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Block B – Zero For Conduct Lyrics

(BASTARZ - P.O, U-Koon, B-Bomb) English Translation: As you know we own it So you should just quit You can never imitate me, you’re just talentless practice bugs Even my color is different, I gotta keep it one hunnit That girl’s face is glowing, fallin All you look like pretty boy gigilos, you look so outdated While you all are still searching, I’ve got an abundant year I’m not low, I’m so raw like

Taeil – Inspiring Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Ttatteushan keopireul sone jwigo georeoonda Geu hyangeul mateumyeo misoreul jisneunda Nabiga kkocceul seuchyeoman gandaedo Jageun kkoccipdeuri heundeullineun geogessji Ganggae jageun biga naerindamyeon Jeo dalbiccmajeo heundeullineunde Nae yeopeul jinaganeun ne moseup boni Heundeullinda seolleinda Nega seuchyeogasseul ppuninde Nae mam padochinda Heundeullinda

UJI – Love Letter Lyrics

(Feat. The Channels) English Translation: Hello, how you doin? You’re probably surprised It’s too hard to say with words, it makes me cringe Whenever my eyes met yours, I always ran away With a nervous heart, in case you figure out how I feel You don’t know how much I burn up and how my throat gets dry I put everything I wanted to say right here This is only for your eyes, here is my letter, don’t forget

BerryGood – Because Of You Lyrics

English Translation: A love wind that could not be seen Is suddenly knocking on my heart The love bells that could not be heard Is ringing all throughout my head These days, because of you I’m feeling shiny because of the sunshine that suddenly came in me These days, because of you Crazy only you all day These days, because of you, my heart pounds and trembles These days, because of you, I think I look prettier Hundreds

BTOB – You Can Cry Lyrics

English Translation: Request Translations or Submit Lyrics Romanized: Christmas’s back again Wae tto gyeoul Gaeureun gyeou neomgyeonneunde Christmas’ back again Wae tto nareul Oeropge gyeou beotyeonneunde One two set net Chuun gyeoure guji huin nuni waya haenneunji Manko manheun gyejeol junge wae gyeourin geonji Saranghada maldaga dadeul Jugine salline hadagadeul Geunalman doemyeon modudeul Christmas’

BEAST – So Hot Lyrics

English Translation: Hey pretty lady, look into my eyes and put away the typical lines Come close to me, woo baby Your pretty red lips, I wanna steal them tonight Don’t be scared and lean on me Sweety girl, so only I can see Whisper in my ear, I’ll take you in my arms Want you girl, close your eyes So this moment with you becomes even hotter It’s so hot, it feels good right now We’re in each others arms

BEAST – Stay Lyrics

English Translation: Oh oh oh oh oh oh Stay by ma side Stay by ma side Stay by ma side Stay I don’t hear about you as much these days I used to laugh and cry by hearing about you once in a while It feels like you’re getting farther away I spend days, trembling in anxiety My earnest heart becomes lingering feelings that torture you Nights without you get drenched by me With dried lips, I still call out to

BEAST – Close My Eyes Lyrics

English Translation: It’s dangerous, it feels like I’m barely hanging off the edge of a cliff You used to always look at me but now I keep seeing your turned back (How can we be under the same sky and) you’re so cold and I’m hot? (How can we be in the same space) but you’re with someone else and not me? Can we be happy? If it’s you, I could My thoughts make time stop I close my eyes but I keep seeing

BEAST – It’s All Good Lyrics

English Translation: I think we were dangerous to each other That’s why we were always in pain Tears were always in your eyes My reflection in your tears was a crazy me I tried thinking of the moment we first met Trying to force my heart to flutter again But I saw you were struggling and I wanted more love It couldn’t go on It’s all good that you left me If you can be happy, it’s all good It’s a good

BEAST – Drive Lyrics

English Translation: I can’t sleep and memories of you won’t leave Instead of tossing and turning in misery until the morning sun rises I want to get out of my house that feels especially stuffy So I took my car keys and left The GPS turns on along with the engine And in the list of favorites, your house is on top As if I saw something I shouldn’t, I erased it all My prideless heart is racing even faster I’m

BEAST – 12:30 Lyrics

English Translation: The glass bottle that breaks into pieces with a loud noise, is that how we are like The low sky feels like it's going to break down soon You who had asked why I came now, you who had said you waited for me, you who had welcomed my love Now you are colder than a person you meet for the first time Your bright smile, your warm body (your face too) I'm afraid that I won't be able to see and touch

Boyfriend – Witch Lyrics

English Translation: Cause your body goes Boom bara boom Cause your body goes Boom bara boom Cause your body goes Boom bara boom I don’t care if it’s a lie Who cares if it’s not the truth You’re in my arms right now, that’s what’s important Because if it’s you, I would be the victim multiple times I can’t have you but I can touch you When you call my name with your sweet lips It’s you in
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