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Kim Hyun Joong – What I Wanted To Say Lyrics

English Translation: How did we get here? Not with laughter but only tears The way we talk is different from before Memories with you have cooled down I couldn’t turn it back (It’s really not it) We’re not listening to each other No more sharing the same space We spent so many days together But it just took one day to become strangers Where did we go wrong? I have something to say, wait Words I want

Kim Hyun Joong – Nothing On You Lyrics

(Feat. Hanhae of PHANTOM) English Translation: Nothing on You Nothing on Me Oh Baby Whenever things were hard Without even knowing You were always with me In order for my thankful heart To be delivered to you baby I will sing this song with my heart Luv With You Luv With You Luv With You You’re standing right there right now Luv With You Luv With You Luv With You You look good, you look pretty Wait

Kim Hyun Joong – Beauty Beauty Lyrics

English Translation: (Come on Ye) You’re attractive, I’ll coolly follow you Everything is perfect, everyone is looking at me, envy you I’m bored and restless It’s no fun, it’s boring But you drive me crazy (drive me crazy) Your completion is chic and sexy with your black shoes Just She, don’t hesitate and come to me Just She, stand out from the others and come to me Hey You Oh Hey You Come on Girl

Kim Hyun Joong – HIS HABIT Lyrics

(Feat. Lim Kim & Kanto) English Translation: My Little Bad Habit You Know I Got a Habit My Baby Girl Where should I start? I told you that’s not it I repeat the same words every day Listen to me Our relationship has become messy I promise myself that this is the last time Every day, I’m the one holding it in But you’re a free soul when it comes to love Like a habit, you look at other girls Like

K.Will – Day 1 Lyrics

English Translation: What are you doing today? Are you busy? If not, do you want to hang out with me? I have something to tell you, it's nothing special but I think I like you I've never said that before You're my lady you’re my baby But really, I'm not kidding From today, from now will you be mine baby Of all the ugly guys I'm the best looking What do I have to do to let you know how I feel? Thinking of

Kim Yeon Woo – Move Lyrics

(Feat. Kyung of Block B) English Translation: A few months and a few days that felt like a few years have passed Now I’m a little used to the mornings without you Seeing myself in the mirror after not taking care of myself I start to laugh, smiling for the very first time Yes, we had a good love That’s something that won’t change Just like closing a book, I’m trying to close us too Where Am I Who Am

Kim Yeon Woo – I Belong 2 U Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Neol mannan geunari saenggangna muryohaetdeon illyoil Hayan syeocheu utdeon moseup pyojeong hanakkaji gieongna Geujeo nan johasseo ne modeun geosi gakkeum sseun angyeongdo gwiyeowosseo Negeseo naneun binu hyang useul ttaen bandallun ijen gobaekhallae Nege malhago sipeo i belong to you Neol gatgo sipeo jinanbam kkumcheoreom Nae geora hago sipeo

Kim Jin Ho – Hurt Lyrics

English Translation: It hurts to say I’ll forget you and push you away I can’t go on without you, I can’t go on without you But I can’t hold onto you with just love alone Don’t look at me like that, then I can’t let you go Listen to me until the end just once, just once I can’t live in regret without you Yeah, I’m like that, I only know you I’ve never forgotten you for a single moment Your facial

Kim Yeon Woo – Antidote Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Eoneu hansunganbuteo sijakdwaesseo Sumeun swijiman teok makhyeooneun deutan geu dapdapham Neomu bogo sipeo mworeul haeya halji moreuneun bam Witaeroumkkajido neukkyeojyeosseo Neoreul bol su eomneun sigandeul Tteoolligo geuryeoboneun ge dain Teong bin haruui wiheomeul Nal guhaejwo neoreul meomchul suga eobseo Nae onmomeul hwigamneun Eongkin

Kiss&Cry – Bad Girls Lyrics

English Translation: Get up, I’m sick of you on your knees It doesn’t matter if you beg till your hands and feet wear out How many girls have I seen already? It’s so ridiculous, I can’t even talk What did I say? I told you I’d do the same to you I told you I might get scary Oh I’m going crazy crazy Whatever you say, you can’t convince me I want to be a bad girl like that too I’ll lock eyes with

Kim Tae Woo – Con Amore Mio Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Con triste amore mio (kon teuriseute amore mio - seulpeun naui sarang) Con mustio amore mio (kon museutio amore mio - memareun naui sarang) I mam hana geu eodiedo Dachi mot hae tteodondane Naegeman sesangeun neul chuun barami bune Jomcheoreom gwandaehan maeumeul naejuji anha Geurae nan cheombuteo honjayeotda Dan hanbeon ttaseuhan son eobseotgo Oeroun

Kang Sunghoon – Couple Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Yejeonboda jigeum niga Deouk gwaenchanheulkkeoya Heojeonhaetdeon naui bin goseul Ijen chaewo jwosseuni Areumdaun sesangeseo Manhi oerowo hamyeo Nae banjjogeul chaja hemaengeon Modu yetnal yaegingeol Nae saengae i siganmaneul Eolmana gidaryeonneunji Machi kkumman gateungeol Ijen na honjaga anin Neowa hamkke haneungeoya Oh~ love wae ijeseoya Manhi
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