girl, the girl gets married to one of them, and the forever alone guy is upset because they’re no longer as close as they used to be, and he wants his best friend back??

        • topwifeuseyo

          that guy is inlove with his friend not the girl. it’s like Taeyang’s wedding dress mv but in another version (gay version) :)

          • Thats Right The Theme is Gay , But I Love It! #Im Fujo

    • YoRa96

      me too… :(

    • Kyle Chittock

      Three best friends, one guy (lead singer) is in love with his best friend, who is also a guy. But his guy friend is in love with the girl. They get married and he walks out on both of them because he can’t bare to face them. But he’s tearing himself apart because he never told his guy friend how he felt.

  • YoRa96

    i don’t realy like the ending bcause it make he looks like he is gay

    • Ally Elly

      I really love the ending, I love this great twist
      and YES, he IS gay in this MV (anyone noticed that it was Seo In Gook!? :D)

      • yuenny

        oh the irony XD
        hoya must be so happy!

        • rianre

          I didn’t even THINK about Hoya! Oh that’s just so perfect!

    • and whats wrong with being gay?

    • Kyle Chittock

      He is gay and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • totally great video , the lyrics are awesome and the way he sings it and the melody

  • Fanny

    I really like the ending because it seems like he willing sacrifice for the sake of his friend happiness. What a kinda sad ending :’) Maybe it looks a little bit gay but i think it’s nothing. K will daebak!

  • HeeYun

    when i see the MV, firstly i was like ahh… its kinda like Taeyang ‘wedding dress’ and will turn out with the same ending and not check the MV till the end for a week. But… when i finished watching the MV, my expression was W@#?)!>!~?? then laugh!! the guy in the MV soo dramatic and make the end totally shocking!!!

  • damn, i’m stuck. i think seo in guk (in this mv) love the girl

    • Kyle Chittock

      He loves his best friend, the other guy. He said it himself in an interview.

  • i love the ending~!! so sweet!! boys <3 ~

  • Aidana

    yaaa k.will’s voice is amazing as usual. very nice song and mv too

  • FO

    this song not about gay.. he’s actually love that girl but at the end he know that the girl is his besfriends lover.. so that, he stuck to choose his love or friend.. it;s about sacrifice..at the end part also showed that he put his picture with friend only b’cuz friend is more important than love..

    • kai

      it seems like you might be a little prejudiced, and are twisting the story to fit what you want. the mv is indeed about an unrequited homosexual love, k.will said it himself. This is not an exact quote, but he said something along these lines: “we added that unexpected twist because we wanted to show unrequited love affects every type of love and person, and everyone knows how it feels.”

      it’s really sad to see some people not accepting this mv because of this, i think it’s really beautiful and meaningful.

  • topwifeuseyo

    I’m in love with K.Will voice *o*

  • anita maulee

    k-will aaaa daebak.. and also Seo In Guk.. MV sooooo nice gay ~lol.. ahhhh Im in Love with him

  • when i watch this video i was like “haha!in your face seo in gook!you must know how hoya’s feel!” LOL

    well,like everybody,i think that’s kinda looks like taeyang’s wedding dress but K WILL PROOF IT WRONG LOL!K Will definetly my idol from now onXD what a creative idea~~ oh ma gerd you never fail trolling meehhh bb~~

    and dont forget that heavenly voice =3

  • Krislyn

    I Love YOU K.Will…. >WW<

  • I Love YOU K.Will…. >WW<

  • I’m Soooo addicted in this song!!!! Looove the MV, it actually reflects the reality.The guy loves the other guy who loves the woman, which means that the guy didn’t even have a chance to hold on to his love one. So sad TTATT there’s nothing wrong with gay, people must learn to respect and accept them.

  • zieana85

    first time watching the MV, I dont realize that the person who are getting hurt is that guy..but 2nd time,then I realized ..yes he is, I understand the feeling..so sad..good job K will

  • mz chiekha

    joengmal yeputa………this song drives me crazy…..so toucheble !

  • lipow

    I love that song his voice so awesome^^

  • Mints

    I also remember taeyang’s wedding dress when I watch this, but somehow that guy is acting strange.. he smiles at the other guy and glare at the girl. But at the end of the mv, I can put them together. the guy loves the other guy. :D
    Didn’t know it was a gay theme.
    aside from the mv (for those who despite gay, I don’t have a problem with gay actually) , this song is great I guess :9

  • cacahuatita

    The MV for this song is awesome. I was a bit confused at first because you just don’t see gay couples in Korean media most of the time. The ending left me a bit confused… and then it hit me.

    I’ve read articles about this MV all saying how brave it was to portray a gay couple. The video is reaaaally good, and well, it is after all different to Taeyang’s Wedding Dress because it’s more focused on the situation and the situation is not interrupted by choreography sequences. Plus I feel this MV is just more dramatic, it must be because it features actors and with all due respect not the singer acting.


    this is precious , for yaoi lovers .
    Rare . Korean . Yaoi . Hmm .

  • al

    this is about a guy (played by in-guk) who is actually in love with his best friend (played by anh jae hyun) that is getting married with also their best friend (played by dasom) . at first , i thought that too . that he is in love with dasom , but , you can tell that he is crazy for ahn jae hyun in the clip duration at 2:58 . dasom goes blur while ahn jae hyun is in focus . lol just my pov .

    • euncel_09

      ..exactly..at first..the mv is so sad..then at the end I really laughed hard, I didn’t expect the twist of the story at the end lols