Behind The Scenes:

BTS releases Dance Practice for “Danger”

BTS has just recently released their first full album since debut. With a little switch from pure hip-hop, adding pop to their lead single "Danger" surely did it for the boys. The dance steps were flawless plus their rapping had come in good combination. Now, they surprise fans with the release for the dance practice. Now is your chance to learn how to move like BTS. Check it out below! Read more [...]

Secret releases Dance Practice for “I’m In Love”

After their summer comeback EP and their hot music video, Secret has now teased us more as they release the dance practice for the lead single "I'm In Love". The girls are shown dancing in one of their practice rooms, dressed casually and they all are looking sexy and fit. It also shows that even in practice, the girls give their all. Check it out below! Read more [...]

SNSD “Mr.Mr” Dance Practice Video

After the official MV was released, SM promised that they will release the dance practice video of SNSD's comeback "Mr.Mr" after it reaches 15 million views. March 30 marks the day as the practice video is now released. It only proves that the song is a hit and during practice, the girls are still the same girls that we knew, silly and playful. But when it comes to recorded performances, they become serious and professionals. Check Read more [...]

4Minute releases behind the scenes for “Whatcha Doin’ Today”

4Minute just recently came back with their sexy pop MV "Whatcha Doin' Today". To surprise their fans, they have already released the behind the scenes for the music video. The girls show how they act naturally whether in front of the camera or not. Check it out below. Read more [...]

2NE1 releases MV Making for “Come Back Home”

After the success of 2NE1's comeback album "Crush" and with the release of their 2 music videos "Come Back Home" and "Happy", they have now released the MV making which will give fans a glimpse on how the futuristic video was made. Check it out below! Read more [...]

GOT7 “Girls Girls Girls” Dance Choreography

JYP has just finally debuted it's 7-member boy band GOT7. With the success of their MV "Girls Girls Girls", the boys participates in LOEN Ent's "Let's Dance" to teach fans how to dance their catchy lead single. They also explained their clothes which they described as new school and old school hip-hop. One of the steps is called "Shy Dance". Go check it out below! Read more [...]

AOA releases BTS for “Miniskirt” MV

AOA has just recently came back with a sexy concept "Miniskirt". The video shows how the rookies have grown from girls to ladies. And even the serious concept, the behind the scenes for their MV show that they are the same playful and dorky girls. Check it out below! Read more [...]

Rain releases Choreography video for “La Song”

After serving the military, Rain remains successful with his comeback songs. One of these is "La Song" which shows that he didn't change and he's still the king when it comes to dancing. Now he has released the full choreography for all fans that want to learn the dance. Check it out below! Read more [...]

2NE1 releases MV Making for “Missing You”

2NE1 just recently came back with a new single "Missing You" along with the official MV. If you are wondering how they did the video, a MV making has just been released. The latter shows how the group has got a class when it comes to their fashion sense and how they work so professionally during takes. Check it out below. Read more [...]

U-KISS releases MV Making for “She’s Mine”

Just a few weeks after the release of U-KISS newest offering, they have now already released the MV making for "She's Mine" from their 8th mini-Album. The video shows a typical studio take for the MV and fans can see the boys working hard with their dance choreography while also having fun. Check out the video below. Read more [...]

BTS “N.O” Dance Practice

After making headlines with their "We Are Bulletproof Pt 2", rookie boy group BTS are now back with a new mini-Album. Their lead single "N.O" talks about teens on where school to go while they rap in a somewhat fictional futuristic room. Check out the new generation K-HipHop song below! Read more [...]

BTOB “Thriller” Dance Practice

Rookie boy group BTOB (Born To Beat) is already back with their full length 3rd mini-Album. Together with the release is the lead single "Thriller" which features a darker concept especially the choreography that is inspired on Michael Jackson's song of the same title which is really nice. Check it out below! Read more [...]