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UNIQ – Falling In Love Lyrics

English Translation: The moment I first felt you You made me smile, girl Will you only smile at me? But how do I say How do I say girl Every day, when I walk past your house I imagine myself walking with you I want to be brave now But how do I say How do I say I’m falling in love With you, falling in love I think this is love I can’t think of anything else I just think of you I just want to scream I’m

Ulala Session – I’ll Come To You Lyrics

English Translation: Hello? This is Doil I’m busy right now so I’ll go next time I’ll go next time On the phone, I hear you crying, did something happen? What’s going on? Where are you? I want to run to you so you can smile and hold you in my arms Stay right where you are Don’t move, why are you crying? Who is upsetting the pretty you? Don’t move, I’ll go scold that person Just give me a minute,

U-KISS – Can’t Live Without You Lyrics

English Translation: I can’t fall asleep at thoughts of you I keep seeing you when I close my eyes You appear when I’m walking on the street It feels like you’ll wait for me I see you from far away Even if I get the whole world, I wouldn’t switch you for it So don’t leave me like this I can’t live without you, I gave myself to you But you left me, where are you going? Don’t go Just come back to

U-KISS – Come Back To Me Lyrics

English Translation: It’s been a month since I let you go I can’t do anything Because I only looked at you alone Tears fall like rain drops Please, please don’t leave me Day by day, I feel like I could die Because of you, I learned what love is I can’t live because my heart is too in pain I miss you, I miss you, I miss you Even if it’s just once in my dreams, please It’s like a sad movie This is

U-KISS – One Lyrics

English Translation: I don’t feel good either after leaving like that Since when did we break apart? Actually, I don’t even remember why we fought now But I’m exhausted at this cycle that repeats every day One, not two, but one Forever unbreakable, never changing One, not two, but one We promised on those twinkling stars Baby baby you will always be my lady I will never leave you baby All i need is you

U-KISS – Quit Playing Lyrics

English Translation: Your short skirt keeps bothering me Your bright red lipstick on your thick lips Your magical eye smile can’t be hidden Everything keeps making me nervous Men are simple, I am bewitched and falling For your fatal charm Ah You‘re breaking my heart My insides are burning up black because of you baby Please quit playing, don’t go there today Stop, stop, please, in front of me Quit playing,

Urban Zakapa – Like A Bird Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Geujeo balgeoreumi danneun daero Jeo meon gose saeroun gireul chajaseo Jogeumeun natseoreo duryeoun mamdo itjiman Geudaewa cheoncheonhi hangeoreumssik naagandamyeon Songarak saisairo bureooneun baram ttara Geudae son kkok japgo naranhi geotneun i sungan Pureun haneul jeo saecheoreom jayuropge nal sun eobseodo Geudaewa na jigeum idaero chungbunhae Jamsi

U-KISS – Just A Moment Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Ya jamkkanman neo geogi seobwa Ireoke gabeorimyeon hollo nameun naega mwoga dwae Ya jamkkanman neo geogi seobwa Idaero gabeorimyeon na jeongmallo dasin neo anbol geoya Woo chadichan nundongja gwichanheun deutan maltu Neoui moseup modeun ge neomuna natseonde Oh neon ige mari dwae? Iyudo moreun chae Na neol bonaejwoyaman hadani why? Neon jeongmal

U-KISS – Hey Man Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Hey man, hey man, hey man Hey man, hey man, hey man Hey man, hey man, hey man Hey man, hey man, hey man Nuga mworaedo neoneun nae geot oneul ppalli geu nomeul jaekkyeo Ttan de boji anha neoman yeppeohae julge Cause you're so special Ije ul nareun no no no more Hwanhan misoro useo gwageoneun gwageoil ppun Hyeonjaewa miraeneun me&you Mwol

U-KISS – Lights Out Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Hey baby girl jamkkan nae mal jom deureobwabwa Akkabuteo meonghani neoman barabwatjanha Neodo neukkyeotjanha naui tteugeoun siseoneul Idaero neol bonaegien neomu aswipjanha Hey geogi jamkkanman jjarpge yaegihalge siganeul jwo 5bunman Amu yeojahantena jageop geolgo geureon saram aninikka Jeoldae ohae ma Cham oraenmane mannaboneun naui siseoneul

U-KISS – She’s Mine Lyrics

English Translation: Her a.k.a. is stealer, she steals guys’ hearts and pulls the strings like a pilot She’s born with a body so she doesn’t need a diet Because of that, guys gather around like a swarm of insects, I can see their black insides I see their treacherous insides, so it's really annoying Let go of that hand, I'm the guy on her phone background I'm her boyfriend so stop scanning her and just go

U-KISS – Mysterious Lady Lyrics

English Translation: Mysterious lady, so mysterious lady I really don’t know, so complicated Mysterious lady, so mysterious lady It’s harder than solving a problem a math competition, damn straight up I really don’t know, I can’t figure out your heart You smile but then your face suddenly turns cold, you’re so perplexing You’re unpredictable so I’m always on the look out You confuse me, telling me
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