Secret – Fantastic Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah, Attention Please We Back For You Light, Camera, Action! You’re fantastic, you’re fantastic, my baby You’re fantastic, you’re fantastic, my baby What do I do? I fell for those broad shoulders, baby I’m not young Don’t be biased, I’m a lady, baby (You) I want to be a woman to you, I want to fall deeply for you (You) I want to be with you, who is so smart You’re fantastic,

Secret – Remember Me Lyrics

English Translation: The cold wind passes by my cheeks People are adjusting their clothes one by one Winter has come like this The place we promised to meet when snow falls The place we walked hand in hand Now I can remember it with a smile When the white snow falls, we said we would walk together Our footsteps are still deeply remaining in the snow field If I said I was cold, you took off your jacket for me I

Secret – Snowmelt Lyrics

English Translation: The white snow falls outside the window Shalililalalala all night At some point, you melt to me Softly melting now Yo my love Shalililalala Yo my love Softly melting The white snow falls outside the window Shalililalalala all night At some point, you melt to me Softly melting now Yo my love Romanized: Changbakke saehayan nuni naeryeo Syaririrarirara bamsae Neon naege eoneusae noga

Secret – I Do I Do Lyrics

English Translation: (Side by side) (Side by side) (Side by side) It’s really my first time having this heart-fluttering feeling I’m like that when I see you Alright, alright, ah ah I think love is coming When my eyes lock with yours I tremble as if my breath will stop I can’t hide it, what do I do with my heart? Words I want to tell you (Side by side) (Side by side) (Side by side) Yes I do I do,

Song Jieun – Date Mate Lyrics

English Translation: We just had one drink Don’t think I’m interested in you Ah, it’s hot when I see your eyes No no no, not yet Please don’t misunderstand I’m not an easy girl But then again I’m not a difficult girl either, baby Oh oh, just a little bit Come to me slowly We need time Date Mate My Date Mate Just being like this might be good Just wait my date mate Maybe I might get to like you Wuh

Song Jieun – Vintage Lyrics

(Feat. Zelo of BAP) English Translation: Yeah, Make It Last OK, I Just Wanna Say I Love U Girl Yeah, Let’s Go The sound of the piano The warm rhythm that makes me feel good Keeps making my heart flutter Come 1 step, 2 steps to me Don’t hesitate anymore, hurry and come When I see you, who is like great music, I go hooo When I first saw you, I gasped and fell for you You’re my fantasy girl that I’ve

Song Jieun – False Hope Lyrics

English Translation: Tell me it’s all over now Never tease me Tell me that there’s no use anymore Make it easy Just when I’m about to get over you You keep appearing, shaking me up I still can’t forget you like a fool You don’t love me I know everything I turn away, I push you away but you come to me again Don’t look at me with those eyes Don’t say those obvious lies, don’t do that Leave me

Secret – B.O.Y Lyrics

English Translation: It’s a good morning, how are you? Again today, I decide to force a smile As if I forgot everything, as if everything is in the past I say words that I don’t mean – I’m okay, I’m doing well Even when time passes The memories won’t fade, you won’t get erased Maybe I still don’t want to get over you Because of You So I’m still living like this because of you I Never Knew I

Secret – Only U Lyrics

English Translation: I used to not be able to watch scary movies But now I can walk on the alleyway in front of my house by myself The faint streetlight makes my eyes wet Like my heart, I can’t see anything “I love you, I miss you” Only your voice lingers around my ears Now I’m used to this same kind of love every day “What are you doing? Did you eat?” No one asks me those everyday questions anymore I

Secret – Daddy Long Legs Lyrics

English Translation: Me a long time ago in memory One who seemed larger than anyone else in the world Daddy-Long-Legs Did he heal me crying Daddy-Long-Legs Always, always in the same place Everything I know is all your love (all your love) Did he kept always by my side Everything you do is all for me (all for me) I know don't need to tell you. Sit quietly wide shoulders I watched its place in the wider world. Daddy-Long-Legs Did

Secret – YooHoo Lyrics

English Translation: I only saw you as a friend I only thought you were cute Don’t know why, I don’t know why But I am getting attracted to you When you comforted me when I was struggling When you listened to my stories Maybe you, I’m loving you My heart moved little by little How, how, how should I tell you? Do you hear me that I’m fallin’ in love It’s only you in my head, I keep missing you I

Secret – Talk That Lyrics

English Translation: D DD DD DD D D DD DD DD D Stop it, stop it, please Talk that talk that talk that Talk that talk that talk that How could you do this? I am hurting so much like this Do you even think of me? Am I easy to you? Yes, I’ll listen, although it’ll be all lies Yes, I’ll smile, just like all the girls you played with (Talk that) Keep saying those ridiculous words (Talk that) But don’t
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