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Block B – Jackpot Lyrics

English Translation: Those oppas are weird Yaho~ We hit it Ja Ja Ja Jackpot The 7th album, 7members, 7Seasons representer Poptime, check it out Z I C O Human greed is endless and they repeat the same mistakes If you live leniently and try for success, you won’t make it halfway We tossed the dice of destiny and can’t allow even one mistake Aight, get rich or die, let’s survive and go Nobody, nobody

Bluepaprika – Love Confession Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Oneul haru hamkke isseo jeongmal jeulgeowosseo Jibe doragagi jeone na halmari isseo Sasil nan myeochil jeonbuteo gidaryeosseo Neodo jogeumeun aratgetjiman Ni apeseo meosinneun cheok hago sipeoseo Eoulliji annneun bissan oseul billyeosseo Ijen soljikhan moseumman boyeojugo sipeo Ireoke nae maeumeul jeonhalge Neowa hamkkeramyeon joheul geot

Sandeul – Because It Hurts Lyrics

English Translation: With just a one-time pain, I’m lost and wandering Can we be together at the end of this road? The scars of the painful memories are still there I already knew that I was alone Even when my heart stops because it hurts I can’t turn those times around Memories that can’t be emptied even if I try If this was a dream, please let this be a dream Do you remember, the lonely turned back on

Billion – Dancing Alone Lyrics

English Translation: Stop, leave me alone, I’m good It’s sad but what can you do Don’t try to comfort me I’ll just handle this on my own Go away, I’m good enough Let’s get the party now Because I’m okay, yeah I don’t need you, it’s over Party now Let’s get the party now yeah! Saddened by the unfamiliar you, dancing alone, I’m dancing alone Tears happened to keep falling so dancing alone,

Boyfriend – My Avatar Lyrics

English Translation: Avatar my Avatar My sleepless nights are coming My freedom will be lost and becomes worst My pains that I hide, they slowly come closer And I’m broken, by these trembling emotions The door to the room which I lost the key to, remains closed It's not good, my heart aches, it’s on overdrive It’s a secret Time You & Me Who will go first? I’m fine with whatever happens I’ll chase

Badkiz – Ear Attack Lyrics

English Translation: Ladies and gentlemen Everybody attention (Badkiz) Ear Attack All you busy oppas, expanding your girl count All you hotshots in Seoul, Taejeon, Daegu, Busan and all over the counry Gather here, call everyone here Relax and lift up your faces Put one hand up, your eyes at 45 degrees Till your fingers wear out, till the others go crazy Push back your words, this is my charm This is the history

BESTie – Thank U Very Much Lyrics

English Translation: Don’t laugh, I don’t like you Don’t come to me, don’t come close to me Don’t be deceived, I may be smiling But tonight will be the last time you see me Don’t laugh, I don’t like you Don’t come to me, don’t come close to me Don’t be deceived, I may be smiling But tonight will be the last time you see me That’s you, it’s a relief, I didn’t know you would do this You

Boys Republic – Video Game Lyrics

English Translation: Damn, I was careless, I thought I had you But you say I’m too early, I go back to the start yeah I’m so stubborn for no reason But I’m a man Giving up is not in my dictionary Your eyes that wrap around me baby Your hand movements cover your eyes lady Your heart is like maze, even if I’m lost for a bit The final winner will be me You’re like a video game Control video game The

BTOB – Melody Lyrics

English Translation: Do you remember when we first met on March 21? Our love started small Thank you, I can’t express it all with words I love you, those words are not enough So I prepared something for you What I can do for you is I’ll sing for you until I die A melody that doesn’t end I’ll sing for you until I die A melody that doesn’t end, that can’t end A melody that doesn’t end A melody

BTOB – Hello Hello Lyrics

English Translation: Sometimes, you’re like a girlfriend, sometimes you’re like my mom You whisper sweet words to me and sometimes we upset each other You’re so precious to me, I will only love you forever Will you always stay by my side? Hello hello mello Sometimes you’re like my girlfriend Sometimes, we’re no different from being lovers Just thinking about it is so weird But why do I get so shy when

BTOB – Hello Lyrics

English Translation: I feel especially good today Woo woo woo woo I could be a man and be brave Woo woo woo woo It’s already been a few days of thinking about you Woo woo woo woo Every night, I get lost in my blankets Woo woo woo woo I’m calling, I want to confess to you (I’ll tell you) that moment You say hello and my heart is about to explode Again today, I want to hear a few words from you I say

BTOB – Is This The End Lyrics

English Translation: Late at night, your drunken voice that woke me up Gave me a bad feeling Let’s stop now, let’s break up, it’s too hard – when you said that Just like our first encounter, I couldn’t say anything Baby don’t let go I just wanna be with you Words I can’t believe I didn’t know what went wrong You, who was my everything Don’t leave me Is this really the end? Can’t we turn things
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