C-Clown Members Profile

C-Clown aka “Crown Clown” is a new boy band under Yedang Entertainment. It is composed of 6 members. They released their debut mini-album “Not Alone” with it’s lead single being “SOLO” on July 18th. They debut performance was on July 19th on Mnet M!Countdown.



Birth Name : Yu Barom
Stage Name : Rome
Birthday : September 06, 1990
Height : 174 cm
Weight : 60kg
Blood Type : A
Position : Leader, Rapper

Birth Name : Kim Tae Min
Stage Name : Siwoo
Birthday : May 05, 1993
Height : 177 cm
Weight : 62kg
Blood Type : O
Position : Vocal

Birth Name : Kim Hyun Il
Stage Name : Ray
Birthday : April 19, 1994
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 62kg
Blood Type : O
Position : Vocal

Birth Name : Kang Jun
Stage Name : Kang Jun
Birthday : April 21, 1994
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 62kg
Blood Type : A
Position : Main Vocal

Birth Name : Lee MinWoo
Stage Name : T. K.
Birthday : December 20, 1995
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 55kg
Blood Type : A
Position : Rapper

Birth Name : Lee Jae Jun
Stage Name : Maru
Birthday : September 25, 1997
Height : 175 cm
Weight : 56kg
Blood Type : A
Position : Rapper, Maknae

  • Ray :”>

  • Ray :”>

  • emi

    T.K. destiny much^^ we have the same birthday :”>

  • T.K. destiny much^^ we have the same birthday :”>

  • MagsterchuEE7278

    they are cool singers
    i like the solo song

  • annyeonhaseyo oppa…..

  • Yu Barom :)

  • Wow =)) Kangjun’s full name is Kangjun =))))

  • Kimiya

    the maknae is younger than me,,,,OMG!!!
    i’m in mood of killing myself!!!!

    and i like one of the member name,,,”Kim TaeMin”..cause its like the mix of my name and TaeMin’s name…k k k…i love them,,,SOLO was PeRfEcT…

  • really luv. . . C-CLOWN. . . but sad 2 think that their maknae is younger than. . me . . . MARU oppa fighting. . .

  • ohmahgahd im a noona. im a freaking noona to maru. im so happy. omg. im gonna love c-clown im sure. SOLO is awesome. ugh maru.

  • i’m freaking noona of Ray , srsly .. omgomg

  • emopunk star

    maru Opa is only three months older than me.:-);-)<3

  • lol me

    Thanks for this profile! Rome’s Australian <3

  • small world

    Yeh.. rome came fort street once in australia… small world.. he was my inspiration ages ago, from his toprock videos.. only now did i found out i know his cousin rofl…

  • poe gay

    i love C-CLOWN SO MUCH

  • exo-k plante


  • Minhyo

    I’m so used to all the cute members from the bands i like being at least 3 years older than me, Taemin and Onew from Shinee, all the members from Infinite, Exo-K’s Kai, but now I’m OLDER than my favorite?!?! Maru why can’t you be like a LITTLE bit older, just a year? I’ve never even thought about liking a younger guy… until now…

  • C-Clown12

    Hahahaha Only 12 and i must seem like a baby to them xD Awh i wish they could be younger TT^TT but Maru is only 15 :D

  • Wow maru younger than me oh god im getting old

  • Hiyorin

    Wahh I’m getting old! I’m older than like half of them!

  • Marilyn Tan

    Kangjun and Maru is ♥

  • anonymous

    siwoo’s real name o.O

  • sm shayma

    this band is really great , i love them so much , i loved kang jun so much … <3 <3

    • simona lupean

      I love him too <3

  • iCROWN

    rayyyy~~ my bias in c-clown!! hey himchan was bornt on 19th april too! ^^

  • nkoc love

    omg! RAY handsome! awesome!

  • Annie

    I love u Kangjun u are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • Criss

    Kang Jun and I we’re born on the same day, only that I’m from ’92 and he’s from ’94..hihihih..I love the Far away…young love song <3..

  • Carmensitta

    So only Rome is older than me… running away from here haha. That won’t change the fact that I’m singing far away even in my sleep though…

  • Carmensitta

    So only Rome is older than me… running away from here haha. That won’t change the fact that I’m singing far away even in my sleep though…


    the first maknae who is older than me, i guess…

  • hnineihlaing


  • elli

    OOOOOOh!!!!!Ilove Kanjun His voice is wonderfull iIwish him happy times thnx u kpop lyrics

  • Trexano

    Kang Jung’s voice is awesome.C.Clown please
    release many good songs.Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxxmoon

    Are you sure Maru’s position is Rapper?? I think he is a Vocalist…

  • chow

    oppa T.K so awesome………..GODBLESS

  • chow

    oppa T.K so awesome………..GODBLESS

  • MidnightEkaki

    ahw Ray & Kangjun are only a couple of months younger than me (no wonder they’re so close, only a few days apart!)

  • Kyra Rusdi

    i love all of you…C-CLOWN FIGHTING,SARANGHEYO

  • Estefania Gomez

    Where is Rome from??

    • Affan Safuan

      He is from Australia~

    • Italy


  • Alice Grey

    omg they look like real criminals xD

  • junichi_crown

    C-CLOWN is awesome k-pop group …

  • babeyern


  • Kimmi Wolff

    Definitely Rome!