GOT7 Members Profile

is a new 7-member boy group under JYP.  They have released their debut MV “Girls Girls Girls” on January 15, 2014. The group is dubbed as the male version of Wonder Girls. 2 of their members JB and JR were the first to debut under “JJ Project“. All in all the group consists of 4 rappers and 3 main vocalists. There are 2 Chinese and 1 Thai members on the group.

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Stage Name: JB
Real Name: Im Jae Bum (임재범)
Birthdate: January 6, 1994
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Visual
Height: 179 cm (estimated)
Weight: 66kg (estimated)
Education: Geonguk University (Film major)
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Bus travel, watching movies, airing, taking pictures
Specialty: B-Boying
Ideal girl: “A girl who gets caught in his eyes and is cute”
Favorite food: Stew
Favorite musician: D’Angelo
Facts: He was in Dream High 2 and When A Man Falls In Love Drama, He was part of JJ Project with Jr


Stage Name: Mark (마크)
Real Name: Mark Yi-En Tuan (段宜恩)
Birthdate: September 4, 1993
Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Height: 175 cm (estimated)
Weight: 59kg (estimated)
Education: Arcadia High School (10th Grade Certificate)
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Skateboarding, snow boarding
Specialty: Martial Arts
Ideal girl: “She makes me want to stay with her”
Favorite food: Hamburger, meat
Favorite musician: Chris Brown, Drake, Tyga, rocky ASAP
Facts: He likes hip-hop music, He is Chinese, He is fluent in English, He came from Los Angeles, California USA


Stage Name: Jackson (잭슨)
Real Name: Jackson Wang (王嘉爾)
Birthdate: March 28, 1994
Position: Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist
Height: 174 cm (estimated)
Weight: 63kg (estimated)
Education: Completed 11th grade at American International School
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Dancing, rapping, beatboxing
Specialty: Fencing
Ideal girl: “A healthy and attractive woman”
Favorite food: Chocolate, hamburgers, DimSum, carbonara, chicken
Favorite musician: Dr. Dre, G-unit (50cent & Lloyd Banks)
Facts: He is Chinese, He was a member of Fencing National Team in Hong Kong), He won 1st Place in Asia Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship (2011)


Stage Name: Jr.
Real Name: Park Jinyoung (박진영)
Birthdate: September 22, 1994
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 63kg
Education: Graduated high school
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: watching movies, theatre, walking, playing piano
Specialty: dancing
Ideal girl: someone who believes in him and laughs a lot
Favorite food: hamburger, pizza, meat
Favorite musician: Justin Timberlake, Usher, Michael Buble
Facts: was in Dream High 2 and When A Man Loves dramas, He was part of JJ Project with JB


Stage Name: Youngjae
Real Name: Choi Young Jae (최영재)
Birthdate: September 17, 1996
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 175 cm (estimated)
Weight: 59kg (estimated)
Education: Enrolled in Seoul Korea Arts High School
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Playing piano
Specialty: Singing
Ideal girl: “a woman who I am attracted to”
Favorite food: Everything.. but cucumber
Favorite musician: Elliott Yamin, Javier
Facts: Trained for only 7 months, He is the last member to join the group


Stage Name: BamBam
Real Name: Kunpimook Bhuwakul (กันต์พิมุก ภูวกุล)
Birthdate: May 2, 1997
Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Height: 170 cm (estimated)
Weight: 52kg (estimated)
Education: Enrolled in Pramoch Wittaya Ramindara School
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Listening to music
Specialty: Dancing
Ideal girl: woman with a pretty smile
Favorite food: cheeseburgers, tom yum kung
Favorite musician: GD
Facts: Wants to be a world star like Rain, He is from Thailand, He has appeared in various CF


Stage Name: Yugyeom
Real Name: Kim Yugyeom (김유겸)
Birthdate: November 17, 1997
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae
Height: 180 cm (estimated)
Weight: 64kg (estimated)
Education: Hanlim Arts High School (Street Dance Major)
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: listening to music
Specialty: dancing
Ideal girl: woman with a pretty smile
Favorite food: sam gyup sal (grilled pork belly), bulgogi (grilled marinated beef) in an earthen bowl, chicken, kimbab
Favorite musician: GD, Chris Brown
Facts: He is the maknae of the group

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If you know other things that are not in their profile yet then leave it on the comments below!

  • Kim Jongin

    How did JYP Ent. discover BamBam???

    • strawberriere

      they most likely held auditions like yg.

  • kris_zel

    who is from thai?

    • JoJo Alston


    • Frenchy

      It’s BamBam.

  • GTea

    Mark + Jackson are cuuuuutee

  • Frenchy

    I like BamBam, Mark and Jackson.

    • eh tha

      Me Too!!!

  • ina tafta

    the maknae is the tallest… same with teamB’s Junhoe..

  • eh tha

    My Bias Is Jackson,Mark And BamBam.

  • katelyn


  • Yanlin

    Bambam and Mark <333

  • Antoinette Dixon

    Bam bam is soo adorable!!!<3

  • Anna Kmm Nilsson

    BamBam and Mark Bias! Noona for Yugyeom D:

  • Mariz

    BamBam and Mark and Yugyeom O M G <333333333

  • Stephanie

    I have always like Jb and Jr since I first saw them in dream high!! And Im from Puerto Rico…

    • Gaby

      Im from Puerto Rico TOO!!!! :D

  • TripleB

    two maknaes likes GD :D

    • ppyong

      GD? g-dragon rite?.. am wrong?,

      • TripleB

        you’re right :)

  • Analis

    I like 2 maknae. Bambam & Yugyeom.. So cute and dance well

  • Rachel

    mark and jr <3

  • Zam

    ALL- duhh!!!

