EXO – Overdose Lyrics

English Translation:

(Come in)

I drew you in closer with all I had
Now I can’t turn it back
This is clearly a dangerous addiction
So bad no one to stop her

Her love her love
The only thing I want is her love
Her fatal fantasy
I’m drunk with ecstasy

Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got me, oh she hurts me
What else can be better than this?

Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose
It’s harder to control as time goes by
I’m falling deeper into her
Oh too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose
Too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose

Seeing you inside makes me want you even more
After my breath quickens and chokes
I feel a shiver and then a sigh

Her love her love is like poison to me
I can’t escape
My blood gets hotter and she controls all of me

Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got me, oh she hurts me
I keep thinking and thinking about you

Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose
It’s harder to control as time goes by
I’m falling deeper into her
Oh too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose
Too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose

Everyone asks me if I changed
It’s like you’re nailed into my heart
My world is filled with you

I can’t stop, I’m already filled with you
Right now, this moment, you’re in my heart


I taste you and drink you
My heart trembles, I keep drinking you in but it’s not enough yet
This thirst sends shivers even to my fingertips, hold onto that moment
Don’t stop going, it’s so good, can’t stop
Hey doctor, it won’t go like this
You and I will become one with the uncontrollable attraction
Without this feeling, it’s like I am dead
The reason I live is because of my addiction to the sweetness that is you

(Someone call the doctor)

Someone call the doctor, I need her
I can’t stand it for a single day
You’re an addiction I don’t want to escape
For a long time, this trap is beautiful
Oh too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose
Too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose


(with individual parts)

(Come in)

[Baekhyun] Modeungeol geolgo neol deurikin nan
Ije dorikilsudo eopda
[D.O] Igeon bunmyeong wiheomhan jungdok
So bad no one can stop her

[All] Her love her love [Suho] ojik geugeotman bara
Geunyeoui sarang hanappuningeol
[Baekhyun] Chimyeongjeogin fantasy hwangholhan geu ane chwihae

[D.O] Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got me, [Baekhyun] oh she hurts me
Joha deouk galmanghago isseo

[All] Someone call the doctor nal butjapgo malhaejwo
[Suho] Sarangeun gyeolguk jungdok overdose
[All] Sigani jinalsurok tongjedo himdeureojyeo
[Baekhyun] Jeomjeom gipsugi ppajyeoganda
[D.O] Oh too much neoya your love [All] igeon overdose
[D.O] Too much neoya your love [All] igeon overdose

[Chen] Neoui geu geu sumgillo ono
Boineun neol galguhae jom deo
[Lay] Gappajin sumeuro jilsikdoen hue
Jeonyul geurigo hansum

[All] Her love her love [Xiumin] dokhangeot gata naegen
Heeonalsu eomneun ne sumi
[Luhan] Pineun tteugeowojiji machi modu jibaehae

[Chen] Oh she wants me~ oh she’s got me, [Luhan] oh she hurts me~
[Luhan] Gyesok neoman geurigo geurinda

[All] Someone call the doctor nal butjapgo malhaejwo
[Suho] Sarangeun gyeolguk jungdok overdose
[All] Sigani jinalsurok tongjedo himdeureojyeo
[Baekhyun] Jeomjeom gipsugi ppajyeoganda
[D.O] Oh too much neoya your love [All] igeon overdose
[D.O] Too much neoya your love [All] igeon overdose

[Suho] Modu da naege mureowa [D.O] naega byeonhangeot gatae
[Suho] Simjange niga bakhyeobeorindeut
[Baekhyun] Sesangi ontong neoinde
[D.O] Meomchulsu eobseo imi gadeukhan neol
[Baekhyun] Jigeum i sungan you in my heart

[Sehun] E X O

[Chanyeol] Nan neoreul matgo tto neoreul masinda
Nae simjangi tteollyeowa gyesok deurikyeodo ajik mojara yeah
Sonkkeutkkaji jeonyulsikin galjeung isunganeul jaba
Jiljureul meomchuji ma neomu joha can’’t stop it
[Sehun] Hey Doctor~ jigeum idaero gajinanha
Juchehalsu eomneun ikkeullime neowa naega hana
[Kai] I neukkim eobsineun jugeungeona machangajingeol
Naega saneun iyu neoraneun dalkomhame jungdok

