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JoKwon – Crosswalk Lyrics

English Translation: Goodbye now I say my goodbyes like I’m so cool For a second I thought of holding you back Turns out I’m such a fool When I endure and walk across this road that never seemed to end When I finally get to the other side and look back So afraid that you might have left So afraid you might not be there anymore So afraid, afraid that you might be gone I cannot dare look back I will say the Read more [...]

Baek Ji Young – Still In Love Lyrics

English Translation: The love that was passionate for a while Has become strengthless and familiar People say that everyone is like that That love burns out after giving everything In between the faint light We heartlessly cooled down The especially passionate love Gets colored like the flower petals Dances in the wind as it disappears Just like a midsummer night’s dream The tears that I didn’t want Are Read more [...]

IU – Pierrot Smiles At Us Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Ppalgan mojareul nulleosseun Nan hangsang useum ganjikhan ppiero Paran useum dwieneun Amudo moreuneun nunmul Chorahan nal bomyeo useodo Nan nae moseubi neomu areumdawo Modudeul geomeun nektai Amu maldo motaneun geol Saramdeureun modu chumchumyeo utjiman Naneun geureon moseup sirheo Sul masimyeo sarang chatneun sigan soge Urineun jinsireul Read more [...]

Eddy Kim – Push & Pull Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Oneuldo hetgallyeo munjaneun singyeong sseuge haenoko Tto mannal ttaen yeoneu ttaeboda balga Oneuldo eotgallyeo geumbang mannal geotcheoreom gulgo Yaksokhal ttaen oppa najunge manna Everybody knows igeon mildangui gosu Nal deureotda nwatda haneun girl Each day realize again mildangui gosu Nan useotda ureotda hetgallineun girl Baby girl you're Read more [...]

Royal Pirates – Drawing The Line Lyrics

English Translation: You’re like strong wine, even your scent is fatal girl I’m ecstatic but you’ll disappear like the fireworks girl I can’t hold onto you You’re beautiful like a red rose But you are hiding your thorns More love, more pain The closer I get, the deeper I’ll be pierced but You keep on drawing the line Even if you draw the line and push me away Even if there is no tomorrow Today, Read more [...]

BEAT WIN – She’s My Girl Lyrics

English Translation: Not too light, not too heavy, humorously, sometimes seriously Closer and closer, without you knowing, I’ll softly enter your heart and kiss you Don’t rush, show yourself little by little Do you want me? She’s my baby luv Do you want to know everything about me? Do you want to hear? You you only girl I’ll tell you everything You’re my only one, you’re my only one Pretend not to Read more [...]

Seo In Guk – No Matter What Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Dagaseomyeon jakku meoreojyeoganeun Eoryeoun nae sarangeun Nae mam ttawin amu sanggwando eobsi Geujeo haemarkge nal bomyeo utneyo Harue susipbeon saenggageul gochyeodo Sarangeun geopdo eobsi jeomjeom Keojyeoman gayo Na tailleodo andwaeyo Jakku bandaeroman haneun eorinaecheoreom Geuman jom harago Mameul dageuchyeodo geudaeman saenggangna Cheoeumbuteo Read more [...]

BTOB – Thriller Lyrics

English Translation: Now, We back! Pack your bags! Only one chance right? Come On! Living in a dark swamp, during the damp and cold night This place is filled with only the gloomy spirits The devil that caught you is sneering as it looked at me I am not able to catch it lala lallallalla Holding my breath as I listened For any sound of life ooooo ooooo Fallen souls screaming I am not able to stop it My phobia Read more [...]

Infinite – Inception Lyrics

English Translation: Your nervous face, I can read what you’re thinking Your deep sighs, your laugh that’s about to shatter I can feel it, I know Don’t listen to anything, don’t think about anything I am going to you right now Why make things complicated when things are so good? No matter what anyone says, I don’t care Don’t let something like this situation drag you around So protect your heart because Read more [...]

MBLAQ – R U OK? Lyrics

English Translation: Wherever I am, I’m flashy, actually, I’m just enough Anyone can say that my days are the same every day I just live like that, yeah Yeah, that’s good enough Old friend, I follow all trend, it’s okay as it is You’re not here but I live my life It goes on and it’s so fly My busy day and schedule passes crazily, all day Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and weekend, my friends call me I’m Read more [...]

Lee Jun Ki – Closer Lyrics

English Translation: You know how that Wrong is beg Broken has it (LOW) If I were you I will think about it You know how that Wrong is beg Broken has it (LOW) This is my own time, the opposite of Vengeance We dream at the same time and have no room for uninvited guests Boom rock it rock it all Boom rock it rock it all Boom rock it rock it all Boom rock it rock it HA Hold your breathe Literally stopping you You Read more [...]

J Rabbit – Talkin’ About Love Lyrics

English Translation: It’s such a strange thing, how did you come to me? My shrunken heart dreams of a new love once again It’s such a funny thing, how can my heart rush like this? I don’t know why but old love songs linger around me without knowing With your warm touch A whole different world has come to me Yes you’re my love love love I think I’m in love How I give you love Just for you Talkin’ Read more [...]