  • maddie

    if i have to choose it would be yugyeom ….. HES ONLY ONE YEAR OLDER THAN ME !!!!! OH MY GOD !!! and dat jaw line doe ^_~

  • ulzzang_moyang88

    Bambam cute walaupun diorang thailand bambam figthing GOT7 daebak

  • Lyka

    Shit!! They’re too young! And Jb he looks mature. Gosh! I can’t believe I’m a noona to some of the members. Mark’s Cute! And he can speak English!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Imma gonna die. My ovaries no where to be found!!

  • Jezza

    YoungJae~!! ♥♥♥ omai gash.. it’s the first time that bias has the same birth year with me ._. and YuGyeom is younger than me :O.. I’m going older (cries in the corner)*

  • K-PopLover234

    Two of them are the same age as me!! Woo!

    • K-PopLover234


  • Hitsugaya Urip Selalu Setia

    i love mark

  • Azal Khaled

    i like all can’t choose

  • Ren♥

    2 visual!! My gosh look at jb’s position so many,he’s the hyung.. my bias is the 2 visual, jb is my bias since he debuted..!!

  • Rynn


  • Yugyeom Girlfriend

    Saranghae Yugyeom!! ♥

  • ssuljung

    Honestly, the first reason why I looked up to this group is because of JB is in the group. But, now…….. I CAN’T HELP MY SELF OF BEING ATTRACKTED WITH THEM!!!! I LOVE MARK AND YUGYEOM TOO!!!

  • Regine Belgira Li

    mark is ma bias ♥ ♫

  • BackToMyHeaven

    O.o I thought BamBam was the maknae O.o Yugyeom doesn’t really look like 16…
    It’s really hard to choose a bias in this freakin’ amazing group >.<

    • disqus_Xmfu9IvKty

      im thinking, maybe another ‘giant maknae’ like Chansung since Yugyeon really doesnt look like the maknae of the group

  • Aisyah Jackson

    Yugyeom so handsome man<3:***

  • Bluesolifies

    Um it’s A$AP Rocky lol but thnx so much and it’s kinda crazy how much Iove GOT7 even though they like JUST debuted

  • OpparDoesntLoveYou

    BamBam is my nick name o.O

  • Marive

    Mark is very talented main dancer and rapper and is also the visual :)))

  • Tintin

    Mark is talented good dancer and good rapper

  • Nikki


  • Adrianne Run

    BamBam!! =”)) Harthart! <3

  • ☁ Ms. Park Dobi ☁


  • strawberriere

    AHHH mark went to the same school district as i do!

    • brandz

      oh snap!!! fortunate u!!!

  • Giorgia

    jackson’s twitter isn’t official, it’s fanmade

  • 밤밤

    Bam Bam

  • chicken choi

    yugyeom^^ <3

  • Rafoncel Yañez

    BAMBAM <3

  • Jessica Bonilla

    BamBam is def. my bias :D
    I’m so happy that the kpop industry is mixing it up a little by adding a Thai member #represent at least now I can communicate with a kpop idol :D

  • dizuh

    Omoo! ^0^ BamBam&Mark so handsome :DDD

  • Rheg22

    BamBam,JB and Mark<3

  • SHINeeisdabest!!!

    jr is so hurffy!!! he is da best!!!-_-

  • KaiSooJen

    BAMBAM <3 So cuttie :3 Want to pinch his cheeks! Kyyaaaaaaaaahhhh!! (*O*)/

  • doesn’t wanna be a noona

    God dammit I’m a noona.

  • Tear

    I was born in 1988… now THAT is a freaking auntie then…

    • Maila

      ’86-er here, let’s hug each other and share the pain

    • MiSsLollip0p

      rookies nowadays are too young… i feel like a pedo noona.. fangirling over them might just sound too weird.. 0.o

      • Me

        You don’t have to sexualize them. I’m fine with liking groups containing much younger boys because I don’t sexualize them, I don’t see them in this sort of way so I don’t have a reason to feel wrong.

        • MiSsLollip0p

          haha what do meant by that.. lololol.. that’s not really what i meant.. XD

          • Me

            That’s exactly what you meant. You said fangirling over them might be too weird and you feel like a “pedo noona”? Why a “pedo” and not simply “noona”? Why do you feel wrong liking groups containing younger boys?

            There’s more to a person than just age. If you feel like a “pedo noona” then you apparently have a reason to feel bad. Innocently (for example, like a little brother) liking a boy that’s younger than you is not a reason.

  • Silver_bana

    cannot believe I’m heavier than most of em when I’m the youngest here…,

  • everlastingfriends

    Omg.. cant believe i am a noona to bambam&yugyeom T.T and also a noona for youngjae……but iam older than him only by a month;_;

    • Sissy Harris

      In korea, if you are born the same year you are considered “friends” meaning you can use a more impolite speech towards them until you become close, so youngjae is your “friend”, and Bambam&Yugyeom are your namdongsaeng or “little brother” hopes this helps you feel better about being older?!?

      • noonie

        really!!!thanks God,same way as my country

  • kucing

    i cant belived!! i’m shock TT^^TT i’m older than they are,,,oh my~~~ @___@

  • bombombom

    Woaaah, they’re all so young~ I’m only 2 months younger than their Maknae, wow~
    They seem very talented, though, so I will keep an eye out on them~

  • Selena Yang

    omg but can you post wat languages they can speak

    • therosegirl

      everyone can speak Korean lol and then BamBam can speak Thai+ a little of English, Mark and Jackson can speak Chinese+ English, and Jackson can also speak Cantonese. This is all for sure, but the members might be able to speak other languages too that I don’t know of..

  • MinHeeTae

    BAMBAM-AH <3 <3 <3

  • shaar

    wow iam older than Yugyeom

  • fairy yoda

    Knowing you might have a chance with them because the age gap isnt that wide. Its the best feeling ever. Then you realise they’re celebrities

    • Sigh

      There are TONS of successful relationships with wide age gaps so I don’t get why people treat age gap as some sort of disease.

