Crayon Pop Members Profile

Crayon Pop is a new 5-member girl band under Chrome Entertainment. Like other kpop artists nowadays, they will both promote in Korea and Japan at the same time. They released their debut single “Bing Bing” on June 24, 2012. Members include Soyul, Ellin, Gum-mi, and the twins Way and Cho-A.

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 Member Profiles:

Stage Name: Gum-mi
Real Name: Baek Bo Ram
Born: June 18, 1988
Position: Leader/Lead Dancer
Height: 165cm






Stage Name: Ellin
Real Name: Kim Min Young
Born: April 2, 1990
Position: Lead Dancer
Height: 165cm
Weight: 44kg






Stage Name: Soyul
Real Name: Park Hye Kyeong
Born: May 15, 1991
Position: Main Rapper, Maknae.
Height: 162cm






Stage Name: Way
Real Name: Heo Min Seon
Born: July 12, 1990
Position: Lead Vocal
Height: 163cm
Facts: Cho-A’s twin, Attends Seoul Art College





Stage Name: Cho-A
Real Name: Heo Min Jin
Born: July 12, 1990
Position: Main Vocal
Height: 163cm
Facts: Way’s twin

  • I’d like to make a correction, Crayon Pop has no leader, so Gummi isn’t leader :3

    • Neuralcircuit

      Gummi is the invisible leader, which is what they all agree on.

  • xwhirlwind

    No. way. How are they all older than me??! I assumed they were younger; they’re all so pretty and cute, and the maknae looks so adorable.

  • Kingkay

    ellin is just dead weight for this group

    • Jajj

      She’s a better dancer than the singers, which is her position. Plus to many she is prettier and hotter than the rest. Both bring in more fans. It’s a girl pop group, not a choir.

    • HeatDynasty

      They need diversity man

  • Falah Khairunnisa

    i love Way

  • no way are they that tall. if you look at them on tv-shows, they are likely all shorter than 160

    • Vanessa


  • 撃ちから 観者 ニマ

    whos the main dancer???

  • Icelephant

    Way is the main rapper

  • nursyafiqahnajwa


  • eric

    seems to be very little information available on their backgrounds.Where they were born,where did they live, have they got sisters or brothers etc etc.

  • eric

    actually from what I have been told there is no way the tallest is 5’6″ and Soyul 5″4″ hack off a couple of inches and you might be getting close

  • Analeigh

    Soyul is the maknae, lead vocals, and lead rapper. You forgot lead vocals. Even though crayon pop has no leader, eveyone says it would be her. Might wanna brush up on some facts

  • Hannah Sophia

    Soyul is a leader and maknae!

  • jamaica paler

    SARANGHAE!!!<3 Crayon POP :)

  • stefan william

    SARANGHAE!!!<3 Crayon POP :)

  • rosemarie

    nae salang twins,,,,,,,,,,

  • Terry Townsend

    be happy in all you do your music is great

  • Terry Townsend

    who is Hong Jin-young