EXO – Miracles In December Lyrics

English Translation:

I’m struggling to find you who I cannot see
I’m struggling to find you who I cannot hear
I see things that I couldn’t see before
I hear things that I couldn’t hear before
After you left me, I have grown a power that I didn’t have before

The selfish me who has only thought about myself
The me who didn’t know your feelings and ignored it
I couldn’t believe myself that I have changed this much
Your love can still move me like this

If I just think of you, I can fill this world with you
Because each snowdrop is one tear drop that belongs to you
But theres just one thing that I can’t do and it’s to make you come to me
I hope I don’t have this miserable power

The selfish me who has only thought about myself
The me who didn’t know your feelings and ignored it
I couldn’t believe myself that I have changed this much
Your love can still move me like this

Stopping the time, (I) go back to you
I open this book of memories and I open up your page
And in the book I’m in there, in there with you

The small and weak person, because of your love
Just like this for everything (my whole existence)
I changed the whole world

The me who didn’t know how to be thankful for love
The me who thought that the end was the end
To the image of you who wanted me to be, I fixed myself everyday
I think my love will continue on forever

Stopping the time, (I) go back to you
I open this book of memories and I open up your page
And in the book I’m in there, in there with you
The things that I met that winter

I’m struggling to find you who I cannot see
I’m struggling to find you who I cannot hear


(with individual parts)

[D.O] Boiji annneun neol chajeuryeogo aesseuda
Deulliji annneun neol deureuryeo aesseuda

[Baekhyun] Boiji anteon ge boigo
Deulliji anteon ge deullyeo
Neo nareul tteonan dwiro naegen eopdeon himi saenggyeosseo

[Chen] Neul nabakke mollasseotdeon igijeogin naega yeah
Ne mamdo mollajwotdeon musimhan naega
Ireokedo dallajyeotdaneun ge najocha mitgiji anha
[D.O] Ne sarangeun ireoke gyesok nal umjigyeo

[Baekhyun] Nan saenggangman hamyeon sesangeul neoro chaeul su isseo eum~
Nunsongi hanaga ne nunmul han bangurinikka

[D.O] Dan han gaji motaneun geoseun neol naegero oge haneun il
I sseuldeeomneun neungnyeok ijen eobseosseumyeon jokesseo ooh~

[Chen] Neul nabakke mollasseotdeon igijeogin naega
Ne mamdo mollajwotdeon musimhan naega
Ireokedo dallajyeotdaneun ge najocha mitgiji anha
[Baekhyun] Ne sarangeun ireoke gyesok nal umjigyeo

[All] Siganeul meomchwo [D.O] nege doraga
[All] Chueogui chaegeun [D.O] neoui peijireul yeoreo
[All] Nan geu ane isseo [D.O] oh~

[Chen] Neowa hamkke inneun geol

[Chen] Aju jogeumako yakhan sarami neoui sarangi
[Baekhyun] Ireoke modeun geol (nae sarmeul modu)
Bakkun geol (sesangeul modu)

[Baekhyun] Oh~ sarangi gomaun jul mollasseotdeon naega oh~
[Chen] Kkeutnamyeon geumanin jul aratdeon naega oh~
Neo wonhaetdeon geu moseup geudaero nalmada nareul gochyeo ga
[D.O] Nae sarangeun kkeuteobsi gyesokdoel geot gata

[All] Siganeul meomchwo ([D.O] oh! Ije na)
Nege doraga ([Chen] nege doraga)
Chueogui chaegeun ([Chen] oh! Oneuldo)
Neoui peijireul yeoreo
[Baekhyun] Nan geu ane isseo oh~

[Chen] Geu gyeoure wainneungeol

[D.O] Boiji annneun neol chajeuryeogo aesseuda
Deulliji annneun neol deureuryeo aesseuda

Translation Credits: rainydays @ codeexo.com
Romanizations by: kpoplyrics.net

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  • nigele

    Ohh this is soooo sad, I’ve cried during whole song. Love their voices <3 Love this song <3

  • Hager Ahmed

    their vioces <3

  • 루카

    The first time I hear this song it immediately made me cry…

  • Hana

    This song is so perfect! Everybody in the MV looks so beautiful, I love it.

  • Minji

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  • Leira

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  • Adea Kristy

    nice song, so sad make me cry~
    and, it’s my turn to cry :’)

  • Lucky_Baek

    can’t wait for their next song in this album… hope miracles are always true for us!!^^ Marry Christmas guys….

  • manjelara

    And now they regretting having the power because they can’t do anything for their love one…. so sad…..

  • Hikari

    I never thought i’m going to cry after hearing this. it’s makes my heart feel the song even i don’t understand it first but after now i read the translation it’s just make me . wow my heart understand it on it’s own. Changing yourself after u feel that someone who , u take for granted will be THE PERSON WHO WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE . EXO I LOVE YOUU and

    Merry christmas.