(Someone call the doctor)

[All] Someone call the doctor nan geunyeoga pillyohae
[Suho] Harudo nan beotil su eobseo (beotiji motae)
[All] Beoseonago sipji anheun cheonguk gateun neo
[Baekhyun] Gin gin i deocheun areumdawo
[D.O] Oh too much neoya your love [All] igeon overdose
[D.O] Too much neoya your love [All] igeon overdose

Translation Credits: pop!gasa
Romanizations by: kpoplyrics.net

Check out this new english and romanized EXO - Overdose Lyrics from the 2nd mini-Album. If you found any corrections, please don't hesitate to put it in the comments below or submit it to assure the lyrics accuracy.

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  • Mr.Mr

    what is that (?)

    • josykhmin

      it means she/he doesn’t know the lyrics of the song are sung, so she/he wrote the sign (?) because she/he doesn’t know.
      probably will corrected with more clearly

      • Mr.Mr

        Ow… thanks ^^

      • panda26

        no, it’s not. if you listen to the song, there is a line there. maybe the writer didnt understand it. ;)

  • hunhan

    what a good song! ♡

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    the amount of feels is too much
    i’m dying

  • EXO Fanboy

    WOWW ! I cant controll ma selff ! whatta a DAEBAK songg ! Overdose may be my favourite exo song so far.

  • Asma Khaliq

    damn it! someone call the doctor cuz i am already overdosing on this!!

  • Holy crap this isn’t gonna get banned is it because “I taste you and drink you. My heart trembles, I keep drinking you in but it’s not enough yet.” I see you EXO ;D sidenote: don’t watch EXO vids for the first time while at school.

  • mtiarazexo

    Im overdose with this song omg

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  • Tasya Rahim

    I find this an insult cuz Overdosed is NOT even Officially out yet and it was actually LEAKED and here the lyrics is already done and fans are supporting it? I mean its fine but seriously…where’s the respect >#<

    • anneramona

      and yet you’re here reading it? Don’t open the page where the leaked song and lyrics located.

    • Cherryxxi

      i already listened to the full song. XD it’s Really GOOD. Especially the part “Oh too much neoya your love igeon overdose.Too much neoya your love igeon overdose” i can feel the passion to whoever sings that part <3

      • dramabunster

        It’s D.O. ^-^

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  • babyz

    im frustrated. sorry, i’m supporting exo. not the person who leaked this song. doesn’t mean i hate the song tho

  • Lai

    i hasnt listened to the music and im preparing to watch the teaser huehuehue

  • Kpopgurl

    Its not about supporting or not supporting the leaked. But come on aren’t you happy that actually this is song is a very nice song. Who cares if its leaked or not. Being EXO fan, just admit you’re happy to at least know they are doing fine.

    Its not about the song being leaked yet EXO fans support. Let’s sit back and listen while waiting for their official comeback on 15/04/2014. Let’s not fight and blah. Once they comeback, those leaked video and music are nothing. We are still support EXO no matter what, right?

  • JiaRen

    the teasers are out but ahh never mind. let’s just support EXO for doing great jobs for the past 2 years :D

    is it just me (being an open-minded person) or the lyrics ACTUALLY meant what i’m thinking it is?? *goosebumps*

  • cherryxingxoxo

    Seriously people , it’s obviously that SM is the one who leaked the song.They did the same with ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl ‘ and this is just a commercial thing. Is a way of promoting the song . Seems that this is EXO’s official comeback song , so calm down for god’s sake .

  • cherryxingxoxo

    Seriously people , it’s obviously that SM is the one who leaked the song.They did the same with ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl ‘ and this is just a commercial thing. Is a way of promoting the song . Seems that this is EXO’s official comeback song , so calm down for god’s sake .

  • Mimi

    cherryxingxoxo: Actually, I highly doubt SM leaked the song themselves since if you actually see the leaked practice video, which is where the song is from, it says MBC all over it, meaning it was sent to MBC Music Core for the camera men to know who sings what part for there comeback the following week and that the leakage is due to MBC themsleves…

    • not your oppar

      you are really naive. Welcome to entertaiment industry.

