GOT7 “Girls Girls Girls” Dance Choreography

JYP has just finally debuted it’s 7-member boy band GOT7. With the success of their MV “Girls Girls Girls“, the boys participates in LOEN Ent’s “Let’s Dance” to teach fans how to dance their catchy lead single.

They also explained their clothes which they described as new school and old school hip-hop. One of the steps is called “Shy Dance”. Go check it out below!

  • Sulie Song

    GOTTAAA LOVE GOT7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Victoria Xie

      Of course! Everyone has to love Got7! They’re Amazing!!

  • HyunMI

    Jr say that flying+twist kick is easy? ._.

  • frances philline c. galicano

    got7 saranghaeyo