  • thir

    yeayyy there is 96 liner in got7 !!!!

    • noonie

      but i’m 8 month older than youngjae~~~

  • Crazy kpop lover

    Omg youngjae was born on my birthday

  • Minnn

    MARKKKKK! ~ <3<3<3

  • Vyronkaza

    I already know from the start that Mark will be the most popular member. His charming smile and great dancing will make him more popular :) I choose him as my bias in GOT7.

    • MARK ♥

      Agreee ! xD

  • therosegirl

    You just can’t resist Mark’s smile

    • Hazen Marie Roflo


  • ara

    yoyoyo. my MARK :*

  • mark

    MARK MARK MARK. love MARK so much with his charming’s smile :*

  • may

    I really like this group after EXO because GOT7 members came from various countries and they all are young boys that really talented, easy to get along together. GOT7 fighting!

    • PUREEXOXStan

      it only means that youre not a true EXOStan!!

      • Doubless Lim

        Gosh she just said she likes GOT7 after EXO. Which means EXO is still number one while GOT7 is number two -____-

      • S1

        what, so to be a ‘true exostan’ you have to like Exo and ONLY Exo? What is your logic here.

      • Whateveryousay

        Da Fuq??? Is it a crime to be in a multi fandom? You make the exo fandom look stupid and arrogant as hell. -__-

  • jenndo24__

    MARK, MY wonderful MARK!!

    • N@$!m


  • N@$!m

    i want say something………………..i am iranian…………problem?!

  • LeiaGirl

    Mark, JB, and Jr. Have my heart. I just can’t choose.

  • pieka

    Jackson ;) Love u Got7

  • Mee Iego

    they debuted on January 14 , 2014 .
    Not jan. 15 -__-

  • seolatte

    Just get shock with the fact that Jackson shared the same birthday with me except I’m 96liner

  • mark’s

    Mark, I love you! Xox

    • EXO=BaekYeol

      Yah, I do, also.

  • jamella

    i’ve already seen some fans saying got7 is better than exo and they’re going to take exo’s spot

    lol like hell that’s gonna happen
    exo are currently at the top and they’re not stepping down for some rookies
    exo has way better singers than got7 and that’s the truth
    true, got7 might have better rappers but they don’t have this appeal that exo has and that wow factor that got7 is lacking is needed

    • Ann

      True, EXO owns GOT7.

    • Minion

      Uh-huh. They just debuted and are this, well, in fame. And look, Exo is from SM, dat famous thing. Exo had to take a lot of time before they were THAT known but hey, Got7 did too. I think both of them deserve props. You should consider the fact that Got7 members are just newbies in this industry. But I just wanted to say no one will take Exo’s spot. NO ONE. Exo may be at the top, but do accept that there’s always someone better out there. Once you’re done with being at the top, you advance to being a legend. No one will take Exo’s spot the same way no one takes the Hallyu Kings’/Legends’ (you should know who I’m talking about) spots. Because Got7 has their own spot, at least way higher than Exo’s. To have fans that have time to bash others, how unfortunate Exo is. ^^

      Oh and, the reason I left Exo’s fandom was because I couldn’t take the immature fans’ shit. They bashed everything. Don’t even get me started. I already can’t name them all. It was my first time leaving a fandom… and I’m glad I did. I liked my idols, but I didn’t want to be grouped with a bunch of childish people even older than I am.

      PS. I’m wearing a Wolf 88, Yeol shirt right now. Okay… *strips*

      • Kaya

        “Because Got7 has their own spot, at least way higher than Exo’s.” you’re saying how the person you were replying to was immature and yet you’re being just as immature, as you just showed with this sentence.

        The irony.

    • myyx

      you need to stop being so defensive ): yes exo is good i agree but we need to have an open mind to all new groups, no?

  • Opinion

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find Mark attractive…?

    • OpparDoesntLoveYou

      whatt??? but how?!
      oh well..t each their own i guess XD

    • marryme_minwoo

      hmm, no make up mark may be a bit less attractive, I chose Jr, Jb and Bambam as my favorite, but I can’t stand how he behaves, he has a cool charisma naturally, his voice is handsome too, i can’t help to finally fall for him to, you should try to watch real got7 on youtube or I Got7.. :)

  • Kim Yu Pink


  • moetsundere

    Rather than saying their exo’s rival, i think their more of a bangtan type of rival but i like both :)

    • Anna

      To be honest, I see them more of a WINNER rival…

      But seriously, this whole rival thingy just needs to stop.

    • MiSsLollip0p

      too much boy group nowadays.. and sometime i thought all the group perform on the stage are the same people but with different hairstyle while singing a new song for almost every week with kinda similar beat and moves.. and who knows they are a ‘very’ different person or group.. gosh!

      • no

        it’s not the groups’ fault you’re unable to tell them apart

        many people have it very easy to tell groups apart but you don’t, it’s not the groups’ fault

  • EXO 사랑해요~

    I always ask myself why EXOSTANS ARE LEAVING THE FANDOM?!Because of GOT7?Give me another reason except GOT7’s looks…Yugyeom and I have the same birthdate but I don’t care to those exostans wh left the fandom your such a COPYCAT if their something new you stick to it how about some originality please!You should be proud because your an Exostan and period!To those gotics?is that the fandom well Im not searching for a fight I am just sharing….No fan war please Amma just sharin’

    EXOSTANS 사랑하자!!!

    • K-popRocks

      yes ! i’m with you i feel deeply sad for exostans to leave the fandom….but if you ask me no matter what they do are what they are i will always be their fan and love them…they are my first k-pop band i inspired and was so fascinated and yeah if only EXO know how much WE (exostans/exotics/fans) love and support them through these rivals things…i dont meant to offend GOTICS out there..i just wanna say we all have different idols so , we fans are the one who makes them strong by supporting and loving them( i’m not into a fan war plz)…period <3

    • EXO=BaekYeol

      They do it their own way. They are not COPYCATS. I’m an EXOstan yet I have the right to be involved in another fandoms. To those who left, EXO never lose them. They are the ones to lose EXO.

