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KIXS – A+ (Beautiful) Lyrics

(Feat. San E) English Translation: Yeah I’m talking about you with KIXS leggo leggo From the moment I first saw you baby I didn’t feel so far away from you baby Your legs, your waist, your body is coming to me You make me crazy Anyone could see it’s crazy, fall in love I can’t handle it if it’s not you This is so crazy, fall in love I can’t handle it if it’s not you, baby Beautiful wow, I can’t

Kim Taebum, Sojin – On Rainy Days Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Biga oneun nareneun Neowa gachi geotgo sipeosseo gakkeum Bara bogido himdeun neoneun Ijen dareun saramgwa hamkke geu gireul georeo Jeongsineobsi saldabomyeon ichyeojyeo gagetji Dareun yeojareul mannamyeon meoreojigetji Hajiman ichyeo jijiga annneunda Biga oneun nareneun Nado gachi geotgo sipeosseo gakkeum Saenggak najiman himdeun neoneun Ijen

Kim Bum Soo – Teardrop Of My Heart Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Maeil harumankeum Chueokdeureul dora bwa Geuttae uri yaegi Goun neoui hyanggi Hamkke haetdeon sigan Pilleumcheoreom da boyeo Myeot baek beoneul bwado Seulpeun yeonghwa gateun neo Ulkeok nunmuri namyeon Meolli haneure yaegihae Amu geotdo anya Igeon byeolgeo anya Neoreul irheun naega Neoreul ulge mandeun naega Museun jagyeogeuro Gwaenchanheul

KARA – Story Lyrics

English Translation: Will you listen to my love story? A common story, a break up story We had such a pretty love, we thought we’d be different But my heart is growing weak I always started my day with you And ended it with you again But I couldn’t stand my heart that was cooling down little by little Our memories, our pretty recollections They get far away and I can’t breathe It seems like tears will

KARA – Red Light Lyrics

English Translation: Where are you? Have you forgotten our date? Are you going to be really late? At least send me a reply right away. Are you taking me too lightly? You order me around, to come and go, you call me out Are you testing me? Are you playing games with me? Just hurry up and come, please Do it right, red light, you’re in danger right now You always only hurt me I’ll warn you again, red light,

KARA – 24/7 Lyrics

English Translation: Show me your love baby Tell me your love baby I’m curious about what you’re doing Are you thinking about me? Oh my love The more I get to know, the more I don’t know Love is like a problem without an answer Oh my god, so frustrating There are only question marks in my head I love you, I hate you, It’s you You’re so cold, you don’t know anything Like a lone clock that hangs on

KARA – So Good Lyrics

English Translation: A character that doesn’t talk around the situation and keeps it honest. People I just met asks, why so cynical? They don’t know anything, but they gossip behind my back They keep whispering, why are they whispering again? Guys don’t even have the guts to approach me They just try to read into my face and just give up I’m like a bright good looking wild apricot Can’t you see? Good

KARA – Live Lyrics

English Translation: Smile and say cheese, one more time Cheese you make me feel alive Fondly review it for us, preview A song for you, song for you live The light turned on, on air, look into the camera What’s on the news today? (Just listen) My love is live for you (x2) Tell me the weather, it’s better than yesterday On this nice day, together My love is live for you (x2) 3.6.5 We coming to you live (x2) It’ll

KARA – Mamma Mia Lyrics

English Translation: Hey play that music Today, I’ll go wherever I want So I can get drunk in this night scent, in this atmosphere Think of me more than anyone else, like a queen Treat me more highly, when in Rome, do as the Romans do Cherish me, cherish me, cherish me, don’t stop Hit the lights let’s go Everyone’s party, party, party, mamma mia Today is the start of this night Mamma mia, shine the light

Kim Hyun Joong – What I Wanted To Say Lyrics

English Translation: How did we get here? Not with laughter but only tears The way we talk is different from before Memories with you have cooled down I couldn’t turn it back (It’s really not it) We’re not listening to each other No more sharing the same space We spent so many days together But it just took one day to become strangers Where did we go wrong? I have something to say, wait Words I want

Kim Hyun Joong – Nothing On You Lyrics

(Feat. Hanhae of PHANTOM) English Translation: Nothing on You Nothing on Me Oh Baby Whenever things were hard Without even knowing You were always with me In order for my thankful heart To be delivered to you baby I will sing this song with my heart Luv With You Luv With You Luv With You You’re standing right there right now Luv With You Luv With You Luv With You You look good, you look pretty Wait

Kim Hyun Joong – Beauty Beauty Lyrics

English Translation: (Come on Ye) You’re attractive, I’ll coolly follow you Everything is perfect, everyone is looking at me, envy you I’m bored and restless It’s no fun, it’s boring But you drive me crazy (drive me crazy) Your completion is chic and sexy with your black shoes Just She, don’t hesitate and come to me Just She, stand out from the others and come to me Hey You Oh Hey You Come on Girl
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