Beast, 4Minute, G.NA, BTOB – Be Alright Lyrics

English Translation: When I’m left all alone at the end of the earth Without knowing, tears keep flowing When you feel alone even when you’re with me Don’t be sad anymore, now hold my hand It’s alright, you can rise up again Even if the cold rain comes, even if the strong winds blow Don’t worry, you can overcome it If we’re together, we can do it Now I will stand behind you I will always protect Read more [...]

BTOB – Monday To Sunday Lyrics

English Translation: Yo, just thought I'd let you know No matter what day of the week it is, You're the only girl on my mind c'mon! When you looked at my eyes, when we said the same things I really wanted to hug you How am I? How am I as a guy? I will care for you more than others - I will be with you I will only look at you for always Sunday, Monday to Sunday! I see you but I miss you again Monday, Sunday to Read more [...]

BTOB – Irresistable Lips Lyrics

English Translation: It was a moment where time got slower The beauty that I learned of, felt and believed in till now You have changed it all The front of my eyes became as dark as dawn Like a single ray of light, she finally found me My girl, my destiny As I stomped on the ground, control my exploding breath I ran (Tonight I'm so lonely, don't wanna be alone without you) To you I stole those lips, I had to I Read more [...]

BTOB – Father Lyrics

English Translation: His lonely back seemed so unfamiliar I just watched him as he walked along And tears just formed so I just cried Because I hated myself for not knowing all this time Because he always pretended to be calm and smiled Because he always pretended to be strong in front of me I didn't even think of it, I thought I would never see it So I didn't know about his lonely back I didn't know back then, Read more [...]

BTOB – Imagine Lyrics

English Translation: There are no necessary words to be said The moment our eyes met, we wanted it Without letting the girl next to me know So she won't know anything, I am falling more and more for you I love her and I've never been like this before But I only see you and I keep shaking - I'm unfamiliar with myself being like this I want to go to you - you're right in front of me but Next to me is her - I keep Read more [...]

BTOB – Insane Lyrics

English Translation: (Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Baby without you) When I walked you back home, it was the house of another guy I felt like you always walked a bit farther from me when there were a lot of people Just like a big balloon shrinking down, we have cooled down I can't hide my frustrated heart What went wrong? It's always the same as last night - you turn away from me I'm so tired of me always being the clingy Read more [...]