Music Videos:

Toheart “Tell Me Why” Music Video

After the success of their first collaboration mini-Album, newly acquainted duo Toheart a.k.a SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Woohyun has now released their follow-up music video “Tell Me Why“. This is a mellow R&B song unlike their lively cutesy “Delicious“.

Check it out below!

BTS “Just One Day” Music Video

BTS came back with their 2nd mini-Album with their lead single “Boy In Luv” last February with a bang. It was a powerful hip-hop with heavy beats that can make you move. Now, the boys have released the official MV for the track that they first released this 2014, “Just One Day“. It may not be a powerful song like their other ones, this one is a mellow R&B incorporated with smooth sexy dances.

Check it out below!

TVXQ releases another Music Video for “Spellbound”

The end of February marked the return of TVXQ with their repackaged 7th album along with their lead single “Spellbound“. Now, they have surprised fans as they released another MV for the said single. Check it out below!

Gain releases “Truth or Dare” Performance Version

Gain has previously released her single “Fxxk U” which very much gained a lot of controversy. Then she followed by releasing her 1st solo album. The lead single “Truth or Dare” is still on the sexy concept but not as controversial as her previous MV. Now, she have released the performance dance version for the song.

Check it out below!

Girl’s Day “Something” Dance Version MV


After the successful release of Girl’s Day‘s comeback 3rd mini-Album and with their change of concept, the group has now released the dance version for their lead single “Something“. If you want to learn the sexy sways and steps, watch the MV below!

VIXX “Thank You For My Love” Music Video

After ending their promotions for their 1st album and the lead MV “VooDoo Doll“, VIXX has now released an emotional and warm ballad music video for their single “Thank You For My Love“. This is dedicated for all their loving and supportive fans.

Watch it below!

SHINee “Colorful” Music Video


As we prepare for Christmas, SHINee has just sent their early gift for all their fans as they released the official music video for “Colorful“. This is an energizing song and in line with the title, the boys displays playful and professional attitude while wearing their colorful outfits.

Check out the MV below.

SNSD “Beep Beep” Music Video


Last year, SNSD has released their Girls & Peace Japanese album along with the lead single “Flower Power“. Although a short preview MV of their other song “Beep Beep” has also been released, the full version hasn’t been unveiled until today.

The music video can be described as having “cuteness overload” with the girls having fun in the video. Check it out below.

Taeyang “Ringa Linga” Music Video

taeyang-ringa-linga-music-video-capEarlier this week, BIG BANG’s Taeyang has just made his solo comeback with “Ringa Linga“. He first released the dance performance video and now after the long wait, the full music video has been released.

Check it out below.

If you haven’t watched the performance version, here it is.

A Pink “U You” Music Video

After the release of the music video for A Pink’s “NoNoNo” and “Secret Garden“, they have now released the 3rd music video from their 3rd mini-album, “U You“. The MV shows the girls’ dorkiness and cuteness even more.

Check it out below!

Nu’est “Fine Girl” Music Video


Just after the release of their 3rd mini album with their lead single “Sleep Talking“, Nu’est is now following it up with the release of their new music video for “Fine Girl“. The video is comprised of the boys’ travel compilation and you can see them having fun during their photoshoots.

Check out the video below!

BEAST “How To Love” Music Video

beas-how-to-love-official-mvBEAST has just recently came back with their 2nd album with the lead single “Shadow“. And there’s actually a single in the album that has the same title “How To Love” which is dedicated to their fan club, B2UTY. They have now released the official MV for that song which features a slideshow of pictures with messages from their individual members.

Check it out below!