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  • catty

    why would they take legal action against those that leaked it if they were the ones that leaked it themselves????????????????

    • aina

      maybe someone tried to sabotage them. someone who worked with sm

    • Cherryxxi

      haha. yeah. they will sue themselves. XD

  • jean

    oh wow the lyrics o w o
    …i like it!

  • JLight

    The lyrics kinda reminds me of Tablo’s Bad haha they have the same story. The guy changed after loving the girl, you guys should give the song a go, it’s pretty good.

    They even have the exact same line since Tablo also said “Love is a sickness, can i get a witness” except he said that in English.. Idk in what languange EXO sings this since yeah I havent listened to it

  • Arista Welasari

    (?) = gin gin ibyeol two nareulno wo

  • Cristian

    they are tryimg to make Luhan the new Ren in exo

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    • Edwin

      I guess you mean they are trying to make Luhan keeping long hair like Ren.

  • ExoKyungsoo

    That was awesome. I cant wait for the music video tomorrow ^_^

  • Fitri clalala

    “Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
    Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose” YEAH I FEEL U EXO

  • EXOui fan ibnida

    i think part ‘Motaebeoseonaji motaneun jungdokgateungeol’ is wrong because i hear they sing ‘sipji’

    • EXOui fan ibnida

      try to listen to the song carefully

      • lilia

        me too hear like that

        • EXOui fan ibnida

          the rap on this song easier than Growl and Wolf

      • Greennie Eya

        yes that’s right. few words are wrong.
        geu geu = neun geu, boineun neol = boineun neoreul.

        • EXOui fan ibnida

          the MV did not release yet right?

          • Greennie Eya

            yeah i heard it will be release on 21st april but im not sure about it.

          • EXOui fan ibnida

            @greennieeya:disqus thank you for the information

  • Meg Schaeffer

    is there an official Audio for this song or are these lyrics from the leaked video?

    • Ayame Shin

      I have mp3. This is pretty accurate. I get confused with all the slurred unused vowels in Hangeul. But yea it’s very close. Awesome song. Also viewed a leaked practice session m/v. Excellent. Just a great song.

    • Ease

      Samsung music already uploaded korean version of Overdose mv since they colaborated with SM and whatsoever. It’s official and someone already reuploaded the video. Just type exo overdose mv. The video is 4:55 long. It’s deabak but funny

  • Ayame Shin

    Waited so long for this. Go EXO! Now i need a Dr. From EXO Overdose. Awesome song. Looking forward to mini album. Love bias Kai. I’m a wolf.

  • Ethan Park

    Kris and Tao have no lines =(

    • Lupin

      In the Korean version yes, but I bet the Mandarin version has Chanyeol and Sehun trading off with them

  • sama

    the best kpop group
    exo fighting

  • zoe

    love it awuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Chanyeol ♥

    exo fighting!!

  • ExoLover

    the mv is released i already watched it. :) it is so cool

    • kim

      where? can i have the link?

      • mia

        exo overdose mv is on youku both exo k and m versions and you can find it on dailymotion too, i’m not sure why sm released on youku if they were delaying the release anyway cos of the accident

        • EXO

          hmm.. That is the Leaked Version of the Music Video.

    • shania kamalia

      can u please give me the link?

  • Lyazxunas

    Good much!!!

  • Wisnu Panganggit Sasmito

    Thank You!!!

  • Han Chanyeol

    Thanks for the lyrics.. Can I use it to my music video in youtube? Its an honour if you let me..

  • Baekkaeb

    Well, the ”oh she’s wants me, oh she’s got me” doesnt sound like that in the music lol. All i can hear is ”oh she push me, oh she skull me LOOOOL” -________-

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  • rana

    Someone call the doctor, hold me and tell me
    Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose
    It’s harder to control as time goes by
    I’m falling deeper into him!!!

    i love u kai you are alwayes in my ♥
    and i ammmmmmmmm crazy about u
    so call the doctor:(
    love is sickness:(

    • Bắp Súp Lơ

      So trueeeee >/////\\\<

  • Kafa Feao

    mhh i think when they do the english part like~ “oh, she hurts me” (stuff like that) I think it says, “oh she warns me, oh she scolds me, oh she hurts me” … i don’t know? i hear that slight ‘r’ sound when everyone thinks they say want? Oh, and instead of the ‘t’ sound at the end, it sounds like an ‘n’ sound. I confirmed it on the EXO-M ver. because I’m sure Kris wouldn’t pronounce it wrong :/ idk…

    • abcedfg

      “scolds me” that doesn’t sounds right at all lol. i think the english lyrics “oh she wants me, oh she’s got me, oh she hurts me” is completely correct.