    • Minion

      Why leave, just be multi-fandomed.

    • whateveryousay

      I’ll have you know JYP artists are the most original. At least they don’t buy already composed and released music like Sm does. Psssh originality my ass. If people leave the exo fandom, how does that affect you? Shouldn’t you be happy you get them all to yourself? You don’t have to be entitled to only one fandom. What logic makes you think that? People can do what ever they want, you have no authority over them. If leaving is what people want to do, then let them. What right do you have to question their decision? If they leave, they aren’t true fans. Or, they just lost interest. Doesn’t matter what the reason is, people can do whatever the hell they want. And just so you know, I’m not a fan of got7. I don’t even like got7 so don’t assume I’m biased when I’m not.

      • No

        “I’ll have you know JYP artists are the most original.” LOOOL no, there are other companies than just SM, JYP and YG. There are way more companies that are more original then big3.

  • Doubless Lim

    I honestly can’t choose a bias in GOT7 TT At first it was JB and JR from JJProject but Bam Bam had to be all cute with his kissy faces and x.x Then Mark with his deep sexy voice when he raps and his shyness omg but but Yugyeom’s sexy voice and adorable personality I just love this boy so much. Then there goes Jackson claiming to be sexy and wild and be all lame and childish, he’s hilarious. And and Youngjae being the weirdest little kid ever (so cute) then back to JB with his “chic” personality (lol) and JR with his aegyo (screams) *repeats cycle*

    • EXO & GOT7 WOOT

      Totally agree.

    • EXO & GOT7 WOOT

      I’m an EXO-stan… Doesn’t mean I can’t like other groups… I also like B.A.P and their new song Angel (1004)… And Himchan’s ‘I need you’. OMG just makes me dieeee his voice omg guys it’s so deep and sexy!! Yo okay sexy <3 GEURAE WOLF NAEGA WOLF join me guys AWOOOOO AH SARANGHAEYO <3 Kris <3

      • Doubless Lim

        My top 3 favourite boy groups include B.A.P, EXO and GOT7 TuT I love them all so much ~

      • XOXO

        “I need you” is yong guk…
        EXO B.A.P GOT7 <3 <3

  • got7fan

    wait.. my biases mark and youngjae,… they are so cute.. ut when i see the results? why youngjae is has the least vote ? i’m so sad….. youngjae is my bias too :'(

  • got7fan

    i can’t admit youngjae is at the lowest!! :'(

  • aimee

    wtf is up with all the new groups. WHY MUST I BE OLDER THAN ALL OF YOU!?

    • Rawkprincess101

      I agree….All these boy groups debuting and so good looking and i am a noona to all of them!! So dissapointing. That’s why I stay with Big Bang since TOP is my same

      • Kayla

        So what that you’re older than them? Most of my favorite groups have ALL of the members younger than me but I love the music so I’m not going to stop liking the groups because the boys are younger than me.

  • BammyHearts

    BamBam is really cute. I love it hen he raps. :))

    • Anitappx3

      I know right! You should hear him rap in thai,I like totally died haha If you don’t understand I can translate for you. I’m thai just saying Haha

  • Maddie

    I dislike the fact that people are against “fandom jumping”. I coined that…i think. Anywho, it’s not a sin to leave, if it doesn’t appeal to you anymore then why bother pretending it still does? Honestly, I like things here and there and I don’t stick to anything. But I’ve got to say, got7 is screwing with my bias list. Like why, Mark. Why? donut do that to me. I donut think i can take it. urgh. I want a donut. ok bye

    • EXO & GOT7 WOOT

      I totally agree with u… GOT7 is messing up my bias list which was oh-so-tidy (not really) but OMG it’s not my fault that Mark and Jackson is so damn hot. Anyway I’m not leaving my fandom…I’m just fangirling!! WOOT WOOT . I will join you for a donut… I haven’t had them in ages (:

  • Azia7

    BAMBAM ❤. ❤

  • Azia7

    BAMBAM ❤. ❤ And I had same age~!

  • certified kpop fangull

    for those people who hated got 7 because of some rivalry thing with exo , i beg all of you , PLEASE STOP IT,. because if you are a true kpop fangirl , you would’t have to hate other groups . AND we (exo stans) dont have to blame and hate the people’s who left because it’s their own choice , it’s not exo who lose them but it’s them who lose exo. and it’s okay to be a multi fandom as long as you give the groups respect and love. :) it’s only my opinion.

  • Minion

    Lol. I like Mark but Jackson is sexehhh.

  • MARK

    I born September 17, 1996 same with Youngjae. But I Love Mark lol

  • Calia Moua



  • Veronica Janculan

    I’m a fan whose a lot older than them but what can I do I really like their songs and they are a great dancers.just keep supporting GOT7..

  • chez Deleon

    loOove bAm bAm,,all my heArt..:**

  • the hairs

    :D huehuehue BaMbAM OPPA! saranghae !!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  • Lila

    EXO is better, seriously.
    They have more experience, way better singers, better stage performances, how people can even dare to compare GOT7 with EXO?

    One step at a time, don’t you think?

    • Shelly

      Got7 is a rookie group so obviously EXO is gonna be more experienced derp tard.

      • Shelly

        doesnt mean Got 7 is a crappy group

        • EXOticGOTCHA

          lol ==
          don’t compare about exo and got7 okay == they are real different and I love them both

      • Yella

        EXO ARE better singers for sure and GOT7 being rookies doesn’t change that fact.

        EXO has better dancers too. Sure, 2 of GOT7 can do acrobatics but when it comes to dancing with no acrobatics, EXO are better.

        GOT7 being rookies has nothing to do with it.

