JYJ Junsu – Around And Around Lyrics

English Translation:

In the warmly flowing sunlight, I draw you out
In the blowing wind that passes by, I feel you
I am going somewhere, led by this familiar scent
And you stand in the place where the wind stopped blowing

The day I first met you, like destiny, I knew it was you
I went around and around for a long long time and found you again

This isn’t a dream, you standing in front of me
The flower petals fall like rain and embrace us

I pray that even if time passes, it will be as happy as today
When we fall into a deep sleep in the times ahead, let’s dream the same dream

The birds fall asleep and the silent clouds in the sky seem unfamiliar
But the darkness is cast away and the sun is dazzling and shines again

The day I first met you, like destiny, I knew it was you
I went around and around for a long long time and we met again

Lovely lovely love love Lovely lovely love love
I pray that today and tomorrow will be happy


Ttaseuhi deuriun haetsare neoreul geuryeobonda
Seuchideut bureoon barame neoreul neukkyeo bonda
Igsughan hyanggie ikkeullyeo nan jigeum eodironga
Barami meomchun geu jarie geugose seo itneun
Neo cheoeum mannan geunal
Unmyeong cheoreom geudaeran geol
Nan aratjyo gilgo gin
Siganeul dolgo dorawa

Geudael dasi chajeungeojyo
Lalallalla lala lalallalla
Lalala lalallalla lalallalla
Lala lalallalla
Lalala lalallalla
Nae ape itneun geudae moseub jeongmal
Kkumeun anijyo kkotipi bicheoreom
Naeryeowa uril gamssa juneyo

Sigani heulleodo oneul cheoreom
Haengboghagil gidohajyo
Meon hutnal dasi gin jami deul ttaedo
Hamkke gateun kkumeul kkwoyo

Saedeuri jamdeulgo goyohan
Gureum haneuri natseol ttaedo
Eodumeun geodhigo taeyangeun
Tto dasi nunbusige bitnajyo

Cheoeum mannan geunal unmyeong
Cheoreom geudaeran geol nan aratjyo
Gilgo gin siganeul dolgo dorawa
Urin dasi mannan geojyo

Lovely lovely love love lovely lovely love love
Oneuldo naeildo haengboghagil gidohajyo
Lalallalla lala lalallalla lalala lalallalla
Lalallalla lala lalallalla lalala lalallalla

Translation Credits: pop!gasa
Romanizations by: kpoplyrics.net

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  • really love junsu voices….(>_<) touch my heart