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Boys Republic – Dress Up Lyrics

English Translation: Dress up when you come out, dress up when you come out Dress up when you come out, dress up when you come out I want to show you off today So dress up when you come out, dress up when you come out I want to be proud in front of my friends So dress up when you come out, dress up when you come out You’re like a dazzling gem Will you shine for me today? You are my pride, always you’re my

Block B – Hug Me Now Lyrics

English Translation: Close your eyes now, hold out your hand Accept my heart that I prepared for you It’s not flashy but I’ll give you this ring That will protect you forever, open your eyes and look Accept me now, don’t hesitate Your trembling eyes want me I know everything, hug me now Was it really hard to accept me? Did the scars inside push me away? Don’t worry, I’ll share your sadness So you

Block B – Unordinary Girl Lyrics

English Translation: It’s not good if a person has that much charm Please tone it down You’re the one who’s pretty but why am I the one who’s tired? You’re not an ordinary girl You’re an unordinary girl Aight It’s like you put effort but not In your matte tone fashion, I like your detail girl You may seem free but you’re detailed when it comes to work, you’re sexy, professional I used to be

Block B – HER Lyrics

English Translation: Jesus, what words are needed? Everyone calls you a masterpiece Just a little bit of you, I’ll seriously value baby ye ye Ooh wow, it’s amazing There’s nothing more to add to her beautiful body Normal girls can’t even compete They’ll probably gather together and talk badly about you Listen carefully Be careful of the wolves around you Bastards only care about outer appearance It

B1A4 – You Lyrics

(Fat. Sunmi) English Translation: Mad sexy cool, your shiny hair You’re a mad sexy girl, sorry if that’s too much It’s alright, it’s alright, just for today, it’s alright Now come to me, hurry and come into my arms Baby 1, 2, 3, shall we start? You don’t need to get ready for love Baby 3, 2, 1, don’t end it lady Be with me today You woo woo hoo it’s you woo woo hoo I just need you (I just

B1A4 – Drive Lyrics

English Translation: Underneath the hot sun We shared many stories We promised not to change after time passes We were passionately in love and happier than anyone else I’m walking this road with those memories We need a break now baby Let’s leave this place baby Don’t need anything else, just bring yourself I’m in front of your house I’ll wait for you baby Let’s leave anywhere, put everything down The

B1A4 – Glass Of Water Lyrics

English Translation: A busy and hard day is starting like this I’m so tired, I’ve been kicked around enough I’m reaching my limit now, an energy drink is not enough My head is spinning again, work is still piled up Getting stress, but I’m letting go, I’ve had enough Everybody, put your hands up and make a fist Brush everything off and drink some water Everybody, put your hands up and spread them out Forget

B1A4 – Are You Happy Lyrics

English Translation: How is work going? How is your boyfriend? I guess your personalities match, you guys click You seem happy, you’re face looks so good When we’re on the phone, you pretend to be cool What you want to end is not our conversation but our relationship I’m doing well too although not as well as before I called you because I was thinking about those times (how are you?) I was sad because you

B1A4 – You Make Me A Fool Lyrics

English Translation: It’s all my fault I’m sorry for being selfish But I don’t think I did anything wrong but to like you Fine, I’ll admit it That person is better than me But I can’t give you up It was so hard to come all this way Lady, why can’t you look into my eyes, why’re you avoiding me? Why do you keep uselessly saying that you’re sorry? You don’t know, you don’t know my heart You

B1A4 – Solo Day Lyrics

English Translation: You so easily say you want to break up Don’t go, don’t leave, come back – I couldn’t even say those words You might be okay now but you will feel a bit empty Don’t make decisions so easily, no no no no Can’t stop the break up, no one can stop it It’s getting round It’s getting new round You have to enjoy it now, enjoy the break up It’s getting new round, girl Solo solo

BEAST – Sad Movie (Korean Ver.) Lyrics

English Translation: This is where we end It was very passionate but eventually we couldn’t avoid a farewell either. It’s supposed to be this way, don’t even bother with lingering feelings. Just think of it as having watched a sad movie. Oh I’m too worn out and sick of saying I’m tired I’m sad to see our daily arguments have become a given. Tears more than laughter, sorrow more than happiness I coldly

BEAST – Tonight I’ll Be At Your Side Lyrics

English Translation: It’s still not cooling, my heart you made so warm. It’s still not easy, ignoring the memories you left behind Uh Can I reach you, if I yell will you hear it? If you knew I was the same, would you come back to me? The night I told you I would pick a star for you The night I made a horrible promise to you If I could become a star in the sky to light up this dark night for you, just in case
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