        • Matet Martillano Duran

          Got7 and exo are two different groups from different entertainment company so please better stop comparing them. At the first place they have many differences, from their name, number of members, genre and etc. So there’s nothing to compare. By the way I also love exo.

  • chez deleon

    Every person hAs a right to choose tHeir owN
    k-pOp group,
    instead oF aRgumenting eAch otheR becAuse Of
    thAt EXO and GOT7..
    wHy don’t we suppOrt them and thiEr k-pOp gRoup..?

    #LOVE EXO & GOT7..

  • Truth hurts Doesnt it

    honestly just stop with the fucking comparisons and the stupid ass fan wars its ridiculous and stupid and outright offensive to both fandoms some of you exo stans give other exo fans a bad name because you are so ready to spew your venom at any group that isn’t exo stfu please got7 is a rookie group so they shouldn’t be compared to exo we get it but don’t sit there and hate the group and say all this shit about them, they just started do you honestly think that this whole “bash anything that’s not exo” thing you guys have going on is cute? because it isn’t and honestly i don’t think any of the exo members would encourage or like this stupid behavior If you have nothing nice to say then go put 12 dicks in your mouth nobody has to put up with your shit, and don’t get me wrong there are some genuinely nice people in the exo fandom but some of you guys just have your heads screwed on wrong.

    • Calia Moua


  • WTF

    Don’t you fucking dare comparing EXO to GOT7. Different levels, way too different.

    • marryme_minwoo

      yup GOT7 is on higher level rite

      • hahaha

        lol no, on a way lower level

  • Amy

    I still think Jackson is annoying but I do admit he’s a good kid, has talent and the group needs him. I guess he’s just excitable.

    Mark is really something, from girls girls girls I could tell he was ‘different’ from the others, even before I knew he grew up overseas.

    Why do only a few people like Jr :( Well more Jr. for us 11,777 fans I guess haha

    • Annie

      Why do you think Jackson is annoying? Because he’s got an active personality or something?

    • Matet Martillano Duran

      Jackson is the most outgoing person among the member, it’s hushis personality and I accept that :-)

      By the way I love youngjae Jackson Jr and jb <3

  • Daylight

    tbvh for me Got7 will be rivals with Winner and SM Rookies,because EXO has way more experience than Got7.If were talking about EXO I think their rivals will be B.A.P.Got7 is still a rookie,and I think they wont be BTS’ rivals.Fighting Got7,fighting Jackson!.

  • Calia Moua

    hey dont hate ok just because this one is not cute it doesn’t matter i love them for who they are even if they are annoying,weak,weird,and not handsome because i love them for who they are not how they look ok. WHO EVER SAID THAT THAT GOT7 IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH OR A MEMBER THEN YOU ARE A MESSED UP FAN

  • Calia Moua

    FIGHTING GOT7 I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MARK


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    I love JB… and Mark….and Bam Bam

  • I love GOT7

    I Love You! . BamBam and Mark :))
    hart<3 hart<3

  • MsGirlCharli

    EXO and GOT7 are incomparable guys! Different levels! Different genre! Different style! You must atleast compare them to similar styles. Don’t argue with this topic anymore. I’m a ExoticGotcha. So don’t do comparison with groups that are not even comparable. :)

    • Romaniibrisk^^

      ExoticGotcha…me like it:DD

  • JasmineLoveBeast Forever

    OMG I have 3 dongsaengs in GOT7! I feel so old now hahaha. I’m still 17 (18 in April). Anyways, Mark ♥

  • 대 양

    WOW these are very very young…97 is way too young for me lol..I feel like an ajhuma now even though I’m in the 90’s also

    • Yuu

      I’m from the ’80’s (’87)… OTL

  • sarangheyooo Jr :* ^^

  • Momo Yumiko Real II

    what is bambam real twitter ???

    • patricia eligino

      uhuh what’s the real?

  • Samaira Hontōni Kawaī Bitondo

    Still looking at all these past comments, I’m asking myself why is everybody fighting? Because people said that got7 will take over Exo’s place? Weather your a fan or Exo or got7 they are opinions, if people think that got 7′ is good enough to take exo spot let them think that and if exo fans think that’s never going to happen then think that to but do you really have to fight over it? No matter how my times the situation is fought over people are not going to change there mind…and what’s the problem with being mutlifandomed? You have to be sticky Exo? Your allowed to listen and enjoy other groups music, I’m mutlifandom I go from 2pm, u-kiss, got7, and exo just because you aren’t strictly set to one group does not mean you don’t love nor support them any less. And everyone making a rival out these two groups, it does matter that got7 is a rookie group because they just started that means they can grow with learning and have their horizons expand, exo has been out for some time now so I don’t know why anybody would even try comparing them…I’m pretty sure..that when exo came out there was a lot of stuff about how they’re rookies from fans first hearing about them. Just because got7 isn’t ‘your fandom’ doesn’t mean you have the right to bash them. Nor do you have the right to decide who’s a true exo fan or not. You don’t decided that they do and if they listen to other things that’s completely ok, so don’t down other people because there mind set isn’t like yours. Every group has worked hard to get where they have gotten. Exo has worked hard through massive struggles, and every other group has there struggles that they need to over come. Did got7 ever say they were better then exo? No they didn’t people said that so stop taking other peoples opinions and projecting your anger on them. If you don’t like them don’t talk about them and don’t worry about what other people say or do, opinions should remain opinions and shouldn’t be taken out of context and made into an unnecessary situation.

    • natnat


      • Samaira Hontōni Kawaī Bitondo

        Thank you ^.^

    • sarah


  • Lal Rin Diki

    I’m both Bambam’s and Marks fan…… I wish that I could meet them in real life and I know im not the only one

    • jessica

      I love JB&Mark i my bias i also like bambam&jackson they both so cute.jackson remind me if btob peniel!!