      • haley grace

        yeah..you right..their ears heard wrong.

    • Anon57

      I didn’t hear scold, I heard scar. lol

    • haley grace

      what wrong with you?

  • Guest

    rythm,choreography and rapping is WOW. so cool;

  • Alinasser Lacoto

    rythm, choreography and rapping is cool.gamsahamnida EXO;

  • SPY

    No the actual lyrcs is “oh she wants me, oh she scars me, oh she hurts me,”

    • Silver

      at first without the lyrics I thought the hurts me is curse me lol…

      • Siti Aisyah

        haha I also thought it was ‘she curses me’ in the first place.

      • yurie

        but..till now not like hurt for me..or meybe there something wrong with my ears.

      • yurie

        then i remember something..
        usuallu korean people epell TS as S..
        like humanoids become humanois in korea..

    • Esteban Sibaja Soto

      is “oh she wants me, o she´s got me, oh she hurts me”, if you listen the mp3 is like that

  • galaxyismystyle

    well I think there are a lot of error in this lyrics (including xiumin’s part, and the last chorus) lol maybe i need to wait untill all the tracks are officially out

  • dyana

    actually “beoseonaji shipjianeun jungdokgateungeol” not “Motaebeoseonaji motaneun jungdokgateungeol”

  • Jocelyn

    I think Chanyeol sings the “too much…” part & then D.O for each chorus.

    • Esteban Sibaja Soto

      cuz chanyeol is the main rapper, same as D.O and baekhyun in the vocal parts

  • Rinda

    EXO’s overdose mv is release????

    • Mikado

      not yet, as they also delayed their scheduled comeback because of korean ship accident

  • haley grace

    thank for comeback..
    i always support exo.

  • rebecca

    where is Kris’s parts?

    • janet nguyen

      he doesnt have his parts on the korean ver. His parts are on the chinese ver only

  • For the Korean version, it really is only EXO-K singing. The MV audio and the album audio are different. In the MV, EXO-M is singing, but the regular album audio, they aren’t!

    • Bryan

      There are EXO ver. on the Album and the Regular EXO-k, EXO-m ver.


    its only EXO K andvocal lines of EXO M

  • zoe

    OVERDOSEd by E X O thanks for translating

  • Hamta♥Luhan

    that was soooooo gooooooood.OMG.can’t breath…
    ooooooooh Luhan oppaaaaaaa.My manly manly deer^^
    I love last part of song when suho oppa singing^^
    exo fighting ♥♥♥

  • Hamta♥Luhan

    Can’t Breath.someone call the doctor *___*

  • Reng

    Overdose ^3^ Exo hwaiting !

  • OverdosetoEXO

    I realized the lyrics mostly the rap part are a bit sexual if you think it that way. LOL Mianhae. I’m being byuntae~ >~<

  • exosaranghajaDO

    I already watch the mv….. and its sooooo gooood!!! Exo saranghaja!!!!! ……….. and it really say she hurt not curse or whatsoever…..

  • CC

    Chanyeollie is rapping those sexual lines. Omg.

  • Gerardine Taytayon

    …Wooohooo!!! hahah love it. Errm.. no part of Kris oppa?

    • exosaranghajaDO

      Kris’ part is in the exo m version of the song

  • kim minha

    kai only have like one line….:( i wanna hear him sing more!TmT

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    • neffy

      but in wolf they were going to eat us up like cheese? (;

    • Jay Eiy Choi

      Well Wolf is also sexual ;D but the rap part in overdose is just *____* WOW

    • Awanda

      Yeah, Overdose clearly much more WOW than Wolf

    • Alinasser Lacoto

      yes,your right! a new exo for 2014.

  • karla cubero

    omg!!!!i love overdose!!!! na overdose aku nung makita ku ang overdose na videok nila !!!!

