FT Island – Compass Lyrics

English Translation:

It was a dazzling, sunny September day
We were walking on the path we often took

You said you would always be on my side
You are really more beautiful than anyone in the world

You always held my two hands and told me
That my dream will come true someday

Sometimes, I still walk on that path
And from somewhere, I hear your voice calling me
I know that eventually, my heart will ache
But still, I can’t stop

Can you hear my voice asking you to come back?
I don’t want to go back to that path that I walk alone

I couldn’t even keep the smallest promises
Why didn’t I know your heartaches back then?

I’m sorry, now I finally tell you, I’m so sorry
I love you, I will wait for only you at that path


Haessari nunbusin 9wol eoneu narieotji
Jaju geotdeon geu gireul urin georeosseo

Neul nae pyeoni doe jugetdadeon neoui mal
Neon jeongmal sesang nuguboda areumdawo

Eonjena nae du soneul kkok japgo yaegihaejwotji
Eonjenga naega wonhaneun kkumi irwojil georago

Gakkeumssik uri geotdeon geu gil georeo bogon hae
Eodiseonga nal bureuneun ne moksori
Gyeolgugen gaseumman apajil georan geo
Aljanha geuraedo meomchul suga eomneun geol

Dorawa dallaneun nae moksori jeonhaejineun ji
Tto dasi honja geotdeon geu gillo doragago sipji anha

Sasohan yaksokdeul jochado jikijido motaesseotdeon nayeotji
Apahaesseotdeon neoui maeumeul wae nan arajuji motaesseonna

Mianhae jigeumeya yaegihae jeongmal mianhae
Saranghae jigeumdo geu gireseo neomaneul gidarilge

Translation Credits: pop!gasa
Romanizations by: kpoplyrics.net

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