      • Ti

        Jackson and peniel happen to be my biases XD

  • kil woollie

    Bambam ur so cute guy….love u mr.bambam ;) <3 bambam <3

  • tRue lOveE

    oNly yoU yugyeOm,,mwAaah. . :**

  • Raiinneee

    Mark oppa ♥

  • Romaniibrisk^^

    Love all of them:DD

  • Haleeann

    It’s so weird that I’m ending up older than some of the new groups or some of their members… Right now it’s only by a few months, but it’s still odd to be older than them XD

  • farachen jonghyun’s wife

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  • Quennie Tabor

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  • Princess Alliah Delacruz


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    I much love JB. Feeling like he’ve been charming day to day. ;-***

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    wahh~ now is from Thailand. Chinese, Korean, Thailand…
    Love the Thailand boy..

    BAMBAM <3

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  • THEY’RE SO YOUNG!!!! I feel so old tho haha. Yugyeom <3

  • laksmi

    they are so old to me…. especially mark’-‘

  • Mykaila Love Brown

    Mark oppa <3
    I feel so happy that im around their age!! (im 18) but I so old feel compared to BamBam and Yugyeom. :(

  • Jan Seen

    Jr Oppa~

  • LyhanJJ20

    Jr <3

  • Tiffany Fan

    Im exactly a year and a month younger than BamBam
    But Jackson is still my bias
    I dont mind dating a man thats 4 years older ;)

  • Choi Miaa

    Jb oppa <3

  • Rheynamae Taripe

    Hi,Rheynamae imnida I <3 oppa BB,Mark,Jugyeom b'coz they are so handsome…

    I love also the other member <3


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    I love Jb, Jr, BamBam, Mark and Jackson<3

  • Caitlin

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    JB ♥♥


    I love JB and Jr because they are very cute and funny , I found them when I saw the series Dream High 2, i like all the band members GOT7 <3 :3 saranghaeyo GOT7 :))

  • michelle

    naneun geulaeseo manh-eun yeongjae salang

  • Mary Albeona Kit Santos

    … Bambam is so cute when he raps ..
    Jackson is so cute when he winks while he bit his lower lip in Girls Girls Girls Music video …
    ‘-.. Markis so cute when he smiles ..


    • patricia eligino

      yeah thats true

  • yulia

    Mark.. I love u

  • Milca May Villanueva

    JB oppa saranghamnida as a fan :) <3

  • Des Cailao

    내가 JB의 번호를 하나의 팬이다, 나는 당신을 사랑합니다

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  • kamalsingh

    hi indian anty callmi 7860382133

  • Gemz Magbaleta

    I like them all :)) but my fave one is BamBam <3

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  • bernadettepalce

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  • aniez_farzana

    although bambam is Thailand , his face not look like Thailand

    • shah

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  • camille zorca

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    JJ Project

  • Juhena_Begum

    My favourite from Got7 has to be Mark & Bambam.

    • coleen angela mariano

      haha..were the same..^^

  • Juhena_Begum

    나는 당신에게 Got7을 사랑 해요.

  • ArianaWang_GOT7

    My favorite is Jackson <3 well he's my ultimate bias ^.^

  • minnie juliette

    Always support Bam Bam 4 ever…..:-)

  • 마리에

    sometimes i think it is mark but then i look at jackson… im divided hahaha

  • Timothy Chen

    Great group! :)

    Also, Youngjae seems to be Jessica 2.0… especially with the cucumbers.

  • Summer Cheung

    bambam & youngjae;; <3

    however… youngjae keeps shaking up my bias list. and i honestly like all of them…

  • Bing xin

    Forever mark tuan never change

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    <3 love mark 4ever <3

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    Mark’s taiwanese not chinese.

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    Youngjae, JR and JB for me plz ♥

  • Tannaz

    Mark Has lots of fans
    like him but Jackson ….

  • Shuurie Ryuuki

    is bambam’s height still 170 cm?

    • edulsis

      This is pretty old if you ask me.. I think it’s obvious that BamBam has grown.. but yeah.. the first information that we had was that he’s 170 :DD

    • Haha

      I don’t think so.. He has grown taller.. Jackson seems to be the shortest in GOT7 now..

  • Zhoer

    Mark has the most fans since he is the visual

    • edulsis

      actually in the end it was said that Youngjae is the visual.. Mark has the most fans because he’s fluent in english and is just handsome and has a deep voice.. but the official visual is Youngjae.. :DD

      • Allan

        What are you talking about? Mark is the visual. If you’re talking about igot7, then you must be talking about how 2pm’s nichkhun thinks youngjae is then most handsome, making him nichkhuns visual

        • Innercircle

          pag sure mo ba kai magbiko ta

  • Stacie지니

    Mark has 1 older sister and 1 younger brother
    But some one tell me plz How about Jr ? How many sister or brother he has ?
    I love got7 forever
    I love mark
    段宜恩 我爱你哥 u are the only one


  • Nijila Shakya

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  • Teresa B. Kazi


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  • MafuBerry

    GOT7 is really awesome, cool and talented boy group~ It’s one of my favorites~ I really find Bambam cute and fluffy like a unicorn~ XD! Really, ’cause he’s so timid and girly~ Jackson looks like a badboy and arrogant but he’s like the joker of the group and really dorky, somewhat an opposite to the image he exudes~

  • Jannah

    Jb… i found his handsome not cute. and Jr is cute. i love the two of them. watch Jb in Dream High 2. then you find his handsome he has charm to make every girl fall in love with his smile. LolxD jb jb jb jb…

  • Mark Joseph Pol Cuer


  • hava

    JB 1 , bambam 2, mark 3 youngeo4

  • NK

    Got7 are my idol!

  • disqus_SYGVzvKMRs

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    Jackson oppa saranghae!!!!!!! <3

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  • Serena morena es muy buena

    I like Jackson cause he HILARIOUS…so funny,i just wanna kiss him. And he’s mighty fine! Jackson,if you wanna marry a sexy Latina,Im right here!