  • Nickie

    I cried. I did cry. This morning my classmate download the video and early in the morning I CRIED. Like its the BEST!! Whenever I hear it, i cry. Even in teaser only, I cried. But so amazed because its awesome!

  • Celovakia

    beautiful song, beautiful MV, beautiful EXO <3 <3 <3

  • Nurul Syafini Subhan

    Original- I sseuldeeomneun neungnyeok ijen eobseosseumyeon jokesseo u~
    Corrected- I chorahan choneungnyeok ijen eobseosseumyeon jokesseo u~

  • Soo Rim

    I really loved it.. Beautiful.. Thru the heart.. <3

  • -byuntaengx3

    i cried. this song is absolutely beautiful :”)

  • Cindy ❊

    The song’s PERFECT <3 At first, i thought the MV was going to be dramatic but when I saw Kris drawing I suddenly realized that the MV's kinda funny too. A Comedy-Drama one.

  • Cindy ❊

    The song feels <3 emhergee. I played the song over and over again ang cried a bucket. But I still can't help the fact that Kris drew for his girl in that mv

    • yesung

      Why do you think it’s funny?

      • chillihime

        have you seen any of his drawings? xD

      • Meow

        Cause Kris can’t draw for his life :)

    • Ciarra Ysabella Egnora

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  • 12-04-08

    this so sad TT
    i cried :'(
    really love this song

  • Afrooz

    Wooow this song is great,I can’t stop crying,I hear it again and again,I saw their performance in music bank,that was soo sad and made me cry.I haven’t watched their mv,but I’m going to watch it now,that shoud be awsome too.I beilieve….Baek hyun,D.O,Chen oppa fighting,hoping your song becomes first because this beatiful song deserve it.saranghe…and marry christmas…ni saragen iroke kesok nal umjigyo…

  • Olrick

    I cannot stop crying :'( .The meaning of the song is so overwhelming.It really touches my heart because I am selfish.

  • Olrick

    억소화이팅 사랑해요형들

  • ❤Rallesty◕‿◕

    Oh God! I cannot stop crying :'(
    Such a beautiful song yet the lyrics quite sad to me. I don’t know maybe it’s because there’s a part of the lyrics describes about my love story. :'(
    EXO… You really got me now~ :'(

    I miss you~ :'(

    (Chen voice is the best!!! Love him so muchhh!!!)

  • Hana

    This is a really pretty song, even if it’s quite sad. The music video is amazing. I love everything about this song and it’s video that goes along with it. The members did an awesome job for the music video! Totally different feel from their other songs like MAMA and Wolf! Those songs make me energized and brighter but Miracles in December makes me tear up. It’s so beautiful. Nice job, EXO! :)♥

    • ❤Rallesty◕‿◕

      I can feel you… :c

  • Exotics PandaTao

    Wow..This is prettiest and Daebakest song ever!!

  • foreveryours

    This song makes me cry because of the lyrics. I didn’t expect for this. We are so proud of you all Exo! you make us cry just because of this song :”>

  • sehun’s

    (D.O) geu gyeoure wainnengeol — this is chen’s part. (almost ending)

  • Kane Ferrer

    I LOVE EXO :))
    specially BAEKHYUN ,
    my voice was almostly like BAEK voice

  • Erica Mae Pascual

    Really makes Me sad .. Most when i see almost of them are crying </3

  • Nur Aishah

    this song very sad.. this song can make me cry

  • “KEVIN<3

    its a sad song its makes me cry when i saw them crying

  • Samsiya

    It’s not D.O. but Chen that says: “Geu gyeoure wainneungeol” right? I’m pretty sure, it is.

    • yaya

      ye im oretty sure too


    Miracles In December was Daebak…
    Proud To Be an EXOTIC!

  • Vanessa LayHan Minie

    Tearing always shed up hearing this song T_T OMO!!

  • Dyo Kyungsoo

    omo ,baby soo T^T

  • IDK…XP

    d.o’s part..’i sseuldeomneun neungnyeok’…it’s supposed to be—>’i chorahan choneungryeok’

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  • sea

    da feels is just too MUCH

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        • Jummy Adelaja

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    Can’t close the add either.

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    I love this song it’s a good song for December exo u guys r awesome I love u guys exo fighting!!! I always be by ur side as a fan and support u guys till the end :) <3

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    I just heard this song earlier when I watched Brigada Music Video KPOP edition (the local music tv here).This is really a great song. I’m looking forward for the new ballad songs of EXO in this year 2014. Chen’s voice is really cool. Amazing voice.. I fell in love with him..hehehe. <3 <3 <3

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    The selfish me who has only thought of herself
    The selfish me who didnt know about your problem and ignored …STILL TRIES TO IGNOR
    I am so stubborn
    Its been months and its like and still all i wish is to see you guys together as ONE
    they say,Time heals everything. I guess its going to take more time then though to heal..

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