    • Bubbletealovers12

      Panira Ng Bias List Si Baek

      • jungbyunkanglee

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        ang galing nila sobra :))))

  • dana123girl

    kris doesn’t have a solo line 0__0

    • thoohow

      Are you mad? This is exo-k of course there’s no Kris-_-

      • guest

        this is not exo-k. as you can clearly see, Lay, Chen, Xiumin and Luhan all get lines. Kris and Tao get solo lines in the Chinese Version.

        • Pari

          I guess she/he meant that it was the Korean version of the song and didn’t know that the rappers often only get parts in their mother language, whereas the vocal line gets at least one or two lines.

        • yenmae

          I think the studio album actually has just the Exo-K members singing the Korean version. The lyrics posted here are for the MV track.

    • ehhh.

      There’s no Kris solo because this is the Korean version. Where in the Chinese version he raps towards the end. Towards the end of this version his counterpart, Chanyeol raps.

  • EXO-Tao

    COOOOL I love this~! EXO will always remain as the number one in my heart! EXO FOREVEEER!!!! :’)

    • Pandatao

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  • wting

    exo overdose fighting

  • AKimSunny

    The lyrics at the end are wrong.

    It’s not “Someone call the doctor nan geunyeoreul pillyohae. Haeron botdan motdulsu eobseo (Beotiji motei). Motaebeoseonaji motaneun jungdokgateungeol”

    It’s actually “Someone Call The Doctor nan geunyeoga piryohae. Harudo nan beotil su eobseo (beotiji mothae). Beoseonago sipji aneun cheongug gateun neo

  • Awanda

    I thought it just me thinking that the lyric is sexual

    • Unknown

      It’s not just you don’t worry xD Especially Chanyeol’s rap part. OMG ugh!!

  • Hunhunnie

    Similar with overdose by ciara

    • Wisnu Panganggit Sasmito

      Only the title, it’s not a big problem :/

  • joonsoo

    love it

  • Nimas Ayu

    The True Lyrics of Overdose

    modeun geol geolgo neol deurikin na
    ijen dorikil sudo eobda
    igeon bunmyeong wihomhan jungdok
    So bad, no one can stop her

    Her love, her love ojik geugeotman bara
    geunyeoui saranghana ppuningeol
    chimyeongjeogin Fantasy
    hwanghorham geu ane chwihae

    Oh, she wants me
    Oh, she’s got me
    Oh, she hurts me
    joha, deouk galmanghago isseo

    Someone call the doctor nal butjabgo marhaejwo
    sarangeun byeong jungdok overdose
    sigani jinalsurok tongjedo himdeureojyeo
    jeom jeom gipsugi ppajyeoganda eh-oh

    Too much, neoya
    Your love, igeon overdose
    Too much, neoya
    Your love, igeon overdose

    nollineun geu sungillo onneo
    boneungeun neoreul galguhae jom deo
    gappajin sumeuro jilsikdwen huejeonyul geurigon hansum

    Her love, her love dokhan yak gata naegen
    heeonaol su eomneun Destiny
    pineun tteugeowojyeoji yeah
    machimnae modu jibaehae

    Oh, she wants me
    Oh, she’s got me
    Oh, she hurts me
    gyesok neoman geurigo geurinna

    Someone call the doctor nal butjabgo marhaejwo
    sarangeun byeong jungdok overdose
    sigani jinalsurok tongjedo himdeureojyeo
    jeom jeom gipsugi ppajyeoganda eh-oh

    Too much, neoya
    Your love, igeon overdose
    Too much, neoya
    Your love, igeon overdose

    modu da naege mureowanaega byeonhan geot gatdae
    simjange nega bakhyeobeorin deutsesangi ontong neoinde

    meomchul su eobseo imi gadeukhan neol
    jigeum i sungan, you’re in my heart

    nan neoreul matbogo neoreul masinda
    on momi tteollyeowa gyesok deurikyeodo ajik mojara
    son kkeutkkaji jeonyulsikin galjeung i sunganeul jaba
    jijurul meomchujima neomu joha, I can’t stop
    Hey Doctor!
    jigeum idaero gwaenchanna na?
    juchehal su eomneun ikkeullim soge noganeryeoga nan
    i neukkim eobsineun jugeun geona machingajingeol
    naega saneun iyu nan neoran dalkomhame jungdok

    Someone call the doctor!