  • Venus Moon Lee

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  • Bambam fan #1




  • mark&bambamfan111

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  • bam&me_12

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  • Mark_#1Fan

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  • I Love Mark & JB ^-^

    • Kidee

      IKR ❤❤❤

  • Kidee

    I ❤ YOU MARK& JB #GOT7 FIGHTING!!!✌✌✌❤❤❤

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    best male group <3

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    Oh God! My heart nearly dropped from its place!! I thought Mark was Daehyun from BAP for a second there!!! Hahahaha!!! XD they just look so adorably similar!! OMG I just hope theyr long lost siblings!!! XD

    Ah but my favourite is Jacksooooooon!!!!!! He’s just so adorably handsome!!! <3

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  • Jocelyn

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  • Min Young shii :)

    Jae Bum Oppa Saranghee :)

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      • Malia

        Mark doesn’t belong to you, lol. He doesn’t even know you exist

        • Stacey Snicks

          well Jackson is mine ;’P

  • jophine tulabut



    bambam i love u

  • bonetta

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    • Kaitlin Marelen Tucay

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  • wency

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  • elise

    how did youngjae joined got7?

    • (≧▽≦)/~┴┴

      He joined JYP Ent. few mounts before their debut (that’s why he isn’t with the member in the WIN’s episode)

  • marcia aparecida alves

    oi meu nome é marcia, eu adoro o got7, nao só pq eles são bonitos,mais pelo geito de cada um, a sua personalidade, e seu geito de ser, eu tenho um sonho de conhecer eles, mais sei que é impossivel, mais fico feliz por eles bjs

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    Ilove Mark Oppa!! Because i want to be with him
    But im 15 year old so im too young :(
    IloveYou Mark <3

    The Problem is Im Filipino and He is Korean(Chinese)

    • Cristy Minoza Tanjay

      We’re the same :(

  • Barbie Chua Forteza

    hahahahhahahaha i wish i could see them all
    cause i want 2 kiss them especially jb ang jr……

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    BamBam Oppa and Mark Oppa thanks for Happy Moments of MARKBAM <3 SARANGHAE TWO OPPA <3

  • Choi Jin Ri

    My bias is Young Jae!!! He’s so adorable, he’s cute, hardworking, talented, and his personality is amazing! To be honest, I feel bad whenever Young Jae doesn’t get a lot of attention, like in shows, because he always gets cut out in Weekly Idol. But to me, Choi Young Jae is perfect!

  • Allychan

    I lo e them all ! But my favourite id JR oppa *_* when i saw him for the first time in dreamhigh 2 It was love at first sight

  • Rica Zaldivar

    My bias Is Jb Oppa <3

  • roshni fernandez

    I love you all… but specially jb oppa… jr too..

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  • Trisha Cabiling

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  • Lee Chi Hoon KuruSaki

    WAAAAHHH ! mark and bam bam are so gwapo ^.^ also JR <3

  • Lee Chi Hoon KuruSaki

    FOREVER young shawty :D

  • 멜씨입니다

    YuGyeom is the MAIN dancer because he’s the dancing machine of GOT7 and Mark is a lead Dancer

  • Hannah Rose

    My bias JACKSON OPPA!!! Sarangheo!!! From the Philippines

  • Dahmie._.Jos

    Youngjae forever heart heart!!!

  • sharodz101

    Umm, the link to JB’s instagram doesn’t work. Also, Youngjae and Yugyeom have IG accounts. Youngjae’s is jbmtjr.jsyjbbyk and Yugyeom’s is yu_gyeom.

    • (≧▽≦)/~┴┴

      Jaebummie deleted is SNS accounts few days ago >.< no one knows why… maybe he's focusing on their (I-hope-soon) comeback so he deleted everything.

  • MinNa_Najihah

    BamBam and JR is Mine!

  • traffsy

    jackson oppa!!!

  • (≧▽≦)/~┴┴

    It’s so sad that I’m a noona to everyone T.T makes me feel so old! Jackson and Junior are same-aged as my brother and it feels so strange have fallen in love with them! But I started support them when JJ Project debuted back in 2012 and I was really anticipating their comeback for almost 2 years! But December 2013, the happy news came and I was crying while reading that Jaebum and Jinyoung will came back as part of GOT7! I love them, I really do, their songs and their voices are pure poetry.


    Jr. is mine <3

  • balkishoney

    mark,bambam,jb!!!!!!!!!!!!!love u oppa

  • FancyJewel

    Choi Youngjae is mine!!!!! I love you oppa. Forever and ever!! Others are Mark, Jaebummie and JR oppa. Love u got7!

  • Girl.In.Luv.With.Bambam

    Oh My Bambam .. satch A Gwapo .. :) <3 <3

  • ZOE ❤️

    Love u ❤️BAMBAM❤️MARK❤️

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    tuan yi en is mhine <3 oppa

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    우리는 너를 사랑해 마크

  • bdksempoi

    why jb more popular than jr?????it’s not fair …i love PARK JIN YOUNG forever in my life….#hwaiting GOT7 #maknae YUGYEOM #hyung MARK

  • bdksempoi

    #saranghae oppa -PARK JIN YOUNG-

  • gab

    saranghe mark

  • Aicha Zitouni

    Cutie mark

  • Karen Lacea

    Omg. They must be my destiny. They debuted on my debut. Haha

  • Mrs Bhuwakul/Wang


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    like youngjae very

  • angie

    jackson wang forever !!!!!!

  • JW

    Jackson loves something chessy foods but he hates spicy foods too.

