Jieun – Star Lyrics

English Translation: The stars that twinkle in the dark night sky They will disappear when morning comes For some reason, it seems like I resemble you today So I close my eyes as I walk Ooh Lonely Night Ooh I Wanna Be A Starlight The countless stars are twinkling a lot But it’s hard for me to shine the brightest out of them I will keep shining a light No matter what anyone says, I won’t give up If someone Read more [...]

Jieun – La Boum Lyrics

English Translation: Oh No! I think something hot will happen to me today It’s breathtaking, feels like something new and different I picked out a leopard print outfit Knock on my body Touch my heart Throw yourself now Make it cutie sexy Be a little more daring Boy boy You Never Stop Me Boy Feel me deep into your bones, everything La Boum La Boum’s Tonight (Tonight Tonight) What do I do? I’m going Read more [...]

Jieun – Janus Lyrics

English Translation: I Can Be Anything(Anything) Two-faced Oh My God Whatever it is you want Oh Janus Janus I’m Here In Heaven’s Door(Heaven’s Door) Unchained Oh My God I’ll show you a new me Oh Genius Genius Goodie Baddie Cutie Sexy Tell Me If You Want Somebody Goodie Baddie Cutie Sexy Tell Me If You Want Some More I Can Be Anything(Anything) Two-faced Oh My God Whatever it is you want Oh Janus Read more [...]

Jieun – Pretty Age 25 Lyrics

English Translation: Oh, Baby (Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo) (Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo) Oh, Baby (Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo) (Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo) When I look in the mirror these days I don’t know why but it’s different (Who Is That Girl) You might fall for me too My body line is perfect My style shows that I know something (woo hot thing) Now I’m the age of a woman I won’t act like a child anymore I’ve shed the image of a girl and Read more [...]

Jieun – Don’t Look At Me Like That Lyrics

English Translation: When the lights start to turn off, I quietly go to meet you A flower blooms in the world that’s only filled with thorns Why? Why not? They whisper and go against us Why? Why not? We’re so in love Don’t look at me like that We’re just in love, that’s all Don’t hate on us, however you’re viewing us We’re just a little different Just leave us alone Can’t we live in a world Read more [...]

Secret – Could Do Well Lyrics

English Translation: Even when we’re just drinking coffee Someone who can make me happy Even when we’re silently walking Someone who can comfort me A man who can protect me Someone who will always warmly hold my hand Isn’t there a great guy like that somewhere? I could do so well, I would hug him I would kiss them and link my arms in his I want to whisper love to him Please come to me, please introduce Read more [...]

Secret – U R Fired Lyrics

English Translation: You said you really loved me, that you won’t forget me How funny, your typical lies Did you think you could do what you want even on the day we break up? Did you think I’d hold onto you, asking you not to leave? It’s a lie When you said you don’t need anything else but me When you said you love me to death Do you know? You’re not the one who’s leaving I Do Wanna Get You Fired You’re Read more [...]

Secret – Look At Me Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah, I’m Here U Know? What U Do Boy Look At Me, Look At Me, I’m Alone Look At Me, Look At Me, I’m Alone Alone, Alone Please stop pretending to be so cool Throw away that clumsy acting As if I have a side chain on my heart It crazily pounds (no no no) Did you feel electrified enough? Did you have fun in secret? Say something, at least give an excuse It’s what you’re good at I Read more [...]

Secret – Feel The Secret Lyrics

English Translation: Feel Me Oh Oh feel me This Is The Secret Time Come And Take Me Higher Tease Me Oh Oh come to me Hey Listen Up To The Beat All night Alright Oh Wah Oh Wah Oh Wah Stop There Oh Wah Oh Wah Oh It’s My Turn On The Floor, till you can’t breathe This Is Our Music Do You Wanna Get This Music Right now Take The Time Put yourself in the rhythm Feel The Flow Now show yourself Feel Me Oh Read more [...]

Secret – I’m In Love Lyrics

English Translation: What did you just do to me? I used to be normal, but where did I go? When you asked me to hold onto you I keep getting confused, spinning round and round Why do you keep burning up my heart? Why do you keep preventing me from doing anything? You’re driving me crazy Crazy crazy crazy crazy for love I have fallen deeply for you Each day, it’s getting more dangerous Think I’m in love Read more [...]

Hyosung – I Hate Night Time Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Hey! Stop! Simsimhaeyo Iri waseo norajwoyo I hate the night I'll play! Boy! Uh, uh, Iri waseo norajwoyo Neukdaedeul seulpi uneun bam Neoege gihoereul julge Eoseowa eoseowa eoseowa Nawa meotjin bameul bonae Naega johahaneun hyangsuwa Syampein hanamyeon dwae Oneureun oneureun oneureun Naui dareun maeryeok boge doelgeoya Jigeum nan blue Read more [...]

Hyosung – I Don’t Know Women Lyrics

(Feat. J'Kyun) English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Hey come on, come on, come on, girl Yes, come on, come on girl Molla molla molla (huh, yeah) Molla molla molla (i don't know, what u saying?) Molla molla molla Nan molla nan molla (ha ha, let's go) Na swipge swipge swipge neomeoganeun yeoja aniya Geuri gipge gipge gipge maeum juneun yeoja aniya Neon moreuni (molla?) neon wae Read more [...]