    Someone call the doctor  nan geunyeoga piryohae
    harudo nan beotil su eobseo (beotiji mothae)
    beoseonago sipji anheun cheonguk gateun neo
    gin gin i deocheun areumdawo eh-oh

    Too much, neoya
    Your love, igeon overdose
    Too much, neoya
    Your love, igeon overdose

    모든 걸 걸고 널 들이킨 나
    이젠 돌이킬 수도 없다
    이건 분명 위험한 중독
    So bad, no one can stop her

    Her love, her love, 오직 그것만 바라
    그녀의 사랑 하나뿐인걸
    치명적인 Fantasy
    황홀함 그 안에 취해

    Oh, she wants me
    Oh, she’s got me
    Oh, she hurts me
    좋아, 더욱 갈망하고 있어

    Someone call the doctor 날 붙잡고 말해줘
    사랑은 병, 중독 overdose
    시간이 지날수록 통제는 힘들어져
    점점 깊숙이 빠져간다 eh-oh

    Too much, 너야
    Your love, 이건 overdose
    Too much, 너야
    Your love, 이건 overdose

    놀리는 그 순길로 온너
    본능은 너를 갈구해 좀 더
    가빠진 숨으로 질식된 후에
    전율, 그리곤 한숨

    Her love, her love, 독한 약 같아 내겐
    헤어나올 수 없는 Destiny
    피는 뜨거워졌지 yeah
    마침내 모두 지배해

    Oh, she wants me
    Oh, she’s got me
    Oh, she hurts me
    계속 너만 그리고 그린나

    Someone call the doctor 날 붙잡고 말해줘
    사랑은 병, 중독 overdose
    시간이 지날수록 통제는 힘들어져
    점점 깊숙이 빠져간다 eh-oh

    Too much, 너야
    Your love, 이건 overdose
    Too much, 너야
    Your love, 이건 overdose

    모두 다 내게 물어와
    내가 변한 것 같대
    심장에 네가 박혀버림 듯
    세상이 온통 너인데

    멈출 수 없어 이미 가득한 널
    지금 이 순간, you’re in my heart

    E.X.O난 너를 맛보고 너를 마신다
    온 몸이 떨려와 계속 들이켜도 아직 모자라
    손 끝까지 전율시킨 갈증 이 순간을 잡아
    지주를 멈추지마 너무 좋아, I can’t stop
    Hey Doctor!
    지금 이대로 괜찮나 나?
    주체할 수 없는 이끌림 속에 녹아내려가 난
    이 느낌 없이는 죽은 거나 마친가진걸
    내가 사는 이유, 난 너란 달콤함에 중독

    Someone call the doctor!

    Someone call the doctor, 난 그녀가 필요해
    하루도 난 버틸 수 없어 (버티지 못해)
    벗어나고 싶지 않은 천국 겉은 너
    긴 긴 이 덫은 아름다워 eh-oh
    Too much, 너야
    Your love, 이건 overdose
    Too much, 너야
    Your love, 이건 overdose

  • JJ Tres

    i always look at them as pure, innocent individuals. my bad! i forgot they’re not kids anymore. kinda bit shocked by the meaning of the song.. *sigh* love the tune though..

    • anikka

      hahhhaha me too ….

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    omg chanyeols part so sexual SDHJFBKDFRJ

  • nic

    the lyrics was very mature
    …. i can’t imagine it ..

  • Hwang Eun Ji

    What do they mean by “Chanyeol’s rap/part was full of sexual?” I don’t get it.. What do they mean by that? And what does it mean?

    • Pari

      The poster meant that the text was very sexual: “I taste you and drink you (..) I keep drinking you in but it’s not enough yet” heavily implies that he’s talking about more than just kissing his lover. Of course making out can lead to a “trembling heart” or make you think “it’s so good” that you “can’t stop”, but especially considering their more mature concept, most people seem to think he’s talking about oral sex or some other form of sexual contact beyond kissing.

  • agentsawse

    Contrary to popular thinking it seems, I don’t think the song is about sex. I think it’s intentionally written to sound sexy and ambiguous, but I think there’s a strong correlation with the relationship between EXO and fans, particularly sasaengs. I can’t remember which it was, but I watched a live performance where they seemed to purposefully say this song was about their relationship with fans.

