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BTS – Run Lyrics

English Translation: You're my sun, one and only in this world I bloom for you, but you make me thirsty It's too late, too late I can't live without you Even if 'm drying out, I try harder to reach you But it's no use, it's a dream to be broken I run and run, but I'm not getting anywhere Just burn me out, yes Keep pushing me away This is a fool, crazy in love, chasing in circles Make me run Make me run more Let

B.A.P – Young, Wild & Free Lyrics

English Translation: Yeah, let's rock this Yeah, B.A.P, the King is back ya'll It's going down like this Dope boyz Even if I keep falling down I never give it up (Never give it up, eh-eh) So what if I get hurt (Oh) Just forget about it Just do what we want, regardless (eh-eh) Don't give, just do as we wish (eh-eh) Time to get back up Don't stop moving forward I do what I do, you do what you do Go get'em,

Brown Eyed Girls – Brave New World Lyrics

English Translation: Ground in which the time has been bent somewhere Is it dizzy The blue-colored scream is brown like my eyes Is it just my imagination Everything I have known is tangled beautifully Something beautiful is tangled as you and me always are trip into there shoot um um um trip deeper inside shoot um um um trip into the light shoot um um um Maybe everything of me would be changed How far can you

BTOB – Way Back Home Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Nuguna songarakjil badeul ttaemyeon Gaseum han kyeoni tteugeowojineun geol neukkijyo I believe I believe I believe It't alright geudaen ttatteushan geu mal hanmadiga Pilyohaedaneun geol arayo ganghan cheok mireonaedo Eodiro ganeunji mugeoun balgeoreumi manhi jichyeo boyeoyo Eonjena gidarilgeyo pyeonhi swil su idorok Jibeuro ganeun gil maeil

BEAST – Without You Lyrics

English Translation: In my steep life In my sharpened density Like a dream, like a painting You make me live The war-like tears that belonged to me At the end of despair When your warmth, when your breath spreads in me I am able to breathe again Even if my eyes are covered so that I can’t see you Even if my ears are blocked so I can’t hear you This love gets even clearer I hate it but I want it You flew

B1A4 – Sweet Girl Lyrics

English Translation: When I first saw you That first feeling was enough for me, ok I don’t really know you yet But it feels like we’re gonna become lovers Please I need your love Why are you running away when I need you? Please I need your smile I wanna resemble everything about the lovable you, baby Sweet girl, I wanna fly away like a butterfly If only I could be in your arms that are like the clouds Fly

Rap Monster – Fantastic Lyrics

(Feat. Mandy Ventrice) English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Nan pyeongbeomhago sipeo Gamanhi jom itgopa But nae modeun ge bibeom Geujeo geureol su eopsda Hemaego itdeon ttae machim Eumagi nareul chajatji Nae uijiwa sanggwaneopsi Neon nal yeogiro deryeowatji Nal mudae wie ollyeonwasseuni Ssak da dwijibeo Call me hyumeon tochi Nan geunyang buri doego sipeo Domangchil goseun

Big Bang – Let’s Not Fall In Love Lyrics

English Translation: Let’s not fall in love, we don’t know each other very well yet Actually, I’m a little scared, I’m sorry Let’s not make promises, you never know when tomorrow comes But I really mean it when I say I like you Don’t ask me anything I can’t give you an answer We’re so happy as we are right now Don’t try to have me Let’s just stay like this You’re making it more painful,

GD&TOP – Zutter Lyrics

English Translation: Tonight we’re getting freaky freaky yea Baby give me some give me give me some yea You and me, we’re getting electric yea Can U give me some give me give me some yea Tonight we’re getting freaky freaky yea Baby give me some give me give me some yea You and me, we’re getting electric yea Can U give me some give me give me some yea This song is sick, my rap is sick, my style is sick,

BEAST – YeY Lyrics

English Translation: The unnecessary fire of emotion Don’t need to burn it anymore Even when I endlessly turn and turn In the end, I’m in the same place I countlessly fall and get up again I need your hand I reach out but I can’t touch you With nowhere to place my heart I need to be crazy if I wanna live Loveless, useless emotion Don’t need your comfort, no thanks Kill all the unnecessary feelings It’s

BEAST – Gotta Go To Work Lyrics

English Translation: I love spending time with you So much that I’m losing everything else Even my friends who call me sometimes (I’m sorry ma friends) When I look into your eyes and breathe in the same air The world looks so beautiful I’m actually a bit worried because your’e so sweet I don’t wanna be apart from you for a single moment But baby will you try to understand? In order to keep this happiness I

Big Bang – If You Lyrics

English Translation: She is leaving And I can’t do anything Love is leaving Like a fool, I’m blankly standing here I’m looking at her, getting farther away She becomes a small dot and then disappears Will this go away after time passes? I remember the old times I remember you IF YOU IF YOU If it’s not too late Can’t we get back together? IF YOU IF YOU If you’re struggling like I am Can’t
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