  • JiKwon Selysa


  • JiKwon Selysa

    His nickname is “Little” because he was born on the year of the Chicken,Mark can understand Mandarin and speak a little bit, but he’s not fluent. He can’t yet understand complicated sentences.He’s very close with Jackson.The members say that Mark looks like a cotton bud. He’s tall with a small face.He shares a room with Jackson and lastly He has a “baby face”…………..thats my bias YI-EN TUAN (MARK)

  • Ayla

    JB, Mark, and Jackson <333

  • RizaJane


  • Babi Mei

    내 마크……………………………

  • Rochelle Ann Jeon


  • Christine Smith

    BamBam is really cute and Jackson is really funny….

  • Misaki

    omg i did Jackson but I just really couldn’t choose between Jackson:he is very funny and makes me laugh a lot and he’s cute<3 ,,,Mark:the lipbiter what pretty cute is <3,,,,,or BAMBAM:he's pretty cute cause idk he's just cute lol

    • Stacey Snicks

      :’Lol same…this quiz finally made me choose between Mark & Jackson…and I chose Jackson :’Lol…I guess I have a Got7 bias now…sorry Mark you’re now 2nd ;’P :’/..Bambam is my 3rd bias *high fives*

  • Poison Apple

    omg bambams birthday is 1 day before mine <3 <3 <3
    my bias yugyeom and bambam

    • Alexandra Pieper

      i have the same birthday as jackson <3 <3 <3

  • Asuna Yuuki

    Jackson is <3

    • tolu

      i know!!!!!

  • Elly Park

    guys, am I the only one who thinks that Bambam is much taller? I mean, he cant be just 170 ;-; I noticed him in “Got7 Stop Stop It Dance Practice (Crazy Boyfriend Ver. #2)” and he looked around JB’s height T-T

    • Mickey

      Bambam has definitely grown in the last year. Dunno when this was posted but when their heights were revealed on allkpop that was in January 2014.

  • Hazel Reign Matoza Sargosa


  • yukihime

    I really like GOT7…markson fighting…
    Jackson we love you..

  • Erika Hwang

    JB,JACKSON and MARK <3 <3

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    bambam so cute….joaheyo

    • Naw Mu

      I know rt

  • Santiago

    All of them are cute in their own way.

  • rosalyn cadorna

    i love bamabam and mark. #got7 is the best

  • portland tolbert

    i freaking love mark jackson and yugyeom

  • Ariii

    Jackson’s my ultimate bias :’) mark’s my second and I ship markson the most <3

  • Markson 커플

    Youngjae has the same birthday as me!!! :D

  • elodie i love you bambam got7

    hello my name is elodie i love you bambam

  • Bae25


  • Bae25

    #Markson bitches they are cute together

  • bambam bamie

    bambam is the best

  • Freechie Diampa

    Jb is my bias..Jb is a bias wrecker. but i cant choose among 7.. i love them both ;)

  • Lmao jungkook

    Bts is hotter

    • Larisa

      there’s no need in comparing other groups with each other.

    • Mirabelle

      why are you comparing. this is obviously got7’s page, i’m an army too, but you dont see me comparing them to their sunbaenims

  • Sarah Shirayuki

    At first I was sad that Youngjae had the least votes, but then I thought, “Less competition for me!!” ^_^ <3333
    (Choi Youngjae is beautiful

  • Dani+Taelien

    No words. Just Bambam<3

  • Terra Stormt

    Everyone went to school for learning about music. But I see that JB is in Film Major. Well now that I think about it, he is an actor also. But does that mean in the future that he will direct or produce future Korean dramas?

  • tolu

    Jackson is my bias no other words to describe him, like he is so fucking cute and he has the best personality ever… I love love love him


    yugyeom and bambam’s ideal girl: woman with a pretty smile
    ……………………….so like we need to make a big smile around them like you need to show all your teeth smile because they didnt say genuine smile. hahahaha


  • Evon Ruffner

    I love it! Excellent article. I am sure there are many people who are faced with the same problems I recently had. I couldn’t find If you ever need to fill out a form, here is a really useful tool. Very easy to navigate and use.

  • Maggie Nguyen

    Bambam has a Twitter account its bambam1a

  • MarkTuan AhgaseForver

    MARK <3 :)))))))

  • ayşe Cndmr

    Mark <3 and they are very pretty

  • Mirai

    Ideal Girl: “a woman who I am attracted to”

    Well that doesn’t explain much does it?

    • Tsukiko Mei

      xD nope

  • just me

    JB: “A girl who gets caught in his eyes and is cute” *du-geun du-geun*

  • Cindy

    Please change jinyoung’s stage name to jinyoung as he now goes by it

    • Anonymous

      I agree

  • Raventail 156


  • v

    Uh Jr. is no longer Jr. its should be changed to jinyoung as he is preferred to be known a now

    • Lexi

      Yeah, JinYoung wants to be his own person… Not Jr. JYP….

  • Zaynab j

    Yugyeom I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️????????????????♥️♥️♥️????????????????

    • Zaynab❤️

      I love yugeom I am in love whith him his is so cute ❤️????????????????❤️❤️????????????????????????

  • Eldorieil

    Am i the only one who thinks Yugyeom looks alot like Jungkook from BTS? even their smile and roles are mostly the same except Jungkook is Main Vocalist.

    • tricia weasley

      yes u’re the only one :—-))

      • killmeplz

        um actually she/andor/he isn’t EVERYONE thinks they look alike….. I mean not everyone but A LOT! so …. >:)

    • jackson-ahh

      and jk is a maknae too

    • Anji B

      Their laugh is almost identical, cuz they hang out so much.

  • Rebekah Ho

    whaaaat i have the same bday as bambam!!

  • Paula Isabel Avila

    Im new pls help me choose my bias they are all … Wreckers.

  • jackson-ahh

    im jaebum is now lim jaebeom

  • Changkyun

    they have an instaa account now, is @got7.with.igot7 they post about it on twt and facebook

  • Anji B

    Where are they from? I know Mark was born in US, and Bambam is from Thailand, but idk the rest.

    • Korean Queen

      Jackson, i think is from Hong Kong. The rest are native Korean