    They need and love their fans, they love the attention (possibly some more than others, but almost certainly all of them to some extent), they want more and more, but some of them are turning stalkerish, abusive, etc. I strongly get this impression from the chorus line, “Oh, it’s you, your love, this is overdose.” They talk about how they need “you,” can’t give you up, etc. That could either be because they’re addicted to the fandom, SM Entertainment won’t forcibly support them against sasaengs because they don’t want to lose revenue, or some combination thereof.

    The fandom is their addiction and it’s intoxicating until suddenly it’s not in a horrible way. I don’t think the words “nailed into my heart” is a mistake. Someone call the doctor could be a reference to both needing help with an addiction as a sickness (both them and fans) and injuries they’ve received from fans.

    Last year, they issued a very polite reminder to fans to control themselves and behave sensibly so I think it would make a lot of sense for this song to be a double entendre. They (and SM?) can’t or won’t speak outright, so they’ll disguise it with sexiness instead. That’s my take anyway.

    • jiyul

      this was actually a really sensible interpretation.

  • jungbyunkanglee

    daebak!!! they’re so cool and manly. i really love this group from the very start. :)))) EXO HWAITING!!!!!! OVERDOSE HWAITING!!! :))))

  • Vanice

    I don’t think it’s overly sexual. I think people are so used to hearing songs about sex that their minds just automatically think everyone/everything is referring to sex. Her love is being personified as a drug, hence the “tasting”. Even if it is sexual , it’s really nothing compared to North american music which just straight up says disgusting things that I won’t even give an example of. Anyway. I LOVE this song!

  • aa

    dont be surprised with the lyrics that much, ppl. since according to one of xoxo exo’s teasers, it referred the overdose era as the transformation of exo from boys to MEN. so we shouldnt be amused towards the song’s maturity and choice of words anymore.

  • NaBiluv

    OK since everyone been OMG ing lately over this song I decided to give it a see and listen for the very first time.. Hmmm I like it..

    This song can be easily misinterpret.
    TO ME! I understand that its about a guy who is in love with a girl so much its like he’s her puppet he’ll do whatever she want ..if she say go he go if she say come he comes.. She’s like a drug, like poison anything thats bad for you and addictive she’s that to him.. Also if someone Overdose on someting thats usually because they are addicted to it and now had a few to many so they overdose on it yeah..He needs a doctor,rehab or any sort of help because she’s bad for his health hehehe..^_^` we’ll that was my understanding of this song.

    Since there’s no actual girl in the MV showing or hinting to any sort of what you dirty minds are thinking It can be misunderstood.. Or we can just see if they (EXO) explains it..

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    for me , I LOVE EXO AND THE SONGG <333

    to tell the truth when i try to sing this in korean i got wrong in words but in english i almost perfect the lyrics but some words caugth my attention , first i got GREEN MINDED when i read without music (because im NOYPI so that's why i cant unterstand in first place ), but when i read and try analysing the song i got the meaning of OVERDOSE ,( i can't tell now because im bad in english) , this is not bad , or other we thinking like 'SEX' that's a big NO NO NO ,

    we need to open minded and we need to analysing the song before we judge that's why many here says bad because they immature , i will advice you guys be MATURED okay? dont think anything else , and i say to you guys like a older sister (even im 14 yrs old only)

    • Ice Princess

      I agree :-)

    • #Kris_Galaxy

      Why are you guys talking about this? Like no one is talking about what you think other people think the song it is about. The song is specifically about a guy who likes a girl so much he’s obsessed with her and is overdosed by her. Like he is addicted to her love. No one is talking about what you are thinking people are talking about. Like don’t assume people are talking about what you think others are thinking about.

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    Hate u Kim Young Min!! Also to the bad manager!!
    #WeBelieveInYouKris :'(

    • Benjamin Lanzi

      Kris is not in the Korean version

      • #Kris_Galaxy

        Kris is in EXO-M he isn’t in EXO-K. If you are referring to the EXO-M Overdose then you should be more specific. You shouldn’t hate Kim Young Min and the Manager. You don’t even know what the manager does so you shouldn’t even be calling him a bad one. You might want to check your information on your comment and make it clearer.

    • Ice Princess

      This is a Korean version.. he is in Mandarin version

  • Ice Princess

    WEEEEEE !!! so cute !! especially Kyungsoo ..

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    Why no kris part in koreab version??…thats unfair…
    His a member of exo…#Wea12eone #kickOutYoungMinFromSMent…#prayForKris

    • #ForeverWithGalaxykris


    • sam

      Kris, is in Mandarin version, he did Chanyeol’s rap there.

    • Watty Bims

      His in it his the one with the white cap or whatever you call it on his head 2:28

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    • Nur Farizah

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  • iams

    Can someone help me?

    I’m trying to learn how to sing this song but this line:

    [Baekhyun] Chimyeongjeogin fantasy hwangholhan geu ane chwihae

    I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO PRONOUNCE “hwangholhan” and I can’t hear it clearly in the song to have a hope and prayer to say the word right. I hear no letters spoken at all to even guess it. In English I would assume the “h” is silent and say “wang-hole-han.” But whatever Baekhyun is saying sounds absolutely nothing like that. Can someone who knows Korean better than me write down the sound of the word syllable by syllable. For now I’m just going to skim over that word in the song but I would really like to know how to say it correctly. Thank you.

    • Asma Khaliq

      ok i’m gonna give it a try so yeah “h” is silent but somehow it does make a sound like the whole word sounds like “hwangu rhan” like Koreans can’t pronounce L and R properly and they pronounce L as R and R as L in most words like “The Loof is on Fire” so i hope it makes sense..

    • xo

      WANG (with an H).
      hole- HAN
      Chi- hae

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      Sorry. It’s not often I see another Bangladeshi K-Pop fan, since it’s all about Bollywood and Rabindra Sangeet and whatnot. I feel you on a level I thought I would never feel a complete stranger, but I do. I may not know you, you may not know me, but consider yourself friends with another Bangladeshi K-Pop fan, because whoever you are, I will support you, me, and any other Bangladeshi who thinks/thought they’re alone in being a B-Deshi K-Pop fan.

      And thank you, for being a Bangladeshi who is not too prejudiced to East Asians, because most of us unfortunately are. I thought I was alone when it came to me being an open-minded Bangladeshi. Now I know I’m not, and I’m so glad. Dhonobadh, notun bondhu.

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        welcome, notun bondhu

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          OMG guys it feels so good knowing I’m not alone! I can’t listen to k-pop out loud at home because my parents are like “It’s the wrong type of Asian” like, how is that even possible?!
          But knowing that there are others like me makes me feel a little better because there’s someone I can relate to.

          Bhalo thakhen, shobai :)

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    [Xiumin] dokhangeot gata naegen
    Heeonalsu eomneun (NE SUMI)

    instead of ne sumi, it destiny in english

    • rosa

      Ya, I thought he said destiny.

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        Kinda..wrong grammar tho >.<

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      It’s ‘She has got me” just shorten :3 xD

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    nae simjangi tteolyeowa/ on momi tteolyeowa?

  • sharodz101

    It should be “Sigani jinalsurok tongjeneun himdeureojyeo”.

  • sharodz101

    Also at Chanyeol’s rap, it should be:
    “Nan neoreul matbogo neoreul masinda
    On momi tteollyeowa
    Gyesok deurikyeodo ajik mojara
    Sonkkeutkkaji jeonyulsikin galjeung
    I sunganeul jaba
    Jiljureul meomchuji ma
    Neomu joha
    I can’t stop”

    Then Sehun’s part:
    “Hey doctor!
    Jigeum idaero gwaenchana na
    Juchehal su eomneun ikkeullim soge
    Noganaeryeoga nan”

    Then Kai’s part:
    “I neukkim eobsineun
    Jugeungeona machangajin geol
    Naega saneun iyu
    Nan neoran dalkomhame jungdok”

    I read this from the lyrics on their lives btw.

    • Netra

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    Thank you i love this song overdose and i love exo so much

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    Honestly when I first heard Baekyun’s “Oh she hurts me”, I thought it was “Oh she curse me” and bc of that I fangirled too much because (you know